A pair of nude shoes
July 16, 2020

What are the versatile nude shoes every girl must have?

  1. Mid Block Heels: Loyde Nude
  2. Low Block Heels: Lily Nude
  3. Closed Toe Shoes: Skyler Nude
  4. Slip-On Sandals: Tital Nude
  5. Studded Heels: Penelope Nude

If you are a shoe person, then you will definitely agree when we say that the right pair of shoes can instantly change one’s style game. The right pair of shoes include nude shoes that girls must have.

While you may be drooling over the hottest new shoe finds for this season, you must also remember to stock up on the classics. Nude shoes are just about the most classic women’s shoes you can purchase – no fashionista would be complete without them.

If you’re still not convinced that a pair of nude shoes could be the best footwear ever, we’ve rounded up 5 versatile nude pairs for you. You’ll never be stuck choosing the right shoes to complement your outfit again!

Mid Block Heels: Loyde Nude

Loyde Nude

Let’s face it. A little bit of extra heel height makes you feel like a girl boss! Heels are a great go-to for that big meeting you have coming up or for date nights with your special someone.

Strappy shoes have become a trend these days because of their wide variety of designs. So if you’re going to invest in that one pair of strappy nude heels, look no further than the Loyde Nude! This flattering pair has a 2-inch heel height that will have an elongating effect on your legs. It also has a slingback strap that hugs and supports your ankles to ensure you can stride around town with ease.

Low Block Heels: Lily Nude

Lily Nude

As much as girls love high heels because they are attractive, not everyone feels comfortable wearing them for a long period of time.

Not into high-heels but still want that leg-lengthening effect to match your outfits? Then the Lily Nude is perfect for you! With its 1-inch block heel and non-skid soles, this will surely be the best pick when it comes to making your foot feel refreshed.

Plans on going to the mall with your girls or the usual errand day at the office? Try this lovely pair! It is also a great starting shoe for wearing higher heels in the future.

Closed Toe Shoes: Skyler Nude

Skyler Nude

Ballet flats are designed for comfort and walking around all day. They can be very fashionable and practical depending on your style preference.

We’ve got the perfect pair for you girls out there who opt to go for close-toe and thinner heeled shoes. The Skyler Nude, aside from being versatile, is comfortable and stylish. It has a cutout style and an open back that is sure to flatter your foot. You can pair this with shorts, leggings, ankle-length jeans, mini skirts, and even dresses.

Slip-On Sandals: Tital Nude

Tital Nude

Slip-on sandals are similar to flip-flops. These types of sandals are getting popular nowadays because they are easy to use and fashion-forward looking. This means you can wear them from day to day.

Other people tend to worry that slip-ons look too casual at times, but with the Tital Nude you wouldn’t have to worry about looking boring! You’ll be glad to know that when you purchase these sandals, you are also wearing locally handcrafted footwear made with beautiful weaving materials.

It is backless, has an open toe style, and has a band that crosses in the middle of the foot. Wear these to project an effortless and casual look on the beach, in the mall, or even just in the comfort of your home.

Studded Heels: Penelope Nude

Penelope Nude

If you’re looking for a more stylish and aesthetic looking type of heel, the Penelope Nude is the one for you! It has a transparent strap embezzled with beautiful clear studs to complete your aesthetic OOTD look.

This bestseller also has a low rectangular heel that will give you extra height while instilling comfort and style at the same time. Go ahead and pair it with any of your outfits!

Key Takeaway

In the Philippines, shoes come in all kinds of styles. There are shoes with a wide variety of designs, colors, and functions. But nothing beats having classic nude-colored shoes that will get you through any day. They never go out of style.

When it comes to this versatile piece, you wouldn’t have to worry about your shoes clashing with your outfit. Consider purchasing the 5 nude shoes girls must have listed above!

Remember that by doing so, you’re saving yourself from the hassle of taking too much time in pairing your clothes with the right kind of shoes.