Clothing in the Philippines: The Ultimate Wardrobe Guide for Filipinas
April 3, 2018 | Blog-manager

When it comes to discussing pieces of clothing from the Philippines and building up one’s wardrobe, it should be a fun experience even though building up one’s wardrobe involves various elements such as personal style, body shape, etc–and, to make the shopping experience even more enjoyable, this article contains everything you need to know when choosing pieces of clothing from the Philippines. So, if you want to know more about how to build up your wardrobe, give this particular piece a read! You may learn more about with the ultimate wardrobe guide:

Body Measurements that Women Should Know About Themselves

Body Measurements that Women Should Know About Themselves

Before anything else, or before you go hit the mall to buy a new outfit, every woman should know these body measurements for an easier trip to the boutiques. There are at least four parts of the body that a woman should know the measurement of: namely the shoulders, busts, waist, and hips. Knowing one’s measurement is very easy and won’t require much effort, all you will need is a tape measure that you would commonly see at a seamstress’ shop. If you are going to take your measurement for reference when you buy pieces of clothing from the Philippines, make sure that you have a friend to take the measurement for you. Though it is possible for an individual to take her own measurements, it is not recommended since keeping the tape measure intact can be a difficult task to accomplish. When it comes to ensuring that the measurement is perfect and accurate, the tape measure must be neither too tight to the point that it strains movement nor too loose that fabric might slip down from the body. Here are some points to consider:

Shoulder Area

Securing the tape measure around the shoulders is very difficult compared to securing it around the other body parts. When positioning the tape measure, it should be extremely close to the shoulder because doing so will ensure that the widest point of the shoulders is measured.

Bust Area

Always keep in mind that the body must be positioned in a straight standing position in order to accurately measure the bust area. One end of the tape measure should be placed at the fullest area of the bust, then circle it around the back and bring it again up front. Whichever number on the tape measure meets with the first end without squishing the bust will then be considered to be the measurement of the bust area.

Waist Area

When measuring this area of the body, it is essential that the body is not slouching and the stomach is not pulled in to ensure an accurate measurement. The area that needs to be measured is the area above the belly button or right below the rib cage. Just simply wrap around the tape measure around the said area the measurement is the position where the middle area touches the first part.


Measuring the hip area also involves the buttocks, specifically the fullest area of the bum. Start the measurement form the fullest area of the buttocks and circle it around the front and back again to the starting point at the rear.

Dress Cut for Every Body Shape

Dress Cut for Every Body Shape

When these 4 measurements are combined together, they form a body shape that’s a key determinant of how a woman should dress. Even though each individual must style their wardrobe according to their aesthetic and preference, their body type determines the cut of clothing from the Philippines that can provide a flattering silhouette to one’s body. To further elaborate on the topic, here are the different body shape and how to choose the right outfit for it:

Apple Body Shape

The distinct characteristic of this body shape is the disproportionality between the upper and lower parts of the body. Ladies with this body shape have very broad shoulders and a distinctly big bust line. Due to such combination, the weight appears to be focused along the midriff area. When dressing up a body shape, the attention must be taken away from the midriff and accentuate the other parts. There are two possible areas to highlight, it’s either the legs or the necklines. Wearing A-line dresses or a top with a deep V-type of neckline will surely provide an illusion of a longer upper or lower torso. Printed pieces can provide a busy look that can hide the mid-section and can even be layered through patterned jackets for layering. Make sure to avoid wearing a figure-hugging dress, and especially a tight-fitting top with a pair of skinny jeans. Such fit will only accentuate the weight in the midriff. For proper division, it is better to use an upper waist belt than the typical waist belt.

Hourglass Body Shape

Among all body types, this one is the most raved because the balance that is provided to the body. The top part and the bottom part are proportional which are complemented by a defined waistline. Due to the defined curve of the waistline, figure-hugging pieces are the best option specifically those that are cinched in at the waist area. When wearing belts, make sure to position it along the natural waistline because this will provide more definition to the curves. In general, this body type can go well with any piece of clothing form the Philippines but, wearing loose style will not accentuate the curves.

Pear Body Shape

Similar to the appearance of a Pear, this body shape has the majority of the weight in the lower part of the torso. The thighs and the buttocks are distinctively more voluptuous than the other areas of the body. What’s great about this body shape is it can form an hourglass body type illusion by accentuating the lower body through clothing. Clothing pieces from the Philippines like skinny jeans can create the illusion of an hourglass figure. For a striking balance to the lower torso, crop tops or tops with either a sweetheart or a Deep-V neckline can easily do the trick. Tight-fitting tops paired with loose bottoms will not provide definition to the assets.

Rectangle Body Shape

With a balanced measurement beginning from the shoulders down to the hips, a rectangle body shape does not have much curve or definition. Unlike the previous body shapes where the main assets are the torso, this time the limbs are the center of attention. Because of that, it is essential that these parts are enhanced and given focus through strapless, sleeveless, and sweetheart neckline. For added style, statement blazers, cover-up, or even capes will do the trick. Even though this body shape gives off a curve-less appearance, with the right styling, curves can easily be faked. Through an A-line cut or a ruffled skirt, additional weight can be fabricated easily. On the other hand, tube-tops can provide the appearance of more meat to the body. Overarching dresses are not advised to be worn due to their unflattering appearance.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

This body shape is also commonly known as the “Athletic Body Shape”. Since the shoulders are distinctly broader than the hips, both the arms and the shoulders should be given focus. Skirts with a pencil cut or a pair of skinny jeans can help balance the proportion of the upper and lower torso. Tops with V-line neckline can hide the broadness of the shoulders and make them appear narrower than they really are. It’s best to avoid layering pieces of clothing from the Philippines because doing so will only add even more definition to the upper torso which is no longer needed.

Appropriate Outfit for Each Occasion

In every occasion, there is a specific type of pieces of clothing from the Philippines that should be worn–such is a custom because every affair has a different purpose and degree of formality. Now, you wouldn’t want to arrive at an event and find yourself to be underdressed or even overdressed. It may seem like an impossible thing to occur, but it does happen on certain occasions. To prevent that from happening, here are the fitting outfit choices for specific events:


An event such as this is commonly a black-tie event; meaning the formality would require the ladies to wear a floor-length gown. Before, pieces of clothing from the Philippines that are in hues of black, red, and white is strictly prohibited for a wedding as it portrays a negative image to the sanctity of marriage. Nowadays, dresses and other forms of attire in colors black and red are allowed to be worn, but white gowns are still exclusive to the bride. Unless the bride and groom indicate a specific dress code for the wedding, a floor-length gown is still the appropriate piece.

Job Interview

When it comes to a job interview, it is essential to appear professional. A crisp and solid-colored button-down shirt paired with slacks or black jeans are the safest combinations. A pencil skirt can also be paired with a button-down shirt, as long as the length is not too short. An extremely short pencil skirt appears to be tacky and give off a negative impression, one that is far from the goal of a professional impression.

Cocktail Party

Staying true to the name of the event, a cocktail dress is the appropriate dress cut for a cocktail party. The style, design, and color aesthetic would vary depending on the specific theme of the party. Do keep in mind that individuals can still appear either over or underdressed at a cocktail party. To avoid such situation, it is advised to consult the host beforehand.

Must Have Clothing Items Every Filipina Should Have

As fashion trends change every season, it’s already a common occurrence for individuals to remove pieces of clothing from the Philippines from their closets. Such a task is essential to make room for more clothes that will be in style for the incoming season. Despite such practice, there are a few key pieces that are definitely taking a permanent residence in your closet. These specific pieces of clothing from the Philippines are timeless and classic items that are sure to be used throughout all the seasons of the year:

Plain White Shirt

This piece of clothing from the Philippines is a wardrobe staple due to its versatility. It can be worn with jeans, trousers, skirts, or even under a slip dress. When choosing a plain tee, make sure that the cut provides a flattering silhouette to the body. That way, every curve of your body is accentuated enough!

Longline Blazer

The best part about such item of clothing from the Philippines is that it can be worn during various situations. A serious corporate look can be achieved when worn at the office while pairing it with skinny jeans and stilettos can be the perfect outfit for a night out. Blazers in either black or white finish are safe colors that are sure to go well with any hue or print. On the other hand, solid-colored, or even those with prints, can add drama and glam.

Denim Jeans

When choosing the perfect pair of jeans, it is essential that the body shape is taken into consideration. The main key to rocking a pair of denim jeans is the fit because the material must hug the body perfectly to accentuate the buttocks and thighs. Plus, it comes in a lot of different tones in of color, further widening your options even more.

Little Black Dress

Commonly known to many as LBD, this piece of clothing from the Philippines is a lifesaver when it comes to special occasions that require a more formal wear. Due to its primary elegant appearance, an LBD can be worn numerous of times just by mix and matching accessories. Similar to choosing a pair of jeans, when picking out an LBD, the fit must be perfect and flattering to the shape of the body.

Which Item to Splurge or Save On

Which Item to Splurge or Save On

Building a wardrobe with pieces of clothing from the Philippines does not have to cost too much because there are clothing pieces that are not worth splurging on. At the same time, there are also a few items of clothing from the Philippines that are worth splurging on.

Save: T-shirt

This specific type of clothing, no matter what the print or color it is, it will be worn for a majority of the time. Eventually, the material will wear off and be of lesser quality than its initial condition. Due to such case, buying an expensive t-shirt is a waste of money if it will be tossed out eventually.

Save: Loungewear

The reason for this verdict is simple, not a lot of people are going to see you in them. Aside from your family, your closest friends are the only ones to see you wearing loungewear at the most. Keep in mind that an expensive piece of clothing from the Philippines is not going to magically make your sleep quality any better.

Spend: Jeans

Since jeans can be worn almost every day and even on several special occasions, investing in a fairly expensive pair is reasonable. In addition, it is acceptable to shell out extra cash for a durable pair that will last even after years of continuous use.

Spend: Black Blazers

This timeless piece naturally does not come with an affordable tag price, especially those with a sleek appearance. Luckily, having is one enough and can be worn both at the office and even for special occasions.

Choosing the Perfect Outfit with Tutum Shop

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