Outfit Ideas to Wear this Holiday Season
December 12, 2018

What outfit ideas can you wear this holiday season?

  1. Dazzling Dresses
  2. Elegant Jacket
  3. Dressy Pants
  4. Flowy Long Skirts
  5. Chic Jumpsuits
  6. Glamorous Flats
  7. Statement Jewelry


The holiday season is upon us; the air is filled with great excitement! From fantastic Christmas parties where gifts are being exchanged to the New Year’s countdown parties that welcomes a new year with a bang, your December is about to get real busy!

With so many events and occasions piling your social calendar, thinking about what to wear to each of them can be pretty daunting. But don’t worry because there are so many dresses and shoes for sale in the Philippines that you could purchase to make up your perfect holiday outfit—just mix and match them!

Here are some inspired looks for you to choose from:


Dazzling Dresses

There are plenty of styles to suit your needs. You can go the fancy route and wear a cute dress with high heels and accessories from the Philippines.

For this look, opt for a dress in a rich jewel tone—perfect for cocktail parties or any semi-formal event. You can also select to dress down and wear flats as well as a denim jacket. This will surely highlight your figure; try playing up with the waistline or shapely shoulders.


Elegant Jackets and Sweaters

Jackets and sweaters are becoming a huge holiday trending piece to wear at parties. Jackets with feminine silhouettes and special touches like beads and embroidery are the latest trend for you to wear all night.

For a sleek holiday look, pair a velvet, patterned, or ornamented jacket with a satin skirt or tailored tuxedo pants. If you can find a mustard-yellow color is a very popular hue this 2018, be sure to grab one. You can then pair it with dark wash or black jeans, loafer shoes, and hoop earrings for a more appropriate office party look.


Dressy Pants

Long ago, pants weren’t even an option for women to wear on family gatherings for the holidays. Thankfully, most local designers are releasing a wide selection of pants, making it appropriate for even the dressiest holiday occasions.

Simple and flattering dressy pants can be paired with a flowy blouse or a comfy turtleneck sweater for a party-ready look. Another way you can wear up dressy pants is with a sequined tank top or a soft sweater.


Flowy Long Skirts

Easy to wear, stylish, and comfortable, a flowy long skirt is a must-have holiday essential. You can choose from bold and bright colors to elegant and simple designs—it depends on what style you want to aim for.

For this look, you can pair it with a black tank top and ballet flats.


Chic Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are perfect for every girl who doesn’t want to worry about picking out a different top and different bottom to wear since you already have one perfect item that does it all! A great jumpsuit must have the elegance of a dress and the comfort that a pair of sweatpants gives.

For the holiday season, this one piece stunner comes in exquisite fabrics such as satin and silk. It also doesn’t lack in details like sequins and ruffles. You can pair it with some statement earrings for you to have a complete look!


Glamorous Flats

Wearing high heels on holiday parties sounds like a good idea but staying up till midnight might hurt your feet from all the walking and partying on the dance floor.

Save yourself from sore feet by opting to walk in the party with flats. Make sure to pick a pair with fancy embellishments because flats don’t have to be boring to wear at a party.

Wear a mini dress to show off your fabulous footwear.


Statement Accessories

When dressing for a holiday party, you wouldn’t want your outfit to stand out alone but also the accessories you’re wearing.

Accessories like bags, earrings, necklaces, and rings can really make your holiday outfit. Jewelry doesn’t have to be always expensive. Online shops are selling a wide variety of accessories in the Philippines.

Wearing pieces of jewelry like statement necklaces and bringing a mini bag is particularly nice if you wear a top or dress with a deep neckline.


Key Takeaway

The holiday season is finally here!

A lot of holiday gatherings are piling up; your schedule is about to become really busy with all the parties. Be sure to take some time to think of some fun and fashionable outfits to wear. If you’re blanking out, you can always refer to the ideas listed above.

There are plenty of styles to choose from depending on your style. You can easily accessorize with glamorous jewelry and a gorgeous pair shoes for sale in the Philippines.

Have fun mixing and matching!