7 Tips for Painlessly Walking in Heels
August 24, 2018

What can you do in order to painlessly walk in heels?

  1. Wear the right size of heels
  2. Start with kitten heels before moving on to stilettos
  3. Platform heels can be a good backup plan
  4. Use an in-sole cushion
  5. Lead with your thighs
  6. Take breaks while strutting in your heels
  7. Do some stretching exercises before having a night out wearing heels


Heels have this amazing ability that enables women to strut in confidence while showing off their shapely legs. But for some ladies here in the Philippines, sandals become their choice of footwear because it is simply more appealing than stilettos that tend to hurt their feet.

The art of walking in high heels is not something that a lot of women master but with the right tips and tricks, everyone can strut in style without feeling that slight pinch in your ankles.

Wear The Right Size

Wear the Right Size

This may seem like the most obvious tip here, but some people often forget about it. As simple as it sounds, you have to find the perfect fit. You will know that you have chosen the right fit if you can make sure that there is a space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe.

Keep in mind that in shoe-shopping, it is also wise to buy pairs at the end of the day because this is when your feet are already swollen. In addition, look at the width of your feet. Save yourself and do not cram your wide feet into a narrow shoe. This will help you avoid pain when wearing heels as well as suffering the damages that may lead to bunions, neuromas, and hammertoes.


Start Small and Work Your Way Up

Before breaking in those super high 5-inch stilettos, you should start with a pair of reasonably sized kitten heels. Straps can also help your shoes stay on your feet during the course of a day. It is important to take baby steps before finding your comfort zone in those sky-high heels.

Get used to high heels by wearing them around the house before a night out to get a feel for them. This will be helpful if you are not that familiar with heels.


Have a Back-Up Pair

In the Philippines, sandals prove to be very useful for practical purposes such as being a backup footwear when your heels are killing you. Don’t mistake it as just that shoe you lug around in times of heels-are-giving-me-blisters emergencies since it is also a stylish ensemble to complete any outfit.

Opt for platform heels as your back up pair, there is really no distinction with these pairs since anything can give you a relief from wearing pinching heels all night. Consider lightweight pairs that snuggly fit in your bag; your feet will surely thank you for the break.


Use an In-Sole Cushion

An in-sole cushion can be your lifesaver when walking in heels becomes too painful. These items help in absorbing shock in your foot’s ball area while walking and it provides tons of comfort. The insole cushions can be made either from latex foam or memory foam, either one would be best. You can buy them online or at a shoe store with foot-care accessories.


Lead with Your Thighs

Walking in heels would not be as painful if you put all the pressure on your thighs.

Apparently, it is all in the thighs and as weird as that sounds, you should heed this advice. When you walk, you should lead each step with your thighs, moving your entire leg forward in one fluid motion while you’re doing it. Sure, you are used to your feet taking the lead but with much practice, this technique will bring an end to all your painful stiletto struts. Placing less pressure on the balls of your feet can ultimately reduce the tension that your feet are under.

Take Breaks

Take Breaks

Be aware and remember to give your feet a breather every once in a while, especially if you would be standing for long periods for the night. This can make a huge difference in wearing uncomfortable heels. Compromise your time wearing heels or change your shoes throughout the day. Wearing heels for short periods of time will get rid of some of that pain. Take extra care of your feet by taking a load from them every now and then. Just like your elegant heels, comfort should be valued.


Stretch Your Feet

There are stretches focused on helping you prepare for wearing heels.

Strengthening your feet and toes before a night out can be a great help to painlessly walk in heels. Consciously straighten and wiggle your toes even if you do not want to because this will increase your foot flexibility.

Stretches will allow your feet to cope in heels better. An example of a stretch like this is pointing your toes down and pulling your toes up with a strap. This will get the Achilles’ tendon and calf muscles going so you would not strain them too much when you are wearing heels.


Key Takeaway

When it comes to wearing heels, pain is gain but it doesn’t have to be that way. As much as you love your heels, there is no denying that they can sometimes be a huge pain in the soles.

By following the steps listed above, you would not have to experience the same problem other girls might be having. So, what are you waiting for? Strut it like you mean it!