How can you protect your newly purchased shoes for sale from wear and tear
June 13, 2019

How can you protect your newly purchased shoes for sale from wear and tear?

  1. Heel Guards/Heel Caps
  2. Sole Protectors
  3. Basic Weatherproofing
  4. Storage Options


Shoes can be the ultimate accessory to finish off your signature look for the day. Keep your newly purchased shoes for sale in the Philippines ready for anything by taking steps to give them a protective edge. You could choose to purchase protectors to maintain the quality of certain parts of your footwear. Or you could avail of special sprays to give your shoes a protective coating. Keep your footwear safe in storage by placing them in the proper environment.

In order to better protect your shoes, ensure that you wear the proper footwear depending on the activities that you will be doing within the day. If you are attending a formal event, do some light research on the venue in order to choose the best type of heels to wear. If you’re going to casually stroll around the mall, then you can simply wear comfortable flats.

Read on to learn more about ways to protect your newly purchased shoes for sale from wear and tear.

Heel Guards/Heel Caps

Heel Guards Heel Caps

Heel guards or heel caps can help protect your favorite stilettos. If you know that you are going to be on unstable ground such as grass, sand, or cobblestone, then it would be for the best to put a heel guard on. These protective caps help balance the weight put on your shoes on an uneven surface, reducing the possibility of your heel snapping off.

These heel guards are small and easy to store. Try to keep them in your glove compartment in case you suddenly have a change of venue and need to use them to protect your heels. They are also designed to go with any kind of stiletto or heel you may have. Its transparent design makes them suitable to gracefully complement various types of heels.

Besides protectors for your formal footwear, there are also kinds of protectors for shoes meant for everyday use.

Sole Protectors

Sole Protector

The first part of your shoes that will easily get worn out are the soles. This is due to the constant contact it has with the ground. In order to prevent any further wear and tear, you can opt to attach a sole protector to your sandals or flats. Some sole protectors even provide better grip that can adapt to whatever surface you may be on.

Similar to heel guards, sole protectors can also seamlessly be integrated into a variety of shoes. They can further add to the rustic feel of sandals. Particular designs can even be added on to your favorite formal leather footwear.

Besides the bottom of your shoes, there are certain sprays and applications you can put on the material of your footwear to help give it a protective layer against a number of different conditions.

Basic Weatherproofing

Basic Weatherproofing

In the Philippines, you never know when a light drizzle or a sudden rainstorm may come. It is best to always be prepared with your footwear. There are certain types of sprays that you can apply to any kind of footwear that will render them waterproof. This solution creates a protective layer that repels droplets of water from having contact with the material of your footwear.

Waterproof sprays can work on a number of materials. It can greatly help retain the high quality of suede as this type can be ruined once it gets wet. Besides sprays, there are also more natural ways to weatherproof your shoes such as with wax.

Aside from protecting your footwear while you are out and about, it is also important to keep your shoes safe while they are waiting to be used at home.

Storage Options

Storage Options

In order to ensure that your shoes remain safe while they are in storage, it is important to take into consideration where exactly you are storing them. The most ideal place to store footwear is in a dry and cool environment. This is because the glue used to assemble shoes can start to soften in a humid environment. Try investing in packets of silica gel to further remove any moisture inside your shoes.

To further protect your shoes, you could also keep them in the original shoe boxes that they came in. The casing helps protect the footwear from being exposed to dust and other forms of dirt. It can also help protect the materials the shoes are made of from any extreme weather conditions.

These are just some of the key ways you can protect your newly purchased shoes for sale from wear and tear.

Key Takeaway

Protect your newly purchased shoes for sale in the Philippines by taking note of these helpful steps. Think ahead to what kind of activities you will be doing for the day in order to wear the proper footwear. Remember these tips to ensure that your shoes will last you for years and years.

As an added precaution, try not to push your shoes to its limits. Take good care of your footwear so they are always ready to complete your carefully planned outfit for the day.