Top Footwear in the Philippines: Sneakers vs. Heels

Whether you live in a foreign country or here in the Philippines, sneakers and heels can allure you with their array of colors and style. They are an extended connection of the body to the world you move around in. Depending on what mood, occasion, or place you’re going to be in, you can either narrow it down to wearing sneakers or heels. These shoes in the Philippines are different in their own right but one thing’s for sure, both of them can boost your confidence when you go strutting in style. The debate of sneakers versus heels all comes down to the matter of preference from every girl in the world because fashion can be subjective at times. It’s difficult to set the field and declare a winner in this war of footwear because their shapes and design will make your heart for fashion flutter. Pitting sneakers and heels against each other may sound like a far-off idea since they are different from each other. In the Philippine, sneakers and heels have come a long way before becoming the footwear that you know of today. This article aims to give you an in-depth look on how sneakers and heels came to be; find out the pros and cons of wearing them and how to rock them both for your next OOTD (outfit of the day) post on your social media accounts!

The Fashionable and Vast History of Heels and Sneakers

The Fashionable and Vast History of Heels and Sneakers

Both of these shoes have gone through several changes over time. Let’s go ahead and delve into their fashionable evolution.

  • High Heeled Shoes

They were more than just a fashion statement back then, owning a pair of heels exuded privilege and status. Going far back into 3500 B.C. and the 10th century, would you believe that men were crazy over heels back then? In fact, kings and knights are the primary enthusiasts of high heeled shoes. Egyptian nobles use heels as a great display of class status. Heels set them apart from the lower class because the latter commonly walked barefoot. The 1500s made Catherine de Medici a popular name in the history of high heels. Queen Catherine de Medici turned heads with her golden crown, robes, and velvet corsage encrusted with precious gems and stones—she did so by towering over the crowd with her elegant high heeled shoes. Lady de Medici made high heels fashionable with her eloquent grace and privilege, she walked in them in a refined stature and a seductive sway. During his reign on 1643-1715 as the King of France, King Louis XIV wore heels to display his aristocratic influence and masculinity for all the society to see. Since then, fashionable styles and designs are all the rage during the 19th and 20th century. It has been a classic icon of fashion for most women. Models walk the runway with heels and the stylish modern professionals go through their daily tasks while wearing them. Today, designers like Manolo Blahnik, Kate Spade, and Christian Louboutin are the prime designers of high heeled shoes; but you don’t have to break your bank to wear stylish heels, you can opt for ones that are affordable, chic, and classy. Gone are the days that only the members of a royal family can be classy in heels, you can now feel like royalty in your own right by wearing a stylish pair of high heels.

  • Sneakers

The appeal of sneakers came from its versatility and its functionality. You can play sports while wearing them or you can use them for casual wear. Most of the time, sneakers are connected with streetwear and the demand for latest trends tend to rise constantly. Back in the 18th century, the word “sneakers” weren’t even a part of people’s vocabulary. What they had back then are called plimsolls. By 1982, the U.S. Rubber Company made rubber shoes with canvas tops called Keds and around 1917, it became so popular in the country that they have been mass produced. These sneakers are Philippine fashion staples as well. The term sneakers were given to this footwear because they are so light on the feet that you can easily ‘sneak up’ on someone without them hearing you. In 1924, sneakers became a household name for shoes. Later on, the companies started distributing them worldwide. In 1949, German shoemaker Adolf “Adi” Dassler, released a footwear named after him and thus Adidas was born. However, it was in the year 1984 that Nike’s Air Jordans made waves with sneaker enthusiasts; this brand of sneakers is still the most popular one to be made. Today, sneakers from Philippine brands have also been making a name for themselves in the local and global market.

Heels: An Icon of Style and Glamour

Heels: An Icon of Style and Glamour

Let’s go back to the issue of sneakers vs. heels. Imagine that your chosen ensemble is flexible enough that you can pair it with either sneakers or high heels, and you can’t decide which one. It might be helpful to consider where you are going. High heels are perfect for formal parties and romantic dinner dates, or you could easily wear it with your casual jeans and t-shirt to completely elevate your look. This kind of outfit will surely give off a stylish and chic vibe that you might not get with sneakers. Heels, as a staple fashion piece for women, have gone through the test of time and emerged as an icon of fashion in its own right. If these reasons are not enough for you, continue reading below to find out why you should definitely consider wearing heels with your next outfit.

  • Heels Can Improve Posture

Wearing heels can make you stand upright, thus helping you maintain a good body posture. Ladies, who wear heels, find themselves more confident because heels give them an attractive stance, with their legs looking longer and leaner. But aside from appearances, wearing heels can also help you tone your calves and leg muscles, which is pretty neat, don’t you think?

  • Heels Add to Your Height

Well, given the name, heels will add height to you when you wear it. If you are a petite girl, you could definitely count on heels to give you some boost. A lot of women flock to shops for high heels because they want to look statuesque. But you don’t have to worry if you are not keen on wearing heels that are several inches long; since they vary in height, you could choose the pair that is right for you. There’s no need for you to wear heels that are too tall if you’re not comfortable with them. After all, the point of wearing these shoes is to show and exhibit your confidence.

  • Heels Can Make You Look Thinner

This type of footwear can benefit you by displaying your lean and fit physique. Wearing tall shoes makes you correct your posture (with your back arched, your backside out, and your chest pressed forward). Essentially, this gives you an appearance that displays a smaller waist.

  • Heels Can Give You a Confidence Boost

As mentioned before, heels can boost your confidence! They can give you an unmatched classic look; and for as long as you are comfortable, it will give you grace in your movements. They would easily appear elegant when paired with any dress or outfit you choose.

  • Heels are Elegant and Classy Footwear

By wearing heels, you wouldn’t have any problem catching the eyes of many. You could be the belle of the ball at any parties. Since it can give you added benefits in your appearance, your confidence will peak and, naturally, people will notice you and even remember you as the star of the night. Sounds nice, right? High heels that are paired with an equally riveting ensemble can really accentuate your grace and elegance. As you can see, there are many benefits to wearing high heels no matter what the occasion. But you might also want to consider some factors we listed below before you wear your favorite heels.

  • Walking around in high heels all day can be painful; try to rest your feet for a few minutes. It’s okay to stop walking if you’re uncomfortable; take a break from your heels and massage your feet.
  • It can easily cause fatigue to your feet, leg muscles, and lower back. If you start to feel pain in these areas, consider opting for shoes with lower heels.

High heels are not made for running so make sure that you are aware of your movements to avoid any injury.

Sneakers: Footwear for Active Girls

Sneakers: Footwear for Active Girls If you want to go back to basic, then chuck those heels and grab some trusty sneakers. If you’re from the Philippines, sneakers are a handy tool in going around the busy streets and for battling it out on your daily commute. With sneakers, you can have comfort and style! Today, there are various styles of sneakers you could choose from that will not clash with your fashion sense. Although, knowing which pair complements your outfit best helps you find the perfect design of sneakers for you. These shoes are usually worn for casual events but there are some edgy women who pair their sneakers with their dresses. These shoes are perfect when you’re on-the-go and channeling your active side; read on below to find out more about them.

  • Sneakers Provide Comfort

Comfort and sneakers could easily be synonyms to one another. In fact, women who want to have a comfortable day often opt to wear one of these because they allow them to walk or run without difficulty. Plus, there’s no need for you to worry about experiencing pain in your feet or back. Also, since you can wear it without any fuss, you could easily find your balance in these shoes. There’s no need for you to worry that you will be wobbling all over the place. Apart from that, it causes less pressure on your legs.

  • Sneakers Offer Support for Its Wearer

These shoes can provide support for the feet while doing strenuous activities, especially if you are playing a sport or undergoing high-intensity training. Sneakers support your feet and ankles. In fact, some of the latest technology today makes it possible for a heightened level of comfort for your feet. A good sneaker gives you a good arch support that provides comfort as well as stability when you’re performing tasks.

  • Sneakers are Versatile Footwear

You can pretty much do anything with sneakers. Different types of activities are yours for the doing like walking, jogging, and even grocery shopping. They can be worn on casual days at the mall or at the office. There are also many types of sneakers you could choose from. Going to the gym with a reliable pair of sneakers will motivate you to do more. The best part is you can pair it with casual wear after you’re done working out—saving a lot of space in your bag.

  • Sneakers Can Provide You Agility

Sneakers are often made with breathable materials, which is a great advantage for your feet. Add in the soft material that most sneakers are made of and you are well equipped to ace that marathon or simply finish your errands around town. The physical requirements of your daily tasks can be draining if you are also hassled by the pain of walking in uncomfortable shoes, so sneakers can be your best bet during those events. There are no other shoes that could provide you the best comfort other than sneakers. To ensure this, please be reminded of the following:

  • Refrain from wearing sneakers that are too small or too big for you. Find the perfect to avoid blisters or scrapes on your skin.
  • Wear socks as often as possible to absorb the sweat from your feet. Feet soaked in wetness may develop a foul odor caused by fungi and bacteria.

Take proper care of your sneakers so it can last for a long time. Sneaker heads from all over the world and even in the Philippines keep their sneakers as pristine as they could be.

High Heels and Sneakers: The Best of Both Worlds

High Heels and Sneakers: The Best of Both Worlds At the end of the day, there’s really no need for you to choose between these shoes. You could easily have them both in your closet—ready to wear on days you want to feel regal and fabulous or comfy and casual. Just be sure to follow the tips we listed above so you could maximize wearing these shoes no matter what your OOTD is!

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