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May 4, 2018

What are the perfect styles of mid-heeled shoes in the Philippines for every occasion?

  • Kitten Heels
  • Court Shoe
  • Wedges
  • Mule Shoes



For girls who have a love-hate relationship with stilettos, the mid-heels are a saving grace. Adding attitude to your stride by expressing creativity is a breeze in these and shoes, in the Philippines, are the ultimate symbol for the fashion savvies. Indeed, mid-heels are the perfect partner for go-getter girls who would like to go through their day with style. The flexibility of this chic footwear will complete your ensemble for any occasion.

Well-detailed accessories from the Philippines and from around the globe are hard to come by if you do not know where to look. Thankfully, mid-heels are visible in the fashion world, elegant and trendy without the need to sacrifice comfort. It’s a good thing that glamorous shoes in the Philippines are not only for the runway. Mid-heels are a great example of that, with the wide array of styles that are accessible to anyone who values sophistication in their accessories. Philippine fashion has a high regard for comfort and style that goes hand in hand.

Mid-heels fulfill that need with styles that elongate the figure and alternatives that fit every mood. Here are the perfect styles that you should rock on your next night out, shopping spree or any time of the week that you feel sexy:



Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels

As playful as its feline namesake, kitten heels are flexible in style which makes them perfect for all sorts of activities. They are typical stiletto heels that are less than 2 inches in height which is perfect if you are often on-the-move. They were first introduced in the 1950’s and still remains a chic fashion statement today.

The kitten heel’s short, slender and tapered heel with a slight curve setting from the back edge of the shoe will mean comfort and style for you. If you are still not convinced that this style is an epitome of class, kitten heels were popularized by Audrey Hepburn. Even world leader Theresa May and former first lady Michelle Obama wears them.

They are perfect for the office setting and for lively parties as well. This is a great alternative for women who find high heels uncomfortable. Its ultra-feminine touch will match the outfit you will wear for these occasions.



Court Shoe

A court shoe or a pump is a style with a low-cut front without a fastening. Mary Janes are pumps with a strap across the instep. In the olden times, they were a traditional menswear in formal settings. This style was often called opera slipper or patent pump and upper-class gentlemen in western Europe wore this, accompanied by silk knee-high stockings and breeches.

Originally, they were worn in the royal courts and that is where its name was derived from. They had silver-cut steel buckles but they were replaced by a square grosgrain bow. Pumps are a standard when wearing evening dresses but now, it can go with anything, really. Its versatile design will be a perfect fit for night outs and corporate meetings.





Wedges can give you the stylish lift you are looking for without the pain of wearing high heels. Choose a pair of wedges that will complement your look. These will make your legs look slender and it can easily match your outfit. It has various styles like sandal wedges, peep-toe, cork wedges, and lace-up wedge sandals. With a cool wedge replacing a flat sole, it provides the right attitude for you to stride in style this summer or any other season.

Wedges can be covered in materials like leather, exotic prints, cork, or hemp. Select a wedge style that fits your mood and the atmosphere of the occasion. Whether you’ll be wearing them on a warm or cool weather in the Philippines, this is one of the accessories that you can’t be without.




A glamorous touch to your everyday look? Mule shoes are highly coveted because of the stylish shapes and colors that they come with. You are sure to make a bold statement with this style without compromising your comfort. A shoe style with authentic comfort, you can wear this to a fun party and also for an official meeting. The easy slip-on feature of the mule makes it comfy as well as trendy.

Opt for a quirky design so as not to make it plain. Transition your daytime look to a fun night out with this shoe style. Glamorous and elegant at the same time, the mule is a great addition to your shoe wardrobe.



Key Takeaway

There are various styles of mid-heeled shoes and it can be hard to choose the best among them because each is stylish in their own right. You can be runway ready as well as productive in your daily activities with this shoe type. Tutum can help you choose the best pair to slip on for that added attitude for your style.