8 Tips In Considering Which Shoes To Buy When Doing It Online
March 14, 2019

What are tips to consider when purchasing shoes via online stores?

  1. Study the photos
  2. Consider the reviews
  3. Study the return policies
  4. Dealing with the correct sizes
  5. Pay close attention to details
  6. Remember: Test order
  7. Avoid impulse buying
  8. Stick with the shoes that you want


Who doesn’t love to spoil themselves with shoes now and then? Men and women are equally excited when shoes for sale in the Philippines start to show up and made publicly announced. There is nothing wrong with admitting you have a passion for collecting and wearing shoes, especially when you are the type of person who loves to be outdoors.

Unfortunately, not all of us have free time to go to a nearby mall to shop for the newly released kicks. Gladly, shoe shopping is made convenient and possible to do at your own pace with the emergence of online shopping stores. You can get access to various shops where you can browse for shoes and see more options that you cannot find in the physical store. Here are some tips to go by when shopping for shoes (or any other footwear) using e-stores.


Study the photos

Study The Photos
Marj Gold

Online retail sites should have photos posted on the merchandise they are trying to sell. They should have at least one photo, or there could be multiple shots showcasing the footwear’s different angles  and close-up features. This way, you could closely inspect what the design offers, and even perceive whether that style fits you.


Consider the reviews

Online buyers and sellers have this type of communication via the comment section where reviews, suggestions, or complaints are posted. Ratings by previous buyers can also be found here. Do consider these reviews, and give time in reading at least one or two. These reviews and ratings by previous buyers which will greatly help you in a final decision to purchase the shoes.


Study the return policies

Study the return policies

In case of a mistake, or the crucial wrong foot size, you can always ask for a return, but of course, you have to abide by their policies on how to proceed. You can find their return policies on the online shop’s return policy page. Read carefully and precisely. Always remind yourself that a return policy is a must for most e-commerce, so don’t hesitate to call on their provided contact number if you can’t find it, or detect something suspicious.


Dealing with the correct size

Part of the details that should be included when viewing the product online is the shoe size chart. Honestly, one of the disadvantages with shopping online (not just with shoes) is the fact you can’t physically try it out, and have it changed immediately. However, you can resolve this by taking a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, and a ruler. Wear socks of medium thickness, placing your foot down on the sheet. Draw the outline of your foot with care.
Measure the length from heel to toe, and compare it with its compatibility on the product’s size chart.


Pay close attention to details

Pay Close Attention To Details
Reese Green

The image of the shoe compelled you to check out the item, but once you’ve clicked/tapped on the product, make sure that there are product details readily available. It is much better if the retailer goes more into details other than what is obvious in the picture (such as color), and include important factors such as the materials the shoe is made of for better identification of its quality.


Remember: Test order

Test order means you are buying shoes (or any merchandise) online for the first time. It’s natural to have doubts, and mistakes are possible. It is advised to do a test order by purchasing shoes which are not too expensive. Once it arrives, wear immediately without removing tags, and try to be careful of damaging it, so you can make a return if the size doesn’t fit.


Avoid impulse buying

Avoid impulse buying

Always keep in mind that you have all the time in the world. Measure every action, and finding shoes online which are about to lose availability doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to purchase even with lack of money. Re-stocking will come anytime soon. Inspect the online shop of its legitimacy before buying their footwear, and not immediately proceed to check-out.


Stick with the shoe that you want

You know your style, and you have a fair idea of what you want to purchase. Better yet, you know what to look for so you can avoid the temptations of shoes for sale in Philippine online shops. There are a variety of options, but if know what you want, you can avoid the sudden spark to buy upon impulse.


Key Takeaway

Shoes are shoes no matter where you buy them—online or personally. It will still be the best addition to any outfit style. Buying pairs online has proven to be more convenient for many people but it is still entirely up to you if you would use this purchasing method. Always remember that your time and money will be worth it if you choose a trusted shoe supplier for your fashion needs. And since you’re here, why not check out the Tutum collections here?