Stylish Ensembles You Can Pair with Sneakers in the Philippines

What are the stylish ensembles you can pair with sneakers?

  1. Sneakers with Ripped Jeans
  2. Sneakers with Skinny Jeans
  3. Sundresses
  4. Street-Style
  5. Neutral Blazers with Jeans


One of the most versatile and classic footwear that you can have are sneakers. The Philippines is home to many shops with sneakers as their main product and this is why many people are enthusiastic about owning a pair.

There are those who are puzzled on how to make their sneakers complement the rest of their outfit and that is why for this article, you can read about how to pair sneakers with the right ensemble so you would not have a problem with strutting with style.

Check out these looks that you can pair with sneakers here in the Philippines and even when you are planning to travel around the globe!


Sneakers with Ripped Jeans


Ripped jeans with sneakers is an edgy combo that every girl loves to wear. Try this look with a loose tank top and you can go for sneakers in black and white color.

A striped tank top along with dark blue ripped jeans is also a great combination and it is very suitable for achieving that rocker chic look. You should also consider pairing this look with low top sneakers which are your average casual shoe because of its practical uses.

They are great if you want to stay comfortable when you are going about town or if you are on your weekend shopping spree. This brilliant footwear can also give you an athletic style.


Sneakers with Skinny Jeans


Any type of sneakers goes well with skinny jeans. Especially the low top and slip-on sneakers, they can add up to the detail of your outfit and is perfect for casual dates or a quick stroll at the mall.

Sneakers are ideally worn with skinny fit jeans and a casual shirt or blouse but you can try being adventurous and choose jeans which are three-quarter length or turned up above the ankle and your favorite pair of sneakers still wouldn’t be out-of-place with this ensemble.




Dresses in colors of blue, yellow, or light pink are screams a summer look. Even in the rainy weather, you can spread a little sunshine around with you with this cheerful outfit. You can also stock up on your wardrobe with a lot of sundresses because they are comfortable and stylish at the same time.

As you very well know, sneakers are a very comfortable footwear option. If you plan to look fierce and comfortable at the same time, opt for sneakers. Even with a nice fitted dress that requires an equally stylish footwear, sneakers can satisfy that requirement.

If worn properly, you can also bring sneakers as part of your outfit for a formal event. A great combination with casual dresses, sneakers proves to be flexible in its style and aesthetic quality. Try wearing a tribal pink dress or a floral dress to match your sneakers and you can flaunt your ensemble anywhere you go!




One option you can look into is high top sneakers which can bring a bit more street style to your chosen outfit. You can try on a fashionable black blazer, plain tops underneath, and skinny fit jeans to keep that feminine image. Turn up your cool meter with high top sneakers and you can rock the street-style perfectly.

These types of sneakers can also add depth to the bottom half of your outfit. Stand out and find the best style of sneakers that will match the color and style of your outfit. You can also give your look a bit of attitude with a leather or black leather skirt and a print vest top.


Neutral Blazers with Jeans


You can effectively style your blazer and jeans combo by adding in sneakers to the mix/ Pick neutral tones for your blazer – a sand-colored single-button blazer together with classic blue jeans – so it can make a beautifully understated outfit. Your choice of accessories is also important for this look so you should pick out the right kind of jewelry, and add a clutch bag for added effect.

Make a dynamic impact by choosing neutral but bold hues for your blazer, make it a focal point of your outfit without overshadowing the rest of the ensemble. Make a gorgeous impression with this outfit and you are sure to turn heads your way.

You can even try a delicate monochrome plaid blazer paired with skinny blue jeans, a plain t-shirt, and white sneakers to make up that winning combination.


Key Takeaway


Sometimes, stylish ensembles that can be paired with sneakers are hard to think of but with the right kind of attitude and your trusty wardrobe, it is easy as 1,2,3!

Wearing sneakers will make you look good with any type of style, just remember to see if the whole outfit works before you decide on it. You can also opt to buy sneakers that will suit your current wardrobes so that you won’t have a problem matching them when you need to.

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