Picture of a girl's feet in heels
December 2, 2019

What are some tips for walking in heels properly?

  1. Test heels on different surfaces
  2. Take small steps
  3. Be aware of your posture
  4. Size matters
  5. Wear a pair you love
  6. Heels first, then toe

A pair of killer heels provides you with an extra boost of confidence, along with increasing your height. There is arguably nothing more alluring than a woman who is in control of her pair of heels. Let those hips swing freely from side to side and make sure to wear the right size of heels for pain-free walking. Here are some basic tips you can apply to walk in high heels like a catwalk model or your favorite supermodel.

Test Heels on Different Surfaces

Three heels of different colors on a fur rug

To walk like a catwalk model or your favorite Victoria’s Secret supermodel, you must explore different surfaces. From hardwood, tiles, concrete, and even grass. Another great location to practice is the supermarket where the floor is slippery. With this, you will be able to practice your balance as well as your grip on the shoes. Push a grocery cart to serve as support in case you start slipping. Walking on a variety of different surfaces will allow you to test whether you can walk in heels on any kind of floor.

Take Small Steps

Shot of a girl's feet in heels

While wearing heels will naturally make your stride shorter, you will have to take much less than usual. Taking smaller strides is especially true if it is your first time wearing and strutting the streets in heels. It is better to move slowly but surely. You do not want to trip and break your ankles. In addition to that, make smaller steps than your usual long strides when wearing your local sandals.

Be Aware of Your Posture

Shot of a girl in jeans and her heels

When walking in high heels, you must pay attention to your upper body as much as you focus on your lower body. To walk like a supermodel, you must look graceful from head to toe. Keep your chin up, your back straight, relax your hips, and engage your abs. By keeping your back straight and relaxing your hips, you will have carefree strides and free bodily movements. Avoid stiffening your hips. Let them naturally sway from side to side as you walk. The extreme hip movements are promoted by the high heels you are wearing. This is why wearing heels makes you look graceful.

Size Matters

White heels on top of cloth beside a potted blue flower

If you are just learning to walk in heels, make sure to use a pair that seamlessly fits your feet. While any smaller size could cause you blisters and other inconveniences, a bigger size may slide off your feet. Avoid assuming that you know your shoe size. Refer to your shoe size chart or consult the shoe store for measurement in centimeters rather than in inches. This way you have a better gauge of the shoe size you will get. Take note, always get a bigger size when buying heels from a shoe store that only offers limited sizes. It is easier to slip insole cushions than break into a pair of heels.

Wear a Pair You Love

Close up of a girl's legs in the air wearing heels

Practice walking with the pair of heels you love. You will be motivated to walk perfectly and properly according to the process: heels first then toes. If your favorite pair of heels are slingbacks, it will be easier to learn how to walk properly. The thick heels and slightly chunky front will allow you to make ergonomic movements straining your calves and thighs less than stilettos.

Heels First, Then Toe

Picture of the legs of a woman wearing heels

To make your stride as natural as it can be, land your heels on the ground first and push forward with your other leg. This way you will land heels first, then toes. Never attempt to walk similar to how you walk in flats. If you try to walk in such a way, you could trip forward as the heel pushes you forward. Prevent landing on your knees while walking down the street or the hallway by following the two-step supermodel stride: heels then toes. After you have learned to walk with heels first then toes, you can try to make bigger steps. Try foot and leg exercises that can stretch the back of the knee joint.

Key Takeaway

No amount of practice will be enough if you are not comfortable in your heels. When you know you look amazing in the pair you are wearing, you will surely walk in high heels like your favorite supermodel. Make every street, hallway, and aisle your runway.

You can make walking in heels easier for you by performing some foot and leg exercises to prepare them for any strains that could possibly occur. Finally, prevent uncoordinated and choppy movements. Instead, taking baby steps while at the same time extending your legs will encourage more graceful and elegant movements.

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