How To Properly Care For Your Shoes During The Rainy Season
August 29, 2019

How Do You Properly Care for Your Shoes During the Rainy Season?

  1. Inspect Your Shoes
  2. Use Alcohol On Your Shoes
  3. Let Mud Dry Off Before Cleaning
  4. Air Dry Your Shoes
  5. Store Your Shoes Properly


The rainy season brings many problems to the average Jane. It is also the worst time to wear your fanciest and prettiest shoes. That is because rain can damage most forms of footwear regardless of their material. Given that shoes are essential to complete any outfit, caring for them and protecting them in the rainy season is crucial to your fashion success. After all, you can’t go to your workplace, dates, hangouts or other places barefooted.

To help you out here are five easy ways to help you care for your shoes during the rainy season.


Inspect Your Shoes

Inspect Your Shoes

Footwear is the part of your wardrobe that is most exposed to the elements regardless of the weather outside. Just imagine all the places your favorite pair of sandals or flats have been to. Surely it’s going to make you want to check on them every once in a while in order to ensure that they look clean and unsullied.

This should be the case during the rainy season. You have to make it a point to inspect and check your shoes every time you, unfortunately, have to walk through the rain and even before the rainy season starts. While your favorite pair of shoes are left unattended, your house gathers moisture and dust which will inadvertently reach your shoes if they are not stored properly.

If you didn’t know, soot and dust breed fungi. Fungi can lead to infection, smelly feet, and other unwanted foot conditions. Take care of your shoes by inspecting them often, and taking action when needed.


Use Alcohol On Your Shoes

For all those alcohol lovers out there (not you, alcoholics) there is finally another way to utilize the miracle liquid of cleanliness that is alcohol. Rubbing alcohol has always been a staple for many home remedies, but it is also pretty effective for your shoes too.

Every time your shoes get wet due to the weather or an accidental spill, you can clean and disinfect them by dabbing some alcohol on a cotton bud or ball then gently rubbing it on the inside of your shoe. We highlight the word inside because that is where the germs and bacteria make contact with your feet. It is more important to disinfect the inside of your shoe than the outside during the rainy season.

In actuality, using alcohol on the outside of your shoes can potentially damage them as the outside is usually made with leather and other materials that can be ruined by alcohol. As a precaution, make sure to only apply it on the inside.


Let Mud Dry Off Before Cleaning

Let Mud Dry Off Before Cleaning

If your shoes happen to get mud on them and trust us at some point during the rainy season they will, the best way to clean your shoes is to wait until the mud dries. This tip is more crucial if there is a substantial amount of mud and dirt. When you try to remove the mud from your shoes while it is still damp/wet it may make your shoes dirtier in the long run because the shoe will absorb the mud into its fabric even. This will affect its smell, and more especially its color.

Once the brown-colored mud gets absorbed into your shoes, it can be a nuisance to remove and will involve bleach or other expensive shoe cleaning formulas. To avoid that, let the mud dry when you get home, then try to carefully scrape the mud off with your hands. Use a brush or piece of slightly damp cloth if needed. Make sure your cleaning tool is not wet because this could leave your waiting effort useless.


Air Dry Your Shoes

The classic way to dry your shoes in the sun is a practice that should no longer be utilized when it comes to shoe-care. Aside from the obvious lack of sun during the rainy season, due to climate change, the sun’s rays have become harsher. Not only is extended exposure bad for your skin, but it is now bad for your shoes as well! Leather, velvet and other footwear materials may degrade faster due to the sun’s rays.

What this means is that you should leave the drying job to your dryer, but most dryers can also damage your shoes, so the only option left is good ol’ air drying. The most principled and time-efficient way of air drying is by employing the use of a fan. Sure, it might not dry as fast as when it’s exposed to the sun, but at least you get to preserve the longevity of your shoe. Don’t even think about using an air-conditioner to do the drying because it is not effective and it leaves your shoes damp. Remember how damp shoes cultivate fungi? That’s a no-no.

If you really cannot help but utilize the sun’s power for your drying needs, then remember not to expose them for too long on a hot afternoon, or try to hang them near a window where it can get some shade when the sun is at its peak. This way, you can still dry them with minimal damage from the sun.


Store Your Shoes Properly

Store Your Shoes Properly

In accordance with some of the previous tips mentioned, storing your shoes properly is crucial in maintaining their longevity and sanctity during the rainy season. Don’t store them too quickly when wet, but at the same time do not let them lay around for a couple of days in open air. Again, dry them off first then store them in a cool dry place such as your shoebox or shoe rack. For some types of shoes such as leather loafers or athletic rubber shoes, you can remove their in-sole when storing since the insole dries slower than other parts of the shoe. Just don’t forget to put them back in.


Key Takeaway

Just because it’s the rainy season, it doesn’t mean that your shoe care routine must drastically change. The foundations and tenets of shoe cleaning and maintenance still apply. A little bit of patience and diligence can go a long way for the longevity of your shoes. Before you know it, the sun will come back out in full force. Until then, care for your shoes because, in the rain, they will care for you.