Shoes For Sale Philippines: Cute Ideas For Your Personal Shoe Storage
July 31, 2018

What are the shoe storage ideas that you can use for your shoe collection?

  1. Miniature Cubby Shoe Organizer
  2. Shoe Cabinet Folio
  3. Shoe Pyramid Stairs
  4. Under-the-stairs Shoe Rack
  5. 24-hour Shoe Organizers
  6. Wall Shoe Hangers


When you are starting your own shoe collection, having a shoe storage is the best way to keep your space organized and inject your very own style for it. You probably already own some of the most revered shoes for sale in the Philippines and in other countries such as flats and stilettos, but whether you are a collector of a few pairs or you have a whole myriad of a collection, then you should check out these creative and clever ways to store your shoes now!

These different storage options will provide you with an excellent opportunity to show off your collection and brush up on your interior design skills. Consider at least one of these shoe storing solutions for your shoe collection and see how you can benefit from them below:


Miniature Cubby Shoe Organizer


Having a miniature cubby shoe organizer is best for those who are looking for an all-around multipurpose storage for your shoes. This type of shoe storage has a great advantage in managing space as it offers enough room in each unit to comfortably fit your pairs of shoes. People who purchase this option are equipped with enough flexibility to store their shoes and other things as well. If you do not mind that this option can take up your floor and shelf space, consider buying a miniature cubby shoe organizer and you will have plenty of room to spare for your shoes.


Shoe Cabinet Folio


This type is a great way to save efficiency and have easy access as well. Shoe cabinet folios are perfect if you want to save space but have access to your most frequently used pair of shoes. You can easily display this posing a disguise as your cabinet for clothes instead of an expandable shoe shelf. With this shoe storage solution, you can keep tabs on what pairs of shoes you like the most and you can have easy access to get them. Keep the less frequently used shoes on the bottom rows and your go-to shoes at the top. This way, you can keep track of your formal and casual everyday footwear. Keep your shoe cabinet folio clean at all times, make sure that you pay attention to its different levels because leaving out one will cause a dirt build-up.


Shoe Cabinet Folio


Shoe Pyramid Stairs


This style succeeds in incorporating functionality with style because as compared with other models, these shoe racks have a natural finished look. These wooden shelves are ideal for people that have hardwood floors or a lot of wooden furniture. If you would like to store other items in this storage solution, you can always do so and it would not make a difference in its aesthetic design. Consider this choice if you have a limited budget because you can always buy the materials yourself and build it yourself. It is not as space-efficient as the previously mentioned storage options but its style is a timeless and reliable one.


Under the Stairs Shoe Rack


One of the best shoe storage ideas, you can use this to further organize the shoes situated at your home. The Under the Stairs shoe rack idea serves a multi-functional useful purpose that allows you to store your shoes in a subtle way. Adopting this style will depend on the size of the space below your stairs so that you can consider the number of shoes that you need to store in it. Categorize shoes on your own terms whether they are for outdoor or indoor use, maybe you can opt to arrange them by style. Either way, this is also an efficient shoe storage idea that would be a great addition to your home.


24-Pocket Shoe Organizer


Now, this is the choice for those who are very short on shelf space. Although you have to be very careful in placing your shoes here because they can fall out every time it is touched or moved. It is recommended that you keep larger and heavier shoes in another location to keep this from happening. The transparent plastic will be hardly noticeable and it suspends your shoes for instant reach; very useful if you there are children running around the house. Just remember to secure the whole area where you are going to install this storage option and you are all set.


Wall Shoe Hangers


Wall shoe hangers are a fun and creative way to store your shoes. Choose draped shoe hangers for formal shoes or those that you need immediate access to. An ideal location to install this is in a room in your house with less foot traffic so that it does not draw too much attention enough to keep it secure. This device will be great for your heels and the advantage of this style is that you do not need to waste your time searching for your shoes. You can also customize the color of the wall hanger so that you further improve its decorative appeal.


Shoe Cabinet Folio


Key Takeaway


Knowing the ideas on how to creatively design your shoe storage will be a great way to care for your shoes, be it for sale in the Philippines or from a foreign shop. Consider crafting these storage shoe options and you will have a more organized shoe collection at your home.