Shoe Tips for Wide Feet
May 29, 2018

What are the best shoe tips for women with wide feet?

  1. Look for shoes with adjustable features.
  2. Choose shoes with the right fabric.
  3. Try on bigger-sized shoes.
  4. Black shoes work like black clothes.
  5. Wear shoes with embellishments.
  6. Never settle for an okay shoe.
  7. Always note where you get your shoes.


Nothing is more difficult for a wide-footed woman than finding the perfect pair of shoes. You don’t only have to find shoes that will flatter your feet, they also need to match the popular type of clothing in the Philippines. It may not look it but that is a tall order and often one has to be sacrificed for the other.

People with normal feet don’t really find shoe shopping difficult. All shoes have a size that fits them perfectly, which means they can shop at practically any store and go with any brand. Wide-footed people, on the other hand, need to jump from store to store just to find one fitting pair.

If you’re one of the latter who was born with feet that are wider than normal, then you’re in luck because we’ve got some tips for you. These will surely help you find the perfect pair, so just stick around and continue reading:

Shoes with Adjustable Features

Look for Shoes with Adjustable Features

Shoes that have adjustable features are every wide-footed woman’s best friend. Whether it’s an adjustable buckle, an adjustable strap or extra elastic parts on the side, they’re sure to help with the fit. Shoes that have these features are the best for you because they easily adapt to your feet, hence making for a more comfortable wear.

Choose Shoes with The Right Fabric

When you’re out shoe shopping, you have to consider the fabric used in the shoe because some offer more give than others. Examples of such fabrics are suede and soft leather. As compared to patent leathers, these two are sure to conform better to your feet. The reason for this is the coating applied to patent leathers which prevent them from stretching.

So the next time you buy a pair, avoid those made from patent leathers and opt for a pair that is made from suede or soft leather.

Try On Bigger-Sized Shoes

One of the best things to do if you’re feet are on the larger side of the spectrum is to go a size higher. They might emphasize that you have wide feet, but they’re sure to give you the comfort you need. It doesn’t matter if they’re half a size or a whole size bigger, what matters is they fit remotely.

Additionally, you can easily remedy problems that come with going up a few sizes. If your feet tend to slide or your toes don’t reach the tip of the shoes, then simply put inserts. You can put on insoles to make sure they fit perfectly.

Black Shoes Black Clothes

Black Shoes Work Like Black Clothes

Here’s a tip to make your feet look a little bit smaller: wear black shoes. Black shoes work the same way black clothing does. The theory behind black clothes is that they make your outline less visible and also makes you disappear in the background. They are also known to better conceal folds and creases in folds in your body.

The same theory can be applied to black shoes. They’re slimming or in this context, they make your feet look smaller. It’s a simple but definitely effective.

Wear Shoes with Embellishments

Aside from black shoes, shoes with embellishments also conceal your wide feet. In fact, embellishments do it better than the color black. Extra accessories like bows, laces, and buckles that are glued to your shoes provide people something to fixate on.

Instead of focusing on your feet – and how wide they are – the eyes are instantly drawn to whatever embellishment your shoe has. They also make your feet look more petite and we also have to mention that they’re the trend nowadays.

Never Settle for an Okay Shoe

Admit it, sometimes you give in and settle for the okay-est shoe available. It’s not particularly great but it’s not bad either; its good enough, you say. But is it really?

If there’s one thing you absolutely have to avoid, it’s settling. Never settle for a shoe that’s “good enough.” You’re bound to find a pair that perfectly fits your feet, so don’t give up. Throwing in the towel by buying the wrong shoe will end up costing you more in the long run.

Always Note Where You Get Your Shoes

You don’t often come across shoes that fit perfectly, so it’s important to note when you do. Remember the brand, the shape, and the size of the shoe you get. You may even want to take note of the specific branch or store where you got it from. This will prove useful in the future as you’ll have something to reference.

Key Takeaway

It’s not that difficult to find clothing in the Philippines. There are many brands to choose from and they cater to most, if not all, body shapes. What’s difficult is looking for the perfect shoe. If normal people find it hard to find shoes, you can only imagine how much people with wide feet struggle.

Not all brands carry double-wide shoes that are perfect for wide-footed women. Most footwear brands for women produce narrow and short shoes. It is rare for them to come out with a shoe that caters women with wide feet and this is where the problem lies.

Unfortunately, as a consumer, there’s really nothing you can do. All you can do is keep looking. Stylish shoes that are also comfortable may be rare but they’re not non-existent. If you follow the tips above, you’re bound to take home the perfect pair for your perfect feet!