How To Choose the Right Shoe For Your Foot Type
September 27, 2019

How can you choose the right shoe for your foot type?

  1. Figure Out Your Foot’s Arch Type
    1. Normal Arch
    2. Low Arch
    3. High Arch
  2. Try Before You Buy
  3. Shop Towards the End Of The Day

Have you ever purchased shoes because they fit properly at the store only to discover the defects when you get home? If your answer is yes, then you share the same sentiments with women around the Philippines. Sandals are one of the easiest types of footwear to purchase because of the simplicity of its design. However, when it comes to other types of shoes such as high heels, factors are more crucial and should be given careful consideration. Here are some tips that can assist you in purchasing your next pair of shoes.

Figure Out Your Foot’s Arch Type

Figure Out Your Foot’s Arch Type

There are three types of foot arch: normal, low, and high. The best way to figure out your foot’s arch type is to perform the Wet Test.

  1. Wet the entire bottom of your foot.
  2. Step onto a blank piece of heavy paper.
  3. Gradually release your step from the paper.
  4. Before the wet area dries up, identify your foot’s arch type.
  • Normal Arch

Normal arches, often referred to as medium arches, carry the characteristics of a biomechanically efficient foot with a moderately defined arch. Soles with normal arches are susceptible to common foot problems such as heel pain. Women with this type of soles can naturally support their body weight regardless of their footwear.

  • Low Arch

People who are flat-footed or who have low arched soles represent the most flexible type. Their feet have little to no arch definition. However, people with this type of feet are prone to bunions and heel spurs. The logic behind this is that flat feet are biomechanically imbalanced. Footwear with extra support such as cushions is easier and more comfortable to wear for flat-footed women.

  • High Arch

Finally, as the term suggests, high-arched foot soles have the most defined arch. The most common problems with having high-arched foot soles are calluses and arch strain. This is because there is excessive pressure placed on the rear foot as well as the forefoot. The perfect pair of footwear for women with high-arched foot soles are heels and wedges. The curves of these shoes support the arch, which can lessen pain.

While your foot arch type will determine the proper shoe for you, it does not entirely dictate or limit your choice of footwear. Several accessories can make wearing certain footwear easier for your foot type. It will allow you to wear any shoe you desire.

Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

While the pair of heels in front of you may be gorgeous, it is no use if you cannot flaunt it. Finding the right pair of footwear depends on the type of shoes you are looking at. For sandals, the right pair are those where your toes do not go over the fore soles. When it comes to high heels, the forepart should wrap around your heel entirely. This will secure your heels and reduce the possibility of it falling off.

You may have heard of the practice of “breaking in” footwear. It is important to take note that this is not an effective way to make a shoe fit. You can hurt your feet in the process and make the shoes fragile.

Shop Towards the End Of The Day

Shop Towards the End Of The Day

People say it is best to shop for footwear towards the end of the day. The logic behind this is because when your feet are tired, it tends to expand. The pair of shoes you fit and bought in the morning may not fit you the same way when you get home after a long day of walking.

Take note that it is better to purchase footwear in a size bigger than a size smaller. Cushions and accessories are easier to buy than the painful tradition of breaking in shoes.

Key Takeaway

Transform the way you shop for shoes. Instead of shopping during the day, do it when you have almost secured everything you need at the mall. Moreover, wear local sandals so it is easier for you to try on several designs.

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