How to Make a Good Instragram OOTD Post
October 30, 2018

What should you do to make a good Instagram OOTD post?

  1. Try adding at least one brightly colored piece to the outfit
  2. Make your caption as good as your outfit
  3. Focus on a stand-out piece
  4. Plan your pose
  5. Pick the right filter

If you want a good Instagram OOTD post, there are many things you have to consider. Although it’s nice to feature your favorite sandals from the Philippines, you still have to think about other things such as how to pose, editing your photo, and even the caption you are going to write.

But worry not because we’re here to assist you. Keep reading below to find out ways for you to make an outstanding OOTD post!

Try adding at least one brightly colored piece to the outfit

Do you ever wonder why a lot of brands seem to use such bright colors? For example, McDonald’s uses red and Facebook uses very vibrant blue.

This is because people psychologically tend to gravitate towards things with bright colors. Bright colors can improve the mood of people in different ways. Green tends to make people relaxed whereas red energizes them. When people see the bright color in your outfit, then they simply can’t help but notice you.

These pieces can be anything. It could be your pair of shoes (e.g. red sandals from the Philippines or a bright blue hat).

Make your caption as good as your outfit

When you have an attractive caption, your OOTD gets more engagement. Your post gets more shares and likes. The next thing you know, your followers exponentially increases. It is just as important as the picture itself. Here are some of the things you can think about when you are writing a caption:

  • Start your post with a question
  • Add @mention. For example, the accessory you used was from Tutum Shop. When you write @tutumshop, people who have always wanted to try their accessories from the Philippines may be more compelled to like it.
  • Add an appropriate emoji
  • Know your audience and write with them in mind
  • Keep it short, fun, and meaningful. A lot of people who scroll Instagram have a short attention span.
  • Add a hashtag. It will connect other people who are interested in the same topic and make them see your post. You can simply use #OOTD

Focus on a stand-out piece

Sometimes your OOTD doesn’t have to be a full-body post with a beautiful background. You don’t even have to show your face. You can choose to focus the image on what you consider the most attractive piece of your outfit. It could be the accessory you are wearing or the skirt you are trying out on.

This is especially useful if you really just want to focus on your outfit. A good way of capturing a photo that is focused on a stand-out piece is by taking it from above. Raise the phone camera to your nose while tilting the back lens closer to you until it captures the outfit as well the stand-out piece.

Plan your pose

No pose is ever just casual on Instagram. If you don’t plan the proper pose, your whole OOTD might just get ruined. The poses you can do to make your outfit more interesting are:

  • Walking pose – If you’re just wearing a casual outfit. Usually, you are trying to highlight your footwear in this pose.
  • Leaning against a plain wall – If you want to focus on your bright outfit.
  • Staying still while adjusting an accessory – If you want the focus to be on the said accessory.
  • Twirling your skirt – For added movement.
  • Full body leg poses – To highlight the nice pants you are wearing.
  • Baby giraffe pose – To make you seem taller. You can do this by placing one of your legs in front of the other.

When posing, make sure you have good lighting. The best source of light is natural light. Take advantage of it and plan to shoot your OOTDs in open shades where the sun isn’t shining brightly. If you can’t go outside, take a picture near a window. In addition, ask a friend to take your photo so you can pose properly.

Pick the right filter

A filter on Instagram can be added to create a certain mood and create better lighting. Fashion people do these with their own OOTDs because it tends to make them stand out from others. To make your own outfit standout, you can pick a certain mood and filter that will help your photo show it.

Moods are generally divided into these and are perfect for certain landscapes where you take your OOTDs:

  • Cheerful – This is great when you’re in a nice restaurant, the mall, amusement park, and colorful wall.
  • Vintage – This is perfect if you are posting in front of murals, in pubs, and clubs.
  • Relaxed – This is best if you are at the beach or any body of water.

These filters can be used to make your picture portray the mood you are going for:

  • Cheerful: X-Pro II, Lo-Fi, Clarendon

All of these add richness to the colors of different backgrounds and will make the details stand out more.

  • Vintage: Amaro, Hudson, Gingham

When it comes to vintage-themed photos, you generally want something that has some of the color fading as they are aged. These filters remove saturation, increase shadows, and make your photos a bit whiter. It should give you a very romantic feel.

  • Relaxed: Valencia, Lark, Hudson

All of these emphasizes the blueness of the water and gives the photos a relaxing feel by adding more cool tones

Key Takeaway

A good OOTD post involves much more than your outfit. You also have to consider if the caption fits the picture. You have to think about how you are going to pose and what your photo will focus on. Lastly, you want to elevate your picture by making it portray a certain mood, which can be done through with Instagram filters.

Once you’ve successfully posted your OOTD, don’t forget to tag us @tutumshop!

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