A woman wearing red heels getting ready for her valentine's date
February 11, 2020

What type of heels should you wear for Valentine’s Day?

  1. Statement Red
  2. Mid-Heels
  3. Basic Colors
  4. Pop Of Color
  5. Chunky High Heels

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re certain many of you are already planning the perfect Valentine’s Day outfits to wear on your romantic date. Whether it may be a little black dress or a casual daytime outfit, a pair of good heels will surely spice up your whole look.

Heels help you feel more confident. Since you’re going to be strolling around, you’d want to wear heels of the best quality. However, you also wouldn’t want to sacrifice style over comfort. For your needs, we have rounded up a variety of heels of contrasting styles, shapes, and colors you can wear for this special day. Here are the best heels you can wear on this memorable day to make you trendy, stylish, and confident.

Statement Red

A woman wearing red heels

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day more than a bright red heel. The ChaCha is a gorgeous bright red colored pump with semi-thick straps to secure your feet. It is ready to complement any outfit you choose. If you’re not a fan of the vibrant red, the Ruru Burgundy can provide you with a deeper shade of the same color.

These red heels are exactly what you need to add the right amount of red to your Valentine’s Day outfit. Here are some outfit suggestions to wear to pair with your red heels:

  • A navy blue piece
  • Black jeans or an all-black outfit
  • A little black dress
  • Matching red accessories (a belt, handbag, or even a matching lipstick)


A woman putting on her mid-heels for valentine's day

Heels don’t necessarily have to be high and tall. Mid-heels have been a current fashion trend as well as a staple pick. These are ideal for women who want to wear heels but not ones that are too high. It is also a good choice for those who are tall in height but that don’t want to look too elevated.

Mid-heels are comfortable footwear that looks just as classy and sophisticated as other types. These are the most versatile pair of heels you can own because they match with almost any outfit you choose. Here are some chic mid-heels in different colors and styles that will surely level up your OOTD:

Basic Colors

Hermy White

If you’re someone who prefers a simpler, laid-back outfit, opt for basic colors like Tutum’s Riley Nude, Hermy Black, or Hermy White. Colors like these are versatile, wearable, and timeless. They can add a dainty touch to any look. From party outfits and beach styles, to even formal wear. In addition to that, these pumps have soft insoles and a slight elevation that makes them comfortable enough to walk in. It is no surprise that these heels are some of the most popular types available.

Pop Of Color

A woman wearing lavender heels

Adding a little pop of color to your outfit will make you look unique and fresh. There are many colors to choose from. The Belle collection offers pretty light colors of lavender, yellow, and avocado. Here are some tips to pull off a stylish outfit with your colorful pumps this Valentine’s:

  • Wear neutral pants or bottoms. Since the bottoms that you wear land close to your heel, you don’t want it to compete with the shoe for attention. Wearing bright or eye-catching pants with colorful shoes might make your outfit too overwhelming.
  • Wear tops that have hints of shades of the heel that you’re wearing. Drawing similarities in color from your top will complement the outfit greatly.
  • Add accessories that are in the same color family. Match accessories from your handbag, necklaces, earrings, or a few bangles.

Chunky High Heels

Chunky High Heels

These pumps have always been a popular pick in many wardrobes. Chunky heels instantly make a statement for themselves. Anyone can pull off this type of heel. It can easily transform a basic look or neutralize a style that might appear to be too busy. Chunky heels come in different colors and sizes. Here are some heels you can choose from:

Key Takeaway

Incorporating heels to your Valentine’s Day outfit is the perfect way to spice up any type of look you’re going for. Make sure to wear heels that make you feel comfortable. Invest in durable, fashionable, and trendy shoes. Tutum offers a wide range of heels. They are 100% handmade by our local artisan and have different types of material that can cater to your style and taste. Click here to browse through more pumps, flats, sandals and more!