A Detailed Guide for Finding the Right Heel Height for You
September 24, 2018

What are the things you need to remember when it comes to finding the right heel height for you?

  1. Measure the angle of your foot
  2. Explore all the available heel size options
  3. Find the right type of heels for you


In various parts of the world and here in the Philippines, sandals and heels are two of the viable options of footwear that women consider whenever they have to attend to a certain agenda. Heels are more favorable in formal and professional functions and this is why many women are enjoying the fashionable qualities that this can add to the overall personality of their outfit.

But let’s face it; wearing heels is not always a comfortable experience. There have been many episodes concerning blisters, accidents, and foot pain that come with wearing a killer pair of heels. However, thinking about how it can complete your whole fashion ensemble influences the decision to go against choosing this particular footwear.

This detailed guide will help you in your quest to search for that perfect heel height that will let you allow you to strut this fashionable footwear in style!

Measure your foot to suit the heel height

Measure your foot to suit the heel height

The perfect way to find the perfect heel height for you is to measure your foot in accordance to the heel height you will find suitable. There are steps for finding out if the heel height is the one for you. Follow all of them then decide if you will go with this specific height. See more of them below!

Step 1: Proceed by sitting on a regular chair, barefooted and with good posture. Keep in mind that you have to find a chair that has a flat seat, one that can enable you to keep your back straight. Make sure that you are comfortable.

Step 2: Lift your leg up and extend it in a straight line in front of you. With your other leg down, make sure that your foot is comfortably resting on the ground.

Step 3: As you extend your leg, relax your foot and ankle. If you see that your foot seems to sag down a bit then this means that you will be more comfortable in high heels but if it appears to be upright, you are more suited to wear flat shoes.

Step 4: After that, you can proceed to measure the exact height of your perfect heel by drawing an invisible straight line starting from your big toe to where your heel ends. You will see a formed line which will create an angle with your foot. This angle is the distance between the end of the invisible line and your heel.

Step 5: Take note of the length of the line because this will be the ideal heel height for you.

Following these easy steps is one way to find out the right heel height for you and you don’t even need to spend on some complicated process; this is a simple one that you can do at home. With these steps into consideration, you can continue with the other factors that can help you seek for that right heel height.


Explore all the available heel size options

Aside from measuring your foot to find out what your ideal heel size, you should also try out various heights to see whether you can be comfortable walking in them. Let’s check out your options below.

2.2 Inch Heel Height

This is perfect for those who are still hesitant to wear higher heels. With its simple design, it is a popular choice for many professionals who are always on the go. It is enough to give you that little extra boost in height and, at the same time, it is just as stylish as its counterparts. This will not leave the balls of your heels in pain even after you move around but careful not to overdo it because you might do a misstep while wearing it.

2.8 Inch Heel Height

This variation of heel can come in a round, pointed, or closed toe. This is perfect if you want a classic and timeless look. You can even pick from many options such as a stiletto, block heel, or wedge to match this requirement. Whatever your choice may be, keep in mind that comfort is the key to finding the perfect heels.

3.9 Inch Heel Height

Not only will this give you a height advantage, but it can also boost your confidence as well. This heel type is the epitome of sophistication that’s why it’s no wonder that many girls have been looking at this heel height whenever they go shopping. This is a shape that can easily suit you because it is ideal for any kind of occasion you might think of—be it a party, a formal meeting, or just a casual stroll with your date.

 Find the right type of heels for you

Find the right type of heels for you

If you would much rather choose sandals from the Philippines as your choice of footwear, you should also read along because this can also be true in choosing in the various selections offered in the market.


The Stilettos have been a great part of the shoe industry for quite some time now. Make sure that you find the right heel size so you wouldn’t risk ordering a replacement for the shoes you just bought. Stilettos have become a fashion staple in many parts of the world and this is a true testament to the classic style that it has.


The no-frills girl go-to type of heel is the wedge. It is well-suited for those who want the extra height to add for your overall ensemble. The best part about wedges is that they come in many different types of pattern and styles that will make you want to collect them all!

Block Heels

Looking for stylish shoes that wouldn’t hurt even if you walk all night? Then, block heels are the answer to all your prayers because this versatile shoe option is stylish and is in the “just right” level in the heels department. Stay fabulous without worrying about injuries with this shoe.


Key Takeaway

Finding the right heel height is also connected with finding the right type of shoe for you. Wearing heels is one of the best ways to look and feel confident with that much-needed elegance to complete an outfit. Explore many different types of heels but find the one you are most comfortable in and walk with a fierce attitude that will make heads turn with your every step. Good luck!