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July 8, 2019 | Jerella

We are one of the businesses that has experienced the growth that SEO Philippines can give. Having an online presence can make a business thrive especially since it can be hard to compete in the digital landscape. Tutum started as a simple online shop but now, we can say that it is an established brand because of our effort to reach the market by using SEO in the Philippines. With increased visibility, delivering fresh content, promotions, and other offers has never been easier. 

Advertising your business is one thing, but reaching your customers in a genuine and engaging way is infinitely more significant in the long run. See how our online presence helped the business by going through our personal history and our story with SEO Philippines here:

Tutum Shop: Early Beginnings

Established in September 2011, Tutum shop continues to bring fun and style to any girl’s wardrobe. The shop’s name is derived from the Turkish word of the same name, which means “attitude”. With our selection of wardrobe pieces, this can also serve as a promise to our customers. It is easy to pick an outfit and bring your own personal twist to it, but a few handfuls can truly say that they can carry it with grace and confidence. 

Going beyond shoes, Tutum is now one of the main shops who embodies the look that any woman would want to have to live in the moment. No matter the season or the event, Tutum aims to let women know fashion like the back of their hand. 

To satisfy women’s needs for shoes and outfit choices, our goal is to let them express their personality through their own personal style, all of this without making a dent in their budget. Started as an online shop, Tutum wants to be a part of women’s daily lifestyle because we believe that being stylish doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. 

Tutum shop promotes its brand as well as an empowering lifestyle. For Filipinas, life can be hectic especially if they are on the run every day. Tutum aims to be a part of that experience. Stylish and comfortable at the same time, it is no wonder that customers keep coming back for Tutum. Accessible at such an affordable price, Tutum shoes, clothing and swimwear continue to be the go-to outfit choices for the modern Filipina. 

Our passion is to create fashion-forward pieces as you can see from our collection of shoes and clothing that is inspired by a blend of traditional and contemporary style. It is the perfect example of a modern accessory brand with its own take on classic elegance. With an unwavering commitment to style, design, and products of the highest quality, supplying the demand for wardrobe pieces has never been more rewarding. 

Tutum wants to be one with the modern Filipina; sophisticated, driven, chic, and elegant. The personality and style that customers derive from Tutum are unmatched. Every girl should be given time to flaunt her style with attitude. Quality, locally made footwear, complemented with a wide array of clothing choices and accessories, everything that you need for your stylish needs are here at Tutum. 

Increasing Visibility Through Growth

Tutum has already established ground as one of the go-to shops for wardrobe choices but having an online presence can boost our visibility even more. This is why we thought of availing SEO for our business. We can easily be found in our physical stores across the Metro but we wanted to cater to more clients, no matter where they are in the country. 

SEO is the best way to achieve that. Not only is it a step forward for our business, it also helped in making our business grow. By optimizing our website, it gives people the signal that we truly care about their needs especially for footwear and clothing for women. We wanted to maintain the relationship we have built with our loyal clients. 

The only difference between then and now is that we were only a small online shop back then, now we took it upon ourselves to invest in strategies, design, and the technical aspect of SEO to make the user experience all the more optimal. 

This is the very reason that we began our journey with SEO Philippines. 

The SEO Hacker Effect for Our Business

The SEO Hacker team led by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker, Sean Si, has been by our side through these endeavors, and the pursuit to stay visible in the online world. From the intensive keyword research, we managed to work around these keywords below. The optimization efforts officially began on April 2, 2018. 

  • Swimwear Philippines
  • Philippines Clothing
  • Shoes Philippines
  • Sandals Philippines
  • Shoes for sale Philippines

All of these keywords are essential in reaching out to our target market since we want to satisfy their search for answers. Optimizing our site through on-site techniques and content, SEO Hacker managed to push us into the spotlight as you can see from the huge growth that we have garnered using our chosen keywords below:

KeywordRank at Starting DateCurrent Rank
Swimwear PhilippinesNot in Top 50032
Philippines ClothingNot in Top 50072
Shoes PhilippinesNot in Top 50049
Sandals PhilippinesNot in Top 50025
Shoes for Sale PhilippinesNot in Top 50025

Today, we are steadily rising in the rankings, and we couldn’t be any happier. From humble online shop to a fully-optimized E-Commerce site, Tutum will continue to bring more inspiration for girls out there to realize their full fashionista potential. Expressing your personality through fashion is easy if you have Tutum by your side.