January 22, 2019 | maigne

Who are the celebrities who made pop culture influence fashion? Leighton Meester Sarah Michelle Gellar Heart Evangelista Britney Spears Kaia Gerber Kathryn Bernardo   Whenever people purchase shoes for sale in the Philippines, one of their biggest inspiration has to be pop culture influences on fashion. Pop culture generally describe media created for mass consumption; […]

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Shoe Lovers Christmas Gift
December 20, 2018 | maigne

What gifts can you give to shoe lovers this Christmas? Foldable Flats Shoe Gift Cards Heel Protectors Shoe Accessories Shoe-Shaped Knick-Knacks Handmade and Hand Painted Shoes Elegant Heels   The holiday season is the best time to scout for the best shoes for sale in the Philippines whether for yourself or for your fellow shoe-lover […]

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Outfit Ideas to Wear this Holiday Season
December 12, 2018 | maigne

What outfit ideas can you wear this holiday season? Dazzling Dresses Elegant Jacket Dressy Pants Flowy Long Skirts Chic Jumpsuits Glamorous Flats Statement Jewelry   The holiday season is upon us; the air is filled with great excitement! From fantastic Christmas parties where gifts are being exchanged to the New Year’s countdown parties that welcomes […]

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Right Way of Taking Care of Your Shoes from The Philippines
November 29, 2018 | maigne

What are the different ways of taking care of your shoes? Keep them dry and clean. Store them carefully. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes too often. Polish them regularly. Resoling is a must. Make use of shoe trees.     Investing in shoes in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world entails that […]

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6 Steps in Assembling a Great Ensemble from Head to Toe
November 28, 2018 | maigne

What are the 6 steps in assembling a great ensemble from head to toe? Choose your focal piece. Find its perfect match. Pick your shoes and bag. Add unique details. Comfort test. Have fun with it!     When coming up for an outfit, we always ask ourselves, “Which comes first?” Is it the fancy […]

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Shoes for Day and Night
November 19, 2018 | maigne

What are the best shoes women can wear from day to night? Ballet Flats Low to Mid Heeled Shoes Strappy Sandals Women’s Gladiator Sandals Slide Sandals   In the Philippines, shoes are an essential accessory to consider whether you’re traveling, going to work, or having a night out with friends. For the last item, some […]

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