A woman wearing abaca sandals
August 5, 2020

What are the locally made shoes you’ll love?

  1. Amy White
  2. Teena Natural
  3. Dominique Ombre
  4. Colton Ocean
  5. Aly Butterscotch

When it comes to styling, there’s no doubt that Filipinas dominate by adding their own touch to fashion-forward trends. Thanks to the young and chic girls who recognized the talent of the Philippine footwear scene, we’ve seen a drastic increase in the love for locally made shoes.

While it is true that there are international companies that provide shoe options, we’ve got beautifully handcrafted shoes here at home too. To showcase your love for local products, check out these five lovely pairs from Tutum!

Amy White

Amy White

Slip-on sandals are perfect for girls who are always on the go. Similar to flip flops, you can easily put it on or take it off. The best part about it? They’re very chic-looking too!

The Amy White is a slip-on sandal that’s quickly getting popular among our customers. It’s a crowd-favorite not only because it is easy to use, but it’s also very comfortable.

It is backless and open-toed, and offers support to your toes with the four soft straps seen at the front. Step into a thick foam insole and leave your feet feeling fresh all day.

Wear this locally handcrafted pair and don’t worry about strutting around town for long periods of time. Whether you’re going out to run simple errands around the city or to meet up at cafes with the girls, all you have to do is slip on the Amy White and match it with any of your outfits to exude that effortless look.

Teena Natural

Teena Natural

Are you the type of girl who’s all about locally made shoes that convey a cultural aesthetic? You and the Teena Natural are a match made in heaven! Support locals with these stunning handcrafted flats.

Made for the modern Filipina, it is crafted using abaca fibers. Abaca fibers are commonly used for bags and fishing nets but Tutum made it possible to turn them into shoes as well.

Our fellow Filipino natives definitely spent a lot of time weaving to ensure that the Teena Natural can withstand wear and tear. It is very durable so you won’t have to think about it breaking down in the next few years.

The Teena Natural is a backless, closed-toe shoe. Its insoles are soft too. Travel around town or wear it to the beach and exude that boho appearance. While you’re at it, why don’t you complete your look by matching the Teena Natural with an abaca bag? Remember to pose for a photo and show off your love for local products!

Dominique Ombre

Dominique Ombre

Let’s face it, we girls just love heels! It makes one taller and flatters the feet. After all, locally made shoes aren’t only about flats. If you’re looking for a stylish shoe that gives additional height, here’s the perfect pair of heels for you!

Coming from Tutum’s Dominique Collection is Dominique Ombre. Bring your outfits to life with this shoe’s beautiful brown to orange gradient color. It features a unique two-inch octagon heel to grant you that bit of a height boost. In addition, the overlapping straps are exactly what you need to secure and accentuate your feet.

You’ll never be caught wearing dull-looking shoes with the Dominique Ombre. Pair these shoes with any outfit. It’s pretty enough for a casual day out and sophisticated enough to elevate your evening looks. Need a style tip? Try matching this heel with skinny jeans. You’ll thank us later for it!

Colton Ocean

Colton Ocean

We all know that one girl who always arrives looking super fashionable and trendy. It makes you wonder how she does it. Want to know her secret? It’s her chic outfit.

As the saying goes, “Never underestimate the power of a pair of good shoes”. It can transform your whole look! If you want to up your style game, add the Colton Ocean to your shoe collection.

Transparent heels are on trend again and the Colton Ocean provides you with just that. It’s the perfect shade of blue heels and the two-inch heel height can make you look taller. It also features a transparent strap and two straps that cross each other at the front of your feet for support.

The Colton Ocean can pull together any outfit to look more stylish. Turn everyone’s head and wear this for your next night out with friends.

Aly Butterscotch

Aly Butterscotch

While it’s fun to stock up on all kinds of shoes, you need to have that perfect nude shoe. Tan, butterscotch, bone, taupe – call it what you want, a nude shoe is every girl’s closet must-have.

Nude colored shoes can cause your legs to look slim with the illusion of its lengthening effect. The best part about it? You can never go wrong when it comes to clothing options. Don’t worry about clashing outfit colors because a nude shoe is sure to match any OOTD.

The Aly Butterscotch is one of Tutum’s newly-released pairs. It’s a classic slip-on heel that is great for any occasion. Say goodbye to spending hours thinking about the perfect clothes. These heels will do the work for you!

Key Takeaway

There’s so much to love about local products. If you happen to be on the lookout for locally made shoes, choose Tutum!

Our brand offers locally handcrafted shoes perfect for transforming all your modern looks. We tailor our shoes to fit the lifestyle of women who express their personality through style. With our timeless and undoubtedly stylish pairs, you can easily up your shoe game too.