4 Shoes You Need For The Rainy Season
August 14, 2019

What are the shoes you need for the rainy season?

  1. Sandals
  2. Slides
  3. Flats
  4. Slip-On Shoes


The rainy season presents a lot of challenges for the modern woman. It’s time to buy shoes for the rainy season to keep your feet dry and away from dirty rainwater. Forget about bulky rain boots, you can find various fashionable options that can complement your outfit one way or another. The shoes you need for the rainy season doesn’t have to be expensive as well. Take a look at these options and see how you can use them for the rainy season.




Sandals are a great choice for the rainy season. Compared to closed shoes, they dry much quicker. If you happen to get your feet wet during the random torrential rains, you can simply slip off your shoes and wipe your feet down. Sandals are great open-toed shoes that give enough room for your feet to breathe in rainy situations. No one wants enclosed feet, especially when soaked in rainwater. This can be a great backup you can keep in the office or your locker in case of an emergency. Be sure to have separate bags and excess tissue or wipes when storing your extra shoes.

For extra support when walking, you can grab sandals with ankle straps to keep your feet stable. This can help you keep your shoes on for as long as possible during the day. The last thing you’d want is for your shoes to suddenly slip away from your foot while you’re walking on wet surfaces. Check the soles of your shoes as well. If the soles are too flat, you may be prone to slipping and these would be much better for indoors.




Slides are open-toed and backless. This gives a lot of freedom when moving and can be useful as backup shoes or for athletic leisure outfits. Slides are made from different materials and designs which makes it an appealing choice for a lot of local and foreign celebrities on a casual day. Complete your casual day outfit with this easy to wear shoes that can be worn during the rainy season. It’s also very easy to clean and dry. You can’t go wrong by choosing cute slides. Just be sure to pick a material that’s water-resistant or waterproof so you can make good use out of it.

Slides have the potential to slip off your foot if you’re not careful. You can solve this by choosing a slide with a t-shaped strap in the front. It won’t be as secure as a sandal with ankle straps but it has a better chance of staying on your foot. The soles of slides are also more robust compared to sandals. Keep in mind that a good sole will help prevent any slips. Like the sandals, pick one with a sole that has a lot of ridges. This gives your slides a chance to produce more friction and reduce any slips.




You wouldn’t want to be running around the rain in high heels. This can instantly result in an accident if you’re not careful. Temporarily store your high heels back in your closet and bring out some flats. Flats are generally safer and like sandals, these shoes also have various designs and styles to choose from. You can quickly match your outfit with flats as their simple look can be very forgiving. Flats tend to be very portable as well. Some designs allow you to fold the flats in a more compact form, allowing you to store it in your handbag when you need it. When choosing flats, try out different waterproof and water-resistant materials such as rubber. Colors can also impact the way your legs and feet look. Bold statement colors immediately draw the viewer to where you want them. If you want to create an illusion of longer legs, you can use skin-toned colors.

Caring for your flats is very easy. If you happen to soak them, don’t worry about it. Just grab some newspaper and place it inside your flats to absorb excess moisture. The key to making them dry much faster is to put them out in the sun. Air drying might help smells and germs linger on your shoes. Sun-drying your shoes can make them fresh and can help eliminate any odors. You can keep your feet fresh by using foot socks and foot powder.


Slip-on Shoes


Slip-on shoes are low and laceless. You can associate loafers and sneakers with this. For an elegant look, pick slip-on shoes made from synthetic material. It instantly adds a formal vibe to an otherwise laid back design. Slip-on shoes are also a great alternative to flats since they can add a sophisticated style to your office wear. The low heel is also very comfortable. You can definitely use this for long hours. Various slip-on shoes can also be equipped with non-slip soles that tend to be more durable than flats.


Key Takeaway

It’s time to start acquiring these shoes if you want to prepare your feet for the rain! These shoe options are great for commuting and heavy use when you want to incorporate style for the rainy season. Try these shoes out for your perfect wet weather season outfit.