Top 6 Tips on Matching Your Shoe Color with Your Outfit
September 10, 2018

What tips can you follow when it comes to matching your shoe color with your outfit?

  1. Black and white shoes are popular because they are not difficult to match with other outfit colors.
  2. Red shoes are the right mix of daring and innocent.
  3. Shades of pink is the perfect complement to white and reds
  4. Purple shoes can naturally make your outfit pop and look its best
  5. Blue shoes are very classy and sophisticated
  6. Nude shoes are perfect if you want to elongate your legs and make them look slimmer.


Whether you are from a foreign country or from the Philippines, sandals, heels, or flat shoes can make or break your outfit for any occasion. Before you start working on your OOTD, you try on a bunch of combinations that can work for your agenda of the day. An important factor for this is the color of the ensemble.

There would be situations when you do not want the colors to be too loud or you wouldn’t want a neutral-toned outfit. Whether it is a killer high-heeled footwear or the trendiest sandals from the Philippines, it is important that you take the color and style of your ensemble into high consideration.

Here are the top 6 tips that you can use to mix and match your shoes and outfits!

Black and White Shoes

Black and White Shoes

These color of shoes are well-suited to be categorized in the same category because they are the most versatile of all shoe colors. You can call them basic but classic. It is very easy to match them with any outfit. They provide that perfect balance to almost every other color.

Black shoes go well on outfits with black, blue, gold, silver, and burgundy colors.

As for white shoes, they are great with denim and colorful outfits. White shoes can also be great with patterned outfits as well as pastels because they perfectly even out your get-up.

Ultimately, these colors are great because they can serve as lifesavers in situations when you are in a hurry and you don’t feel like experimenting.


Red Shoes

Red shoes are quite iconic! Remember the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy went home by clicking her red heels?

You could say that red shoes are the right mix of daring and innocent. If you are thinking of breaking in those stunning pair of scarlet or ruby shoes, you should choose an outfit that has solid black, white, neutrals, navy blue, orange, or pink. You may also settle for subtle tones of these colors.

Pink Shoes

Pink Shoes

Pink shoes simply scream cute!

This color can perfectly complement whites and reds. By doing so, you will make it the highlight of your OOTD. Keep in mind that they are also great when paired with navy blue, neutrals, red, grey, silver, purple, and green.

Going out for the night?

Try wearing a black dress and pair it with some rosy pink shoes. These color combos should make you an instant fashionista!


Purple Shoes

If you are looking for a similar mood that pink can give to your outfit, you can try choosing a pair of purple shoes.

When it comes to shoes and outfits, this color can naturally make your outfit pop! Purple pairs are great in every shoe style. It is one of the colors that can either be the main attraction or it can take a cozy backseat to your outfit.

Blue shoes

Blue shoes

Blue shoes come in many different tones like Aqua, Cobalt, or Azure. Each one screams classy and sophistication; their difference in the shade does not matter because you can choose them any day on any occasion.

However, try to avoid matching them all at once because the result might be too overpowering to the eyes. Admittedly, they are not so easily matched to outfits. But they do look great with green, white, neutrals, yellow, and especially black.

Think of how great it would look with a gorgeous dress!


Nude shoes

Nude shoes are perfect if you want to elongate your legs. They also do a good job of making them look slimmer so these are added benefits to the style that nude shoes can provide for your outfit.

Speaking of matching them with your outfit, you would be glad to know that they go very well with every outfit you have in your closet. This is what makes nude shoes one of the most popular shoe color choices because these shades are relevant for every season.

Aside from nudes, brown and russet shoe colors are also great choices that you can match with dresses and casual outfits. Maintain the balance of your whole ensemble by wearing striking or equally nude colors and you’ll be good to go!


Key Takeaway

Matching your shoe color with your outfit will come naturally if you know what you would want to achieve with your ensemble. These tips can help you out in that department so you should give this a quick read when you are stumped on what color you are going to go for—whatever the occasion may be.