Sandals in the Philippines: The Perfect Shoes for Every Holiday
October 23, 2018

When it comes to special holidays, one of our biggest struggles is what will be the right thing to wear. The biggest holidays we have to prepare for are Halloween, Christmas, and New Year.

Our footwear must not only be stylish and comfortable, but it also has to fit the themes of each occasion. Luckily, sandals in the Philippines are so varied, that you could easily wear them regardless of the event. For inspiration, you can check out our suggestions on what you can wear during the upcoming holidays, namely Halloween, Christmas, and New Year!



For a lot of people, dressing up in costumes for a Halloween party means splurging on clothes and shoes you will most likely never use again. It can definitely be a waste of money for the frugal types.

Luckily for girls, there are many multi-purpose clothing that could also act as Halloween outfits that match perfectly with different types of sandals in the Philippines. Here are a few of them now:

Red Fox Onesie with Sunglasses

Animal onesies are meant to be cute and worn for comedic purposes. But anyone can rock a onesie. Trust us when we say that it’s not the most outrageous costume during a Halloween party. Just wear it with confidence and you’ll be fine. However, if you want to something a bit tame, you can always wear a red fox onesie.

Foxes are known for their confidence, intelligence, and strength. Wear the fox costume with sunglasses and red sandals so you can add a bit of glamor to this cute look. Then, walk into the party like the strong and independent woman you are. Afterward, use the outfit as your night clothes.

White Lady

A white lady is one of the scariest and simplest outfits you could wear during this holiday. All you need is to have a pale face and a long white dress.

Any style of white dress in your closet will do. However, you might want to opt for a long one that will reach the floor to make it seem like you are floating. You can, then, wear white sandals to fit the theme.

Once you find the right outfit, paint your entire face with white powder so it would look really pale. Then, add some fake blood here and there, and mess up your hair to really spook people.

Greek Goddess

Greeks goddesses are usually portrayed as women wearing a toga-style dress equipped with beautiful headpieces and leather sandals. Their dresses are called peplos, which is basically made with one rectangular sheet and could be fastened in different ways using different materials such as belts, depending on the occasion. It was meant to be functional yet stylish.

If you find it difficult to turn a blanket into a dress, you can always look for a wrap dress with convertible straps. You can make it into different styles depending on how you adjust the straps. But maybe, for this look, use only one of the straps to make it more similar to a peplos.

Leather sandals or gladiator sandals are great choices for this costume. This will surely wow every Halloween goers at your party!



This season is well-known for get-togethers with friends and family. Since your schedule will be packed, it will be helpful to plan your outfits in mind so you don’t need to cram.

When it comes to dinners with the extended family, you can afford to go for a casual look. A pretty blouse with sleeves with a long denim skirt or pants is fitting for the occasion. It won’t be too showy or too formal.

For parties with your barkada, do not be afraid to wear shimmery dresses paired with cute shoes for women in the Philippines. These events are great times for you to be in your wildest and most unique selves, and shimmers are perfect to wear in Christmas since they match the bright lights, trees, and parols.

 New Year

New Year

New Year is the most festive day ever. At the stroke of midnight, there will be fireworks, loud sounds, great food, drinks, and good company. It is a time to make wishes and hope for good things to come. Filipinos tend to do certain traditions such as eating pancit for long life. They also display various circular objects like coins and fruits as they wish for fortune for the upcoming year.

When it comes to clothing traditions, clothes with polka dots are the most appropriate things to wears. These dots—similar to coins—would mean that you will be more financially successful. When you wear these clothes, don’t forget to pair them with comfortable sandals and shoes for women in the Philippines which should indicate your feel will be comfy the whole year long!


Key Takeaway

Holidays mean you can whip up special outfits!

This coming Halloween, Christmas, and New Year, why don’t you try out the various suggestions we mentioned in this article or at least get inspiration from them so you won’t have to think hard about your various outfit choices. Also, remember to pair them with some cute and comfy sandals from the Philippines!