October 15, 2018

 Why sandals in the Philippines are a girl’s best friend?

  1. Sandals fit many occasions
  2. They won’t hurt your feet after a long walk
  3. They are easy to pair with different outfits
  4. Sandals come at affordable prices

There many great shoes in the Philippines but sandals are a standout among all of them. Girls love this footwear for many reasons. Despite having the option to wear heels, wedges, boots, and pumps, Filipinas would always prefer to wear a humble pair of sandals. You could say that these are girls’ best friend!

Continue reading below to find why.


Sandals fit many occasions

Sandals have gone a long way from simply being a kind of footwear with two straps. Basically, these are defined as heelless footwear with a lot of open space. However, as fashion evolves, this definition has also become loose. Now, you’ll see sandals with heels in various designs. This means you’ll surely find one that will suit you.

Thanks to their variations, they are no longer footwear you can only wear at home or at the beach. In the Philippines, you may wear them at any given time and place. You may even choose to wear a nice pair during events like weddings, debuts, corporate parties (as long as they are not too formal).

Of course, you may also wear them on ordinary days. If you’re a college student and if your campus allows you to wear them, you can always choose to. Just imagine walking comfortably from class to class. If you’re already working, you can also bring a pair to work. By doing so, you will not only be fashionable but also comfy during your entire shift!

Sandals and shoes for women in the Philippines can also be worn during a personal occasion, such as a romantic date with your boyfriend/crush. Whether you are going to the restaurant, movies, or a walk in the park, you can wear a pair. For inspiration, consider wearing mustard-colored sandals with a white-yellow dress.

They won’t hurt your feet after a long walk

High-heeled shoes make every girl feel sexier than usual. But many find it difficult to wear after a few hours. Sneakers may be great to wear in the outdoors. However, some will not opt to wear them when they’re trekking because they may get blisters. Ballet flats are nice to look at but they could also give your feet some blisters.

All of these reasons have lead girls to prefer wearing sandals. High heels may make them feel sexy, but the right pair of sandals could also have the same effect without hurting their feet. Sandals are also great for a long trek. Just make sure you can move with them easily on a trail. You may also replace your ballet flats with sandals so you won’t worry about having blisters.

The best thing about them is that your feet will be able to breathe during long walks. This means that your feet won’t be sweating inside your shoes, preventing bacteria to inhabit your soles and to cause rotten smells (eww!).


They are easy to pair with different outfits

Sandals are so versatile not only when you wear them, but also when you pair them with various outfits.

As stated above, you can now easily wear them during events or functions. For example, you can pair them with a maxi dress or a set of slacks. You won’t even have to think hard about the patterns clashing because sandals can go with any patterns or designs you can think of.

If you want to keep it simple, you can always opt to wear a black pair of sandals that would work with any outfit or dress. When pairing sandals with a casual outfit, you can look for shoes for women in the Philippines made of synthetic materials (rubber or plastic) with neutral colors.


They come at affordable prices

Anyone can afford a pair of sandals. Oftentimes, they are very cheap which means that you won’t have to break the bank to own one, two, or even three pairs of them!

Even though they are affordable, the materials used to make them are durable. For example, the synthetic leather that was made to create their straps is as strong as real leather (but without the guilt!). They also feel really nice because they are cool to touch. This means that you can easily wear them when you are commuting to go to school/work or to the supermarket.

Key Takeaway

As you can see, sandals are very versatile pieces of footwear. They have different styles, colors, and types to choose from. They are also comfy to wear so you can simply pair them with almost any outfit you can think of. Now, there’s no wonder they are the girls’ best friend.

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