The Most Iconic Swimsuit Moments in Pop Culture History
September 4, 2018

What are the most iconic swimsuit moments in pop culture history?

  1. Micheline Bernardini in 1946
  2. Pamela Anderson in Baywatch
  3. Halle Berry in Die Another Day
  4. Pia Wurtzbach in Miss Universe 2015
  5. Anne Curtis in No Other Woman
  6. Marian Rivera and Baby Zia’s Matching Swimsuits
  7. Ashley Graham’s Sports Illustrated Cover


From the silver screen to key events in pop culture, these fabulous swimsuit moments will make you want to wish that it will always be summer.

Fortunately, even if we are swept by various storms at the moment, that can be the case when the sun shines over the pristine beaches here in the Philippines. Shoes are not only things on a girl’s mind during these times. For sure, they are thinking about what swimsuits suit them well.

Swimsuits provide the right amount of confidence boost and attitude for women, especially when they are feeling a bit sexy. You can bet that this is the same for the beautiful ladies in memorable snapshots in pop culture history.

Take a look at some of them here:

 Micheline Bernardini in 1946


Micheline Bernardini in 1946

Mademoiselle Bernardini is the 19-year old dancer from Paris that is credited for being the first woman to wear a modern bikini in front of the camera. With a daring swimsuit designed by Frenchman Louis Reard, she made headlines in the whole world. Wearing only a newspaper print as her suit, Micheline Bernardini has since been the best example of an iconic swimsuit moment.


Pamela Anderson in Baywatch

Miss Pamela Anderson made one-piece swimsuits hot again as she portrayed the role of C.J. Parker in Baywatch from 1992-1997. The high-cut red lifeguard tank quickly rose to fame, with other designs channeling the style of this sizzling piece.

Anderson’s appearance in the franchise has made women and teen girls want to become a Baywatch babe. This one is truly a classic swimsuit moment from this lifeguard making waves even to this day.


Halle Berry in Die Another Day

Paying homage to Ursula Andress in Dr. No, another James Bond film in the series, Halle Berry rocked the orange buckled bikini for the 2002 film: Die Another Day. With her short locks and fierce attitude, she clearly made the 007 movie sexier.

Many Bond ladies have come and gone, but Halle Berry stays at the top of the list as the perfect female companion for the secret agent. Who says you can’t accessorize at the beach? The white belt complete with a knife holster begs to differ with its killer looks.

Pia Wurtzbach in Miss Universe 2015

Source: YouTube

Pia Wurtzbach in Miss Universe 2015

The right mix of confidently beautiful with a heart and the ability to wow the crowd, Miss Universe 2015 showed off her great physique in the swimsuit competition. Pia totally slayed the night with her striped bikini and continued to stun everyone as she walked with grace fit for a queen.

Moments away from winning the crown, she turned heads and impressed everyone in attendance with a classy and alluring pose. This is surely one for the books as women nodded in agreement that Pia served them some swimwear goals.


Anne Curtis in No Other Woman

With her portrayal of a business-minded, smart-mouthed, resort heiress, Anne Curtis vies for Derek Ramsay’s attention and she surely got it, especially when she wore the black maillot swimsuit which enhanced her curves.

Throughout the movie, she suited up with other ensembles like the green bandeau bikini and the snakeskin bikini. All of which had people marveling at her beauty. It doesn’t even matter that she didn’t get the guy at the end because, with her stunning outfits and sizzling swimwear, a lot of people agreed in unison that Anne Curtis is not like other women.


Marian Rivera and Baby Zia’s Matching Swimsuits

The mother-daughter twinning moment is just so adorable that is has been included in many iconic swimsuit moments since. Their floral one-pieces are just the perfect definition of charming!

Baby Zia is all smiles as she enjoys her vacation with her mommy and daddy. As the powerhouse mom and daughter tandem in the Philippines, with shoes and outfits to die for, Zia knows how to serve looks even at a young age; we could really all take a few pointers from the darling girl for her style and delightful looks.

 Ashley Graham’s Sports Illustrated Cover

Source: Sports Illustrated

Ashley Graham’s Sports Illustrated Cover

Ashley Graham made history when she graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition back in 2016. If you have never heard of her, she is the first plus-size model who became the face of the magazine.

Since then, she has been a leading advocate for body positivity and inclusion. Her appearance on Sports Illustrated meant a lot more for women everywhere since she brought out a meaningful message for them everywhere. Suddenly, her violet and yellow bikini is not just a swimsuit anymore but a symbol of body positivity and confidence.


Key Takeaway

All of the ladies in this list have one thing in common and that is their bright smiles, exuberant charm, and undeniable attitude. These moments are considered classics in their own right because they have impressed and made their impression on people.

With your own style and natural confidence, you can also make your very own iconic swimsuit moment. Always remember that you should be comfortable in your own skin and flaunt what you have!