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November 5, 2019

What are the types of heels worn for different occasions?

  1. Slingback and Ankle Strap Heels
  2. Wedge Sandals and Heels
  3. Block and Chunky Heels

Typically, footwear is coordinated with the entire outfit. From the top all the way down to the bottom. Others would even go as far as matching their heels with bags and belts. Whichever style you prefer, there is one significant note that you must consider: selecting the type of heels to pair with the outfit should depend on the type of occasion. 

Arguably, your footwear remains the first thing that people notice about you. Wearing the best looking heels suitable for the occasion is essential. Here is the ultimate guide to the types of heels and when to wear them.

Slingback and Ankle Strap Heels

slingback heels perched on a piece of circular wood

For anyone who values security over anything else, slingbacks or ankle strap heels are footwear that will allow you to wear high heels that stay strapped to the foot. A slingback is a type of footwear with a strap that crosses behind the heel or ankle. The heel shape and height can vary depending on the manufacturer. The heels can go as low as one inch and as high as five inches. The shape will also differ depending on the design, from talisman shaped heels to block or chunky heels. 

Ankle straps and slingbacks are generally the same. You may identify the heels with its common denominator: the strap. The strap is part of the footwear that holds it intact on the heels of the foot. While there are slingbacks and ankle straps that are office-friendly, others are designed for evening parties and corporate events. They are typically quirky in design and have tall heels. 

Wedge Sandals and Heels

girl's feet wearing wedge sandals surrounded by vases and baskets

Wedge sandals and wedge heels are for the ladies who want extra height while remaining comfortable. The wedge sandals and heels are two unique types of footwear. They may seem the same due to their curves and heels, but there is a factor that separates one from the other: the separation of the heel to the sole. Wedge heels are flush like high heels should be. Meaning there is no separation between the heel and the sole. Whereas wedge sandals have a visible separation due to the materials used. Moreover, wedge sandals have a more open and sandal upper style. 

These types of heels are designed for very few occasions like morning events and birthdays. They are the most suitable footwear for any laid back kind of get-together.

Block and Chunky Heels

three pairs of chunky heels aligned in a row

As the name suggests, block or chunky heels have thick heels that keep the feet more stable than classic stilettos and pumps. Block heels vary in height, ranging between two to five inches. For the ladies who are looking to soar through the sky, figuratively, four to five-inch block heels will do just the trick. Similarly, these types of heels are for those who want to add extra inches to their height.

Block and chunky heels are perfect for creating casual-chic outfits. While they are suitable for the workplace with laidback dress codes, these should not be worn to formal corporate events. 

Key Takeaway

Whether you are going to a casual or formal event, never miss out on the trendiest footwear. To know whether you have heels for every occasion in your wardrobe, you must learn all the heel types. More importantly, you must know when to wear each type of heel to which occasion. Ultimately, for your comfort, make sure you have local sandals with you all the time no matter the heels you are wearing.

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