Philippine Swimwear to Rock at the Beach This Summer
April 6, 2018

What are the best Philippine swimwears to rock at the beach this summer?

  1. Playful Ruffle Bikini
  2. Cutey Monokini
  3. Trendsetter Three-Piece Swimsuit
  4. Classic High-Waisted Bikini
  5. Bold and Black One-Piece with Cutouts
  6. Sizzling Sling Swimsuit
  7. Comfy Rash Guard

Can you hear that? It’s the waves calling you, beckoning you to lie on the sand and enjoy the sun. Nah, what you’re hearing is actually just waves of excitement that you feel because summer’s near! Don’t be shy, it’s only normal to daydream; but only a few days away and your musings will turn into reality. Whether you’re going to a beautiful beach in Hawaii or in the Philippines, there are different swimwears you can rely on to flaunt what you got, coupled with a cold drink in your hand to balance the heat. Just like that, your summer checklist is already complete! When it comes to swimwear, it’s hard to find one that is sexy and comfortable at the same time. For some reason, buying swimwear in the Philippines is just as stressful as the long anticipation for your summer vacation. If you are in need of pointers in choosing the best statement piece for your day at the beach, then read on below for the best swimwear that looks good on you, whether you are in a beach or just at home, chilling out in style!   Playful Ruffle Bikini

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Playful Ruffle Bikini

Ruffle swimsuits give off a girly vibe with its standout design. It is best for pear-shaped body types or those who have a smaller torso and a larger lower- or mid-section. The ruffles add a busty look so you wouldn’t have to worry about having small busts. This bikini has got you covered! Decide on which patterns you want, there are tons to choose from! There is a retro polka dot or you can opt for a solid color block fashion. Avoid pairing it with boy shorts, since doing so would cause it to lose the fashion-forward effect it has.

Cutey Monokini

If you think that a bikini is not for you, then why not try a monokini? A monokini is a one-piece bathing suit; but thanks to its cutouts, it will appear as if you are wearing a bikini—but as a one-piece. It will give you semi-full coverage while showing off your curves—its perfectly placed side cutouts help in achieving that fashionable shape. Its rectangular or ruler shape is perfect for curvy women.

Trendsetter Three-Piece

Not one, not two, but a three-piece! Who would have thought, right? You will surely make heads turn with this sassy swimwear. If you don’t feel like baring it all, but if you still want to be stylish, then try a three-piece. This type of swimwear is suitable for all body shapes. Curvy women with fuller thighs, apple shape, and round shape women can rock this style without thinking too much of their figure. You can choose from a variety of patterns like Boho print, floral, exotic, or polka dot prints. If you’re feeling a little bold, then try the mesh net style for a more mysterious look.   Classic High-Waisted Bikini

Classic High-Waisted Bikini

You can never go wrong with this statement piece. When going for a high-waisted bikini, make sure to choose one that is suited to your style and body shape. It is not a new trend, so you have to make it your own and set your very own style. Grab a hold of that high-waisted bikini that is rendered in a retro style. This makes it timeless, modest, and fabulous. It has been around since the mid-1900s and it is perfect when you want to channel either Marilyn Monroe or Kendall Jenner—high-waisted bikinis are that versatile!

Bold and Black One-Piece with Cutouts

Feeling a little conscious about your body but want to lounge around the beach without being too daring? Then this swimwear is for you! You can never go wrong with a black one-piece—it is chic and sophisticated all-in-one. The best thing about it is that it is a flattering piece for every body type with lots of styles to choose from.

Sizzling Sling Swimsuit

You go, girl! You’ll surely turn heads with this one. The sling swimsuit is also known as a sling bikini. It is a Y-shaped style swimwear courtesy of its suspender thong. Its lines and shapes can give the illusion of curves for rectangle-shaped women who wish to try this bathing suit. Popular patterns include deep shades, fringe patterns, or a ring slingshot for its suspender. Prepare to blaze up the beach and let your confidence show with this daring swimwear!

Comfy Rash Guard

Afraid to get burnt by the harsh waves of the sun or having abrasions from the sand? A rash guard will protect you from all these—more than that, you will also feel comfortable because of its spandex, nylon, or polyester material. Different types can be a rash guard vest or a long-sleeved rash guard and both can protect you from the heat; after all, they are equipped with Ultraviolet Protection Factors (UPF). Pair this with your favorite bikini bottom and you’re ready to do any beach activity that you fancy!

Key Takeaway

Frolicking on the beach is not fun when you don’t feel like you are a part of it. Remember to feel comfortable in the swimwear you want to rock at the beach this summer, because if you don’t even like what you’re wearing, then it will be pointless!

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