Shopping for Beginners
May 24, 2018

What are the best shopping tips for choosing the right shoe?

  1. Allot a significant amount of time
  2. Measure your feet
  3. Know your arch type
  4. Shop at the right time
  5. Walk in the shoe

Admit it, at some point in your life, you’ve worn shoes that are pretty but excruciatingly uncomfortable. They may have been worth a few thousand and matched the Philippine clothing trend, which is why you insisted on putting them on despite the pain. You can say it was worth it but we know you have some regrets at the back of your mind.

Buying the right shoes isn’t just a matter of style and fashion; it is also a matter of health. Studies have shown that improper footwear is one of the primary causes of foot discomfort, especially when it comes to pain in the toes. This is most true for those who work in professions where they’re required to stand or walk throughout the day. But whether you’re looking for shoes for work or for casual wear, you’d still want for them not to cause any pain and discomfort.

The perfect pair should provide function, comfort, and style. These things should go together and you shouldn’t settle for a pair that only has two of these qualities. “But it’s difficult to find shoes that are comfortable and stylish,” you say. And we hear you, which is why we’ve listed the best shopping tips to help you find the right shoe!

Allot a Significant Amount of Time

There’s nothing wrong with taking your time when it comes to shopping for shoes. Don’t rush yourself even when the people you’re with tell you to or express their irritation. Explain to them that finding the right shoe is crucial for your health and that you will never settle for an average pair.

There are many shoes out there that provide function, comfort, and style, and most shoppers miss them because they’re always rushing. In order to avoid this, take as long as you need and visit every store there is when you’re out shopping. If you don’t find it today, then continue your search tomorrow or the day after that until you stumble upon the perfect ones.

Measure Your Feet

Prior to going to the shoe store, it is recommended that you measure your feet multiple times. Avoid relying on your current shoe size when you’re out shopping because sizes vary for every manufacturer.

Trace an outline of your foot on paper, cut it out, carry it with you, and use it to measure the shoes you like. If the shoe ends up being shorter and narrower, then don’t even bother trying it on. This way, you won’t have to wear every pair you see and you can easily move on to the next ones – quick and easy shopping.

Know Your Arch Type

People can be categorized into three arch types, namely flat feet, normal arches, and high arches, and it is important that you know where you fall. The foot’s arch is one of its most important structural features. It is responsible for bearing the force of impact when we walk or run or stride.

If you can find a shoe that properly supports your arch type, then you are less likely to suffer foot injuries and other musculoskeletal issues. Proper arch support can also help alleviate symptoms and assist in the recovery of your foot conditions.

Shoe Shopping

Shop at the Right Time

Our feet – as well as our hands – swell throughout the day, so style experts recommend that we go shoe shopping later in the day. If you buy shoes in the morning when your feet haven’t been used and have yet to expand, then you may end up with a smaller pair which will cause pain later on.

Shopping during the afternoon, when your feet are at their biggest, will allow you to get your true size. It is also recommended that you go shoe shopping when your feet aren’t in pain. Following both these tips will help you determine whether a shoe is comfortable or not.

Walk in the Shoe

It is important that you try walking in the shoes before you purchase them. Don’t just look at how they look while you’re sitting down. Your foot only supports the weight of your body when you’re standing or walking. It also flattens and lengthens when you’re upright, which means you’ll be able to properly gauge the shoe’s size.

Moreover, don’t rely on a “break-in period.” If you have to break in a shoe, then it’s not the right one. You should already feel comfortable in it the moment you put it on. If you experience any pain that is preventing you from walking properly, then just don’t buy it. They won’t be worth it no matter how pretty they are.

Key Takeaway

Stylish shoes aren’t always painful and uncomfortable. There are many pairs out there that can give you fashion, function, and comfort. You just have to know how to find them.

If you use the tips listed above, you’re guaranteed to come home with a pair that your feet will be happy with. They’re also bound to go well with the popular types of clothing in the Philippines, so you won’t have to worry about not being trendy.

Always keep in mind that shoes shouldn’t just match your clothing, they should also match your feet!

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