White Colored Pumps
February 19, 2020

What are the heels every girl must have?

  1. Plain Colored Pumps
  2. Wedges
  3. Mid-Heels
  4. Clear Heels

There’s a reason why they say that heels are a woman’s best friend. This kind of footwear can instantly transform your overall look and bring a whole outfit together. It changes the way you walk, makes your legs look taller, and even boosts your confidence!

There are heels made for every occasion. This is why investing in essential and must-have heels will have you covered for every getup. In addition to that, you will get the most out of your money by buying the essentials. Owning your own pairs means you can skip trips to the mall any time you have an event coming up. In this article, we’ve narrowed down the 4 must-have heels every woman needs in their closet.

Plain Colored Pumps

Plain Colored Pumps

Such as: Franny Black, Riley White

There is no doubt that plain colored heels are a must-have for your closet. Office meetings? A night out with friends? Running errands? These heels are a no-fuss solution to feeling lustrous and pulled together while on-the-go. No matter how high and tall the pair you choose, colors like black, white, and beige are the best pick for any of your outfits. This is because these colors go with everything and anything.

Whether you are a woman who loves dressing up or one who prefers to look more laid-back, owning a pair of plain colored pumps will modify your outfit instantly. Simple black and white heels can tone down your bright, bold patterns and nude heels can balance out that sparkly evening top.



Such as: Fifi (Nude), Fifi (Black)

These heels have a sole in the form of a wedge that serves as both the sole and the heel. Going back to ancient times, these kinds of heels were worn to signify status. The evolution of this heel has become more and more colorful and popular. In modern times, wedge heels are definitely a showstopper.

For women who are only beginning to wear heels, wedges may look intimidating. However, it is, in fact, a good pick if you’re looking for a pair to start with. The full-on sole will provide your feet with all the support and balance you need. Many find them much easier to walk in compared to stilettos. These are a staple to have because they look great with nearly any length of skirt or dress. They are also a good way to shape your ankles, making them appear thinner.



Such as: Farah Bone, Margot Nude

Back in the day, choices for heels were limited to high stilettos. As times have changed, designers have found more ways to spice up outfits. Presently, there are various heels in the market to provide for your specific needs. Mid-heels have been one of the most conventional heels to buy because it offers a perfect compromise for any occasion. Whether you may be petite in size or tall in height, mid heels will be a good pick to incorporate into your outfit. In a formal event, late-night outs, or a normal day at the mall, mid heels will allow you to look refreshed. Not to mention, they are very comfortable. Just like the wedges, these are ideal for beginners and those who are just starting out wearing heels.

Clear Heels

Clear Heels

Such as: Adam

When you think of clear heels, Cinderella’s glass slipper may come to mind. Over the years, clear footwear has become a trend for almost any accessory. Bags, pouches, and now even heels. Mixed with varied textures like leather and suede, designers have been incorporating clear designs into soles or the straps of heels. And women have been loving it! Having this in your closet will modify your outfit, balance it out, or make a statement.

You might be thinking that clear heels are hard to style, but here are some outfits you may want to pair with clear heels:

  • Jeans with any top – plain and simple, right? Just imagine how you can instantly elevate your everyday outfits with this kind of pair.
  • Feminine Dress – whether it may be a floaty or tight fit, clear heels will present a contrast to your look.
  • Suit – women have been rocking the suit more and more every year. Balance out the strong draped wide-legged pants and chic office blazer with a pair of clear heels.

Key Takeaway

There are heels for every occasion and outfit, and there are endless styles and colors to choose from. No matter what style you most identify with, there is always an excellent pair of heels to match with it. Having these essentials and must-have heels in your closet will not only put together your daily outfits but also save you time. These will surely cater to all types of women, whether it’s those just starting out or those who don’t want to sacrifice comfort over style.

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