How to Keep Sandals Dry During the Rainy Season in the Philippines
July 23, 2018

How can you keep your sandals dry during the rainy season in the Philippines?

  1. Buy Microfiber Towels
  2. Keep Newspapers Handy
  3. Use Shoe Covers
  4. Bring Extra Shoes

It’s that time of the year again when you scour your closet for the sweater weather that you either love or dread here in the Philippines. Sandals are the best option to choose for this season and with all the pretty selection that is offered in the market, you would not run out of outfit ideas with your trusty pair. A perfect and comfortable choice of footwear for a rainy day here in the Philippines, sandals will come in handy if you are in the middle of this gloomy and wet weather.

However, it would be a hassle if it gets ruined by the rushing waters on the streets and that is why you should check out these tips to keep your sandals dry when it is raining. These would be a great reminder to take care of your sandals so you can keep strutting in style and attitude even in the middle of the rain!

Buy Microfiber Towels

It would do you a lot of good to store microfiber towels in your bag or desk. These water-absorbent towels can dry your shoes quickly if ever you get drenched in a downpour. They are also useful if you are going to use it for wet socks.

Lie your socks or the inside on an unfolded microfiber towel and roll the towel and shoes together. Squeeze it and the towel will absorb the moisture so this will let your sandals dry faster. Microfiber towels are handy especially for those strong rains that seem bent on ruining your shoes. Protect your sandals from damage by using this useful item and let your sandals stay as gorgeous as ever even in the middle of the rain.

Keep Newspapers Handy

Newspapers are up to the job of drawing moisture out of shoes so think twice before throwing out your newspapers at home. Use the newspaper by balling it up in wet sandals and wrap the remainder around the outside, secure it with rubber bands to keep drying out the sandals.

Change the newspaper a few times before the shoes are dry enough to put back in your closet. This is better than blowing hot air on your shoes which can cause damage to them. If your sandals are made up of leather material, this may cause them to shrink, warp, or crack. Once your shoes are dry, you should insert shoe trees so that they keep their shape.

Use Shoe Covers

Use Shoe Covers

There are innovative items that you can use together with your footwear which will protect them from water damage like shoe covers. Instead of your usual plastic bag, there are transparent cover-ups that you can tie up with an elastic drawcord to help seal in dryness.

The stylized plastic bags for your shoes have been making waves for the shoe aficionados all over the world and even though it is not too stylish to wear, it provides the protection you need during rainy days.

Although it closely resembles an actual plastic bag, it is more fit to protect your sandals from damage and this can give you more confidence to walk in the rain to catch your next party or meeting without having wet feet or shoes. Anyway, you just have to use it outside so when you take it off, you can still flaunt your best foot forward with your fashionable sandals!


Bring Extra Shoes

Bring Extra Shoes

Having a backup when the weather is pretty bad will be a great convenience. This way, you can wear the secondary shoes as a substitute for your sandals. You can always change back if you are ready to wear your sandals.

Keeping your sandals in your bag can obviously do a lot more in making sure that they are dry, and that is why having an alternative footwear will be suitable for this kind of situation. This can also give you an opportunity to mix-and-match with two options for footwear that you can pair with your outfit.

Key Takeaway

Keeping sandals during the rainy season can be challenging but with the right tips and tricks, these would all be a piece of cake. Having the best quality of sandals make a big difference in ensuring their dryness during the wet season.

Having the best sandals for the rainy season all boils down to the quality of your footwear and you can only get this from a shoe shop that will put your fashion and comfort needs above all. The quality of your sandals plays a big part in its durability to outlast even the toughest weather conditions.

That is why you should check out our collection here at Tutum! Our versatile line of footwear can help you maintain your style and attitude whatever the weather may be!

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