Back-to-school Outfits You Have to Check Out Now
July 9, 2018

What are the back-to-school outfits that you have to check out now?

  1. Basic
  2. Boho
  3. Trendy
  4. Sporty
  5. Preppy


It is now that time of the year when students have to go back to school. Are you excited? Or perhaps dreading it? No matter what you are feeling, you can make your first day better with the help of a killer outfit, which will surely give you the confidence boost that you need!

Although you have a designated uniform in your school, there will be days when you can just waltz into the school building in casual clothes with a pair of classic shoes. Philippine students take advantage of this because they could get pretty warm while wearing their uniforms.

check out these back-to-school outfits!





There are people who shy away from basic ensembles because they think that they might not pull it off or it might look too dull. However, basic outfits have a traditional, timeless look to it that is functional as well as stylish. This is essential if you just want to have a relaxed vibe and be comfortable on your first day of school.

You know that the days tend to get moody in the Philippines, so sneakers are your best bet to complement your outfit. Whether you are just in the mood to wear a shirt and jeans combo or your favorite sundress, this classic footwear will complete your ensemble.

If it is feeling a little chilly outside and the rainy weather dampens your mood, try on a jacket with your most comfortable shirt and you are good to go!




The Boho style is not only reserved for the summer season. You can also add this look to your first day back in school. You can choose from fringe, denim, and embroidery staples for your Bohemian looks, with bold silhouettes and standout pieces that will make your outfit shine.

With this outfit, your classmates will surely take notice of your stylish ensemble and you will surely be the belle of the hall. Achieve this look by wearing the pieces that you already have in your closet. A romper, a jacket, your favorite backpack, and sunny sandals will be a great combination. Even just a simple dress, sandals, and sunglasses would make you channel your inner flower child in no time.





If you are one to follow trends, show it off on your first day of school outfit. Choose your main inspiration whether it is a fashionable celebrity or your favorite runway model, and try to make your own statement with edgy pieces that will really stand out. Don’t forget to rock this style with confidence.

Flaunt your stylish accessories for a bolder and beautiful look. Shirt, skirt, sandals, and a great belt will help you display that girl-next-door-look but with an added sophistication. Try metallic accessories to contribute to that edgy look, but make sure that you do not overdo these pieces because too much of it would just be overwhelming.



If your usual outfit is your school jersey so you’re ready for some training or some gym sesh, then why not experiment with it and make it stylish? If you want a look that says sporty and girly at the same time, then try to pair a simple white shirt with high-waisted, tailored joggers. Think smart trainers with either a blazer or a leather jacket and complete the look with that killer pair of sneakers.

Most girls do not get to be playful with this type of outfit but it is possible without exaggerating it. Striking colors paired with muted tones will achieve this and if you would want to add accessories to the outfit, then a simple headband will do. With this, heads will turn as they see you being the fit and confident girl that you are.





Preppy girls know how to pull off that smart and classy look. This doesn’t mean that you would be dressing a lot in dark colors in a corporate attire. You can let your style speak for yourself by showing your adventurous personality. Wear colored pants, basic tops, and bright pinks because they are essential for the preppy look.

On top of that, pencil skirts and polo’s are not just formal outfits but you can also use them to complete your preppy look. You can also give your preppy style an edge by exploring looks like adding a pop of color with your bright roll neck or blouse.

Suits are also not just for the guys, you can also give this outfit a try and be striking-head-to-toe in a single hue with a matching cool look.



Key Takeaway

These back-to-school outfits that you should check out will be your best friend in having a blast on your first day. Always remember that going to school means that you get to create a lot of awesome memories so why not be stylish while you’re at it?

Sporty-chic or preppy, try to mix-and-match these ensembles for the perfect look!