Right Way of Taking Care of Your Shoes from The Philippines
November 29, 2018

What are the different ways of taking care of your shoes?

  1. Keep them dry and clean.
  2. Store them carefully.
  3. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes too often.
  4. Polish them regularly.
  5. Resoling is a must.
  6. Make use of shoe trees.



Investing in shoes in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world entails that you should know how to look after them. Having said this, cleaning them properly to maintain and prolong its life is one way to do it.

However, cleaning and maintaining a pair of shoe depends on their material. There are a lot of different ways of maintaining impeccable shoes. Here are some ways to ensure that your beloved footwear is in for a long haul.



Keep them dry and clean

One of the worst nightmares anyone could experience is having their shoes wet and dirty – whether it may be because of sudden rain pour or a water ride in a theme park that you rode on. When this happens, make sure to wipe your shoes and dry it completely before storing them in your shoe rack.


Store them carefully

A lot of women like to keep their shoes inside the boxes but the best place to store them is somewhere cool and dry place. At home, keep your shoes away from light and dust. Make time in organizing your shoe closet. If space permits, put your shoes on shelves or in custom-built shoe storages. If you keep your shoes in their original boxes, label them for easy identification. Don’t pile the shoes on top of one another as it may leave dirty marks on your other pairs.


Don’t wear the same pair of shoes too often

Wearing the same pair of shoes every day is one of the main reasons why it’ll easily be worn out and lose its original shape. This is why having a number of shoes is a must. It will certainly lengthen your shoes lifespan, and at the same time, will give you a number of choices on which footwear you can wear every day!


Regular polishing

A nice pair of shoes for sale in the Philippines can stand out but not all polishing techniques deliver the best results. Using a soft brush or damp cloth, remove any excess dirt and grime. Let them dry for a minute then proceed to use a soft polish brush then apply a generous amount of good quality, oil-based polish – working on every part and crevices of the shoes. Remember to choose the right polish for your shoes as they’re not made equal. Leave it for a couple of minutes to dry and you have good-looking shiny shoes for the rest of the week.


Resoling is a must

Taking good care of your shoes should not only mean that you focus on its exterior, thus, checking your shoes’ soles every once in a while is a factor in maintaining it. With this in mind, resoling your shoes is the way to go! If your shoes have thin soles, get a rubber sole and put them on before wearing.


Make use of shoe trees

Using shoe trees will help any pair of shoes preserve its shape, and at the same time, lengthen its lifespan. In addition, making use of these will extremely help dry out excess moisture on the lining of the shoe.



Key Takeaway

We always want our shoes to be in their best state. With the right amount of cleaning, polishing, and making use of shoe tools that are available in the market, you’ll definitely be able to maintain and extend your shoe life longer.