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May 2, 2018

What are the different styles of sandals that are perfect for the beach?

  • Tatami Sandals
  • Leather Sandals
  • Flat Sandals
  • Rubber Sandals
  • Rope Sandals
  • Flip Flop
  • Gladiators



You can stop waiting for summer because it’s truly here. Your summer wardrobe will not be complete without the perfect pair of shoes to match your outfit and one of the most popular types of footwear in the Philippines are sandals. In tropical countries like the Philippines, these shoes for women are perfect for their getaway at the beach or even just for a summer shopping spree.

With their wide range of designs and colors, they are a comfortable alternative to sneakers and heels. They come in flat as well as heeled styles which make them perfect for daily wear. Additionally, in the Philippines, these shoes for women are quite inexpensive without compromising their quality and design. Whether you are going to a formal occasion or a casual one, sandals are a go-to footwear. It is chic and minimalistic at the same time.

With sandals, you don’t have to think too much about whether you are buying the right pair because there is a wide array of options that are available. Make sure that you buy them from your trusted brand and look out for these design styles the next time you visit them:



Tatami Sandals

Tatami sandals are a favorite among women because they offer maximum comfort with its flat heel and minimal design. They commonly have buckles that sit comfortably on your feet which makes it suitable for various sizes. They commonly come in brown and black colors. These sandals have deeply cushioned footbeds that are designed to be the perfect fit for the shape of your foot while providing extra support.



Leather Sandals

These sandals can come in a wide variety of models, patterns, and sizes. This type can look really good on your legs. Leather is known to be super comfortable for the heel and for your toes. What’s best about them is that it can be paired with your swimwear effortlessly. You can stroll for hours on the beach with this, and you won’t even have to be burdened by the weight of this sandal because they are very lightweight as well.



Flat Sandals

Flat Sandals

The most common and comfortable sandals to wear, flat sandals are relatively cheap and they are available almost anywhere. Its familiar design of a buckle and splash of colors are beautiful on legs. Planning on island hopping with your pals this summer? Then flat sandals are your best friend. They also come in a lot of sizes and patterns so you can choose the pair that best suits your mood.



Rubber Sandals

This type of sandal for women is ideal for extended hours use and the buckle will give you additional comfort. Rubber sandals are perfect for active girls who like to try all the beach activities, not to mention that it is easy to maintain because you can clean it with just water and a soft brush. You can even use it for a seaside stroll without worrying about it getting damaged. Take proper care of this sandal and you will be using it for a long time.



Rope Sandals

Rope sandals are a stylish and quirky type. Their design with their crisscrossed rope laces wound around the leg is indeed unique, but they can be a rare find because they are mostly handmade. They are comfortable and adjustable as well and if taken care of properly, they will reward you with superb durability. You will turn heads at the beach with these beautiful sandals.





This is the most comfortable type of sandals to wear and you probably have a pair at home! With beautiful color and patterns, flip-flops are suitable to wear outdoors. Flip-flops are the number one beachwear because even souvenir shops sell them. Traveling in these sandals will be a breeze because they are very comfy and chic as well.




Like all the other sandal types, gladiators also come in many different patterns and designs but what makes it stand out is its complex look. They can be worn on numerous occasions – you only need to find the perfect ensemble to match it. Try pairing it with a one piece and short dresses so the gladiators can accentuate your legs perfectly. Gladiators can come with heels but the flat variants are more common.



Key Takeaway

Summer is the best season to mix and match different flowy outfits and stylish footwear. Frolicking on the beach is not complete without feeling the sand in your toes but when you step away from it, you will need these different styles of sandals to keep your feet comfortable. Try them on the next time you go out to the beach!