Sizzling Ootd Swimwear For This Summer
April 24, 2019

What are the different swimwear that is perfect for summer?

  1. Bikinis
  2. Tankini
  3. One-piece Swimsuit
  4. Swimdress
  5. Top-bottom set
  6. Bandeau Top
  7. Sports Top
  8. Side-tie Bikini Bottom


Summer is the best time to flaunt different swimwear in the Philippines and strut on the beach in style. The hot weather is enough to make you want to take a dip in the pool or lounge around while wearing your favorite bathing suit. There’s nothing like a little vitamin sea to keep you going, right?

Although you can find many of these products online, it is also important that you know the difference between all types of swimwear for you! If you are getting ready to have that sexy snapshot of yourself while wearing the best swimwear, then check out these types of affordable swimwear in the Philippines!




Bikinis remain timeless and because of this, nothing beats the blazing heat of summer more than this hot suit. A bikini is an instant confidence booster which is why a lot of women become empowered by this simple clothing.
Because of its style, the bikini permits freedom of movement.

It also allows you to flaunt the beach body you have been working on. Bikinis also come in different patterns and colors. Patterned or Pastel, bikinis will be your companion to your best and hottest summer yet!



Tankini may be an unfamiliar name when it comes to swimwear found in the country. It’s actually a two-piece suit in which the top covers the navel. The top may come in colorful variations and a wide display of designs.

This gives you a chance to mix and match different combinations of the tops and the undergarment. The Tankini is body neutral, in a sense that it is capable of producing a fashionable outcome no matter one’s body size is.


One-piece swimsuit


This is perhaps the most common swimwear in the Philippines. However, do not underestimate the one-piece because it could bring out the inner fashionista of the wearer. With this swimsuit, you can match it with different accessories, especially necklaces.

The usual one-piece you observe are those with singular colors, however it could come in various patterns and styles. What most women like about this swimwear type is that it is not as daring as the bikini.



If you’re the type of lady who loves to wear dresses because of its carefree and comfortable feeling, this is perfect for you. This swimwear boasts a cute concept, and it’s definitely the perfect definition of femininity.

If you are going to a pool party or you are planning to have a beach getaway with friends, a swimdress showcases your flexibility to be in and out of the water as the program calls it. Plus, you can snag those adorable, yet imposing disposition which the swimdress enables you to do.


Top-bottom set

Top-Bottom Set

The top-bottom set shares similarities with the bikini; that being they are composed of two pieces of garment. While the latter shows more skin, the top-bottom set caters to shy women. This type of swimwear is more wholesome than its bikini counterpart. Think of it as a stepping stone in building confidence to flaunt your figure.


Bandeau top

Bring out that jungle-wilderness type of mood by trying on a bandeau top! Normally, the bandeau is a strapless bra, ideal for small-breasted women. This goes to say that the focal point is the wearer’s upper body, exposing the shoulders, and freeing up the arms. The bandeau top is perfect for those who would like strapless swimwear to accentuate their body.


Sports top

Sports Top

If you are looking for affordable swimwear in the Philippines, here’s one swimwear type which will not disappoint. The sports top is perfect for swimming laps or performing water aerobics. Although its color schemes are usually dull in color, a sports top swimwear manifests your willingness to participate in different water activities, and your passion for adventure.


Side-Tie Bikini Bottoms

It’s a throwback to your childhood favorite of collecting pretty ribbons, or choosing a ribbon in which to tie your hair. The side-tie bikini bottom unleashes that child in you. Match it up with a bra top which calls for it to be tied with a ribbon behind, and you’ve got yourself a charming swimsuit preference.


Key Takeaway

Fashion seems to have no end as it follows us everywhere—no matter the season or situation. It is especially true for the summer season since this is the perfect time to bring out fashionable and cute outfits! With endless options to help you mix-and-match, you can definitely find a style that will fit you perfectly.

Aside from the swimwear types that you have read about here, you can also find more options from our products. Click here to see more of the fashion pieces that will help bring out your confidence this summer season!