5 Must-Have Pieces of Philippine Clothing for a Summer Vacation
April 12, 2018

What are the 5 must-have pieces of Philippine clothing for a summer vacation?

  1. Free-Flowing Maxi Dress
  2. Simple Shirt and Shorts
  3. Daring Swimwear
  4. Sandos
  5. Boho Polos

The best identifier of the summer season in the Philippines is clothing. The heat will be with you from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep so it’s best to be as comfortable as you can.

Mention summer and everyone will flock to the exquisite and pristine beaches of the country—after all, in the Philippines, summer is not only a season but also the perfect time for a relaxing vacation!

Girl, you’re not an exception to those beach aficionados, so go ahead and pack your bags for your weekend getaway now!

Wait, why aren’t you starting? Oh, so you don’t know what outfit to bring?

Well, your closet has got you covered there. You can rock your basic and essential clothes at the beach—just don’t forget to express your style and attitude!

These pieces of clothing are the most common summer outfits of Filipinas, and rightfully so! The comfort and style that they can give are unparalleled. You can even mix and match them and you’ve quickly fashioned a stylish summer ensemble for yourself!

So you still need some help, huh? Then start reading below for the 5 must-have pieces for your summer vacay!

Free-Flowing Maxi Dress

This piece has a way to make you feel unrestricted, maybe even make you feel ethereal at times.

Just imagine yourself, feet buried in the sand, with the waves singing hypnotically, dressed in a maxi dress with a flower pinned in your hair.

Marimar, is that you?

Kidding aside, this dress is the epitome of glamour and elegance—who says you can’t display those traits at the beach?

You can’t go wrong with bold floral prints, solid patterns, or a light colored dress, for a summer vibe look.

Maxi dresses suit all body types. They work for both short and tall girls. All you have to do is find the right style that is flattering for you.

Pair the dress with stylish flats or wedges and you’ll definitely be the center of attention in the seashore.

Daring Swimwear

Next to the maxi dress is your designated uniform on the beach—that is, the swimwear.

Whether you choose to wear a bikini—whether it’s a one-piece or even a three-piece—admit it: there’s no better feeling than wearing your swimwear and strutting in style at the beach.

Try colorful patterns. You can also go for pastel or opt for neutral warm colors. The most basic rule is that you should wear the most flattering swimsuit for you.

Don’t be afraid to wear bold patterns too! They will emphasize your confidence and style under the sun.

You’ll surely turn heads with your fashion sense, and enjoy all the activities while you’re at it.

Simple Shirt and Shorts

A vacation doesn’t necessarily have to be spent on a faraway resort. Sometimes, it’s just an excellent excuse to go shopping.

A trip to the mall would be discouraged by the heat greeting you from your window.

It can be unbearable to go outside sometimes, but all you have to do is choose your favorite tee and a pair of shorts and you’re good to go!

There’s just something about being comfortable that makes the heat a slight inconvenience when spending a day at the park, at your favorite ice cream shop, or dining out at your favorite restaurant!

Go get your slip-on sandals and you can make this simple outfit look stunning!

Sandos, go!

Sleeves can be annoying in this heat.  Thank goodness for sandos right?

Sando is such a popular Philippine clothing that even dads adore them!

If you are an active girl with a busy summer agenda, then wear your trusty sando when you are out and about.

This piece is useful if you’re going around town, running errands, or just lounging near the pool.

A number one go-to clothing, you can combine sandos with your favorite jeans or shorts for that perfect laidback girl-next-door look.

All you need now is a pair of quirky slippers with a standout design.

Boho Polos

Boho Polos

Button down polos in floral casual patterns have summer written all over them.

Their cotton material will make you think of your soft bed. Not to mention that polos are easy to wear and easy to pair with anything. You can also use them as a cover-up when you go to the beach—this will make your bohemian style fit right in.

Using this as a casual outfit, you should wear oxford slip-ons for a sophisticated style. But if you’ll be wearing a polo at the beach, then a great pair of edgy sandals will do.

Key Takeaway

Everybody loves the summer season and the carefree vibe it imbibes. Having must-have pieces of Philippine clothing for your weekend getaway is a must—after all, summer is an excellent time to play with fashion and style. Just always remember to do it with attitude and to flaunt it, girl!

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