Terms and Conditions

This site is meant to showcase TUTUM’s latest lines of products and other offerings, and as such, online transactions and enquiries are to be implemented when using the site.

With that said, there are certain terms and conditions to be applied when using the site, such as:

  • TUTUM reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.
  • THE CUSTOMER is responsible for any action made on the site, whether it be for purchasing purposes, online enquiries, and others of the sort.
  • TUTUM also reserves the right to terminate any account that commits any violations on the site will be subjected to actions in accordance to the law.
  • THE CUSTOMER is slated to agree to the site’s terms and conditions agreement.

When using the site, a username must be allocated to the customer to be used for the duration of their stay on the site, which can also be used as a form of identification on the site itself. The username/account will also assist with online transactions and queries, making use of the site as an online portal for purchasing the site’s showcased products.

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