Stylish Ways to Wear Sandals in the Philippines
October 5, 2018

Ask anyone, anywhere and you will hear that the go-to footwear of every girl and woman in the Philippines are sandals. They are versatile enough to slip-on for various occasions. Plus, they have their own unique style that sets them apart from the rest other footwear.

No matter what the season is in the Philippines, sandals can complete your fashion ensemble. With dozens of selections, you shall never run out of options to choose from, allowing you to pair them with different fashion pieces.

Fit for outgoing and casual styles alike, sandals can be a great partner in every occasion. However, it is only normal to be at a loss when you are deciding how to wear sandals in a stylish way. Fortunately, this article will be your trusty guide in knowing how to flaunt that gorgeous pair of sandals!

 Office Wear

Office Wear

If your office dress code permits it, sandals are great to combine with smart casual outfits and formal wear. Not only is it stylish, but it can also be practical especially when you are on your daily commute; it gives you a lot of freedom to move! If you are faced with a rainy day on your way to work, you shouldn’t fret if you’re wearing sandals because they are sturdy, stylish, and are usually practical during these types of conditions.

Consider choosing monochromatic styles. Always make sure that you look extra professional in the pieces that you have assembled as an outfit. For example, complete your office look with a nice mule sandal or a lace-up sandal that gives off a feminine twist to your professional look.


Casual Events

Sandals are perfect for casual events because it is the right mix of laidback and stylish. After dressing up for work, you can now let your hair down and enjoy the weekend! Casual events like a stroll in the park or a much-needed retail therapy at the mall, call for the stylish prowess of sandals. A nice pair of suede sandals can be paired with a sundress as you have lunch with your friends at your favorite cafe. Try pairing sandals with a comfortable tee and well-fitting jeans, and you have yourself a minimalist but stylish look. You can also explore its fashionable qualities when you style it with your favorite pair of shorts and a nice boho top.

With sandals, you can look effortlessly chic without injecting so much effort into your outfit. What’s great about this footwear is that you can wear it through any season that may come. Whether it is warm and sunny outside or it is pouring down like crazy, sandals will be your best friend as it keeps you comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Formal Functions

Formal Functions

Want to get dolled up for a fancy occasion but do not want to risk being uncomfortable in heels? Sandals are the solution to your dilemma!

It is a perfect complement to a free-flowing dress for that formal event you have been preparing for. If you are anticipating that you are going to move around for the rest of the night, a pair of breathable sandals can be your partner in crime. You can also try pairing sandals with a cool midi dress or an off-shoulder piece.

Have the best night of your life without the blisters and the uneasiness with sandals!


School Activities

Sandals are popular among girls for a reason. It gives them flexible fashion choices without sacrificing their own sense of comfort. For school activities, sandals can be great when paired with jeans and a basic tee which is just right for a strict school dress code. It would also be fun if you decide to choose sandals that give you a pop of color to brighten up everyone’s day a little more. Try a great pair of lace-up sandals for this occasion and you will surely be a stand out in your next university event.

Dinner Dates

Dinner Dates

Going on a first date? Do not worry because sandals can cap off an ensemble in the most delightful way. Thong sandals can be a great piece to complete an outfit for a date. You would be glad to know that a nifty sundress is welcoming for the style of a sandal. This is perfect if you’re date is planning to take you out for a stroll because sandals can keep you comfy all night.

Your outfit will look even better if you choose the right kind of accessories to complete it and voila! You’ll have a flattering ensemble perfect for a romantic date!


Key Takeaway

The stylish ways to wear sandals are endless but you should stick with these basics for now. It is important that you know the design capabilities of your sandal so you can plan ahead for a great outfit ensemble. Whatever event you will be in, you should always remember the importance of comfortability and suitability of your footwear.