5 Effective Exercises To Prevent Foot Pain After Wearing High Heels
September 11, 2019 | maigne

What are foot exercises to prevent foot pain? Downward-Facing Dog Calf Stretch Foot Stretching Ankle Exercises Towel Scrunches   Wearing high heels can make you feel empowered. Not only that, but it can also increase your height. There is precisely something about heels that makes a person seem bold and sharp. They say the higher […]

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How To Properly Care For Your Shoes During The Rainy Season
August 29, 2019 | maigne

How Do You Properly Care for Your Shoes During the Rainy Season? Inspect Your Shoes Use Alcohol On Your Shoes Let Mud Dry Off Before Cleaning Air Dry Your Shoes Store Your Shoes Properly   The rainy season brings many problems to the average Jane. It is also the worst time to wear your fanciest […]

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4 Shoes You Need For The Rainy Season
August 14, 2019 | maigne

What are the shoes you need for the rainy season? Sandals Slides Flats Slip-On Shoes   The rainy season presents a lot of challenges for the modern woman. It’s time to buy shoes for the rainy season to keep your feet dry and away from dirty rainwater. Forget about bulky rain boots, you can find […]

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Swimwear Trends For 2019
July 29, 2019 | maigne

What are the popular swimwear trends this 2019? Mustard Yellow Sustainable Materials Animal Print Retro   You can find that your swimwear in the Philippines can fit any season. It’s almost always the perfect time to take a dip in the ocean or take some laps on the pool. Recently more provinces are upgrading and […]

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Caring For Your Feet After A Long Day
July 16, 2019 | maigne

How can you care for your feet after a long day? Apply Heat Stretch Foot Workout Invest in compression socks Eliminate Calluses and Corns   As a dynamic woman, your feet might be feeling tired after a long day at work, school, or maybe even after a night out. Besides buying the best type of […]

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How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Shoes For Your Graduation
June 14, 2019 | maigne

How to choose the perfect pair of shoes for your graduation? Confidence Is Key General Tips and Recommendations Avoid Low-Quality Shoes Avoid Choosing Poorly Fit Shoes Start out with the perfect pair by choosing the right shoes for sale in the Philippines. Graduation is the most important day for any person. Part of the journey […]

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