A 6-Step Guide on How to Find Stylish but Comfortable Shoes for Sale in the Philippines
August 14, 2018

What are the steps in finding stylish but comfortable shoes in the Philippines?

  1. Know your size
  2. Find your preferred style
  3. Consider the color
  4. Look for comfortable and stylish features
  5. Practice standing
  6. Prepare to walk

Finding the right style in the variety of shoes for sale in the Philippines can be a rollercoaster ride and more often than not, there will be times when you will be disappointed with your find. You could either run in on a comfortable pair but it comes in a mediocre style or a super fashionable one that hurts your feet with every step you take. The combination of both can be hard to find if you do not know where and how to look for it.

While shopping for shoes for sale in the Philippines or anywhere in the world can be a great pleasure but it is important to avoid relying on impulse and make a purchase that you will regret later on. The next time you go shopping, bring this 6-step guide that will help you score a perfect pair of shoes!

Step 1: Know your Size

Step 1: Know your Size

The ‘perfect fit’ is a term for a reason. Think about it, sometimes you overlook your size and just go with what fits you at the moment. Then, before you know it, the shoes start to feel tighter than when you bought them.

When you slip on a pair of shoes in the store, never assume that this shoe is going to feel the same way after a week of use. Keep in mind that every shoe material is different and it will wear differently after a while. No shoe will feel the same way it does the first time you try it on. Avoid buying a shoe that is too tight or too loose as you will regret this later on. Find a pair that will perfectly fit your arches, keeps your ankles secure, and to comfortably move your toes.

Step 2: Find your Preferred Style

There is always going to be a shoe trend that comes up each year and heck, even every month. There is always going to be one type of shoe that seems to always be the “it” shoe; the shoe that everyone “must have”. However, finding the right kind of pair for you requires that you buy one that fits right into your style. Think about the type of shoe and if it matches the outfits you have back in your wardrobe. More than finding the perfect fit for your size, find one that fits your style rather than the one that is trendy that season. You can always find more one that can branch out to multiple ensembles from your closet.

Step 3: Consider the Color Scheme

Step 3: Consider the Color Scheme

Heels and flats can come in numerous colors that can be paired with pretty much anything. If you have a bold sense of style, find pairs that are versatile enough to make much more of a fashion statement. The endless supply of color schemes for shoes will give you more than enough options to choose from. Instead of simply relying on color, also consider the texture and style of the shoes that will look fully complementary with your style. That way, your sense of style will be even more harmonious.

Step 4: Look for Comfortable and Stylish Features

Imagine this: you find a cute pair of shoes and you see yourself wearing it many times, so you quickly pay for them without paying attention to how comfortable it is! Fast forward to the next day, your feet are killing you and your ankles ready to give out.

Instead of using Band-Aids or massaging your feet, choose a pair that are instantly wearable and comfortable from the start. That way, walking around in a great pair of shoes will be as comfortable as you want it to be!

But don’t think that you have to compromise style just because of this. There are many on-trend heels, flats, or sandals that can offer the best support and comfort for you anywhere you go.

Step 4: Practice Standing

Step 4: Practice Standing

Going from the topic of comfortability, you need to do your part in assuring that this is the case for your brand-new pair of shoes. Sexy high heels can make your legs look great so you need to see how it accentuates this feature and how it works best for your style. Make them work for you by standing in them before you walk so that you get the feel of wearing them. If it fits snugly on your feet, then try standing in your shoes for a couple of minutes a day because this little exercise will help get your feet accustomed to the shoe.

Step 5: Prepare to Walk

Yes, those shoes look fantastic on your feet and you have stood in them long enough to say, “This is the one!” Not so fast! you should find a pair that enhances your sophistication all while giving you the attitude to strut in it. Walk in the shoes for a couple of minutes a day and at the first sign of a straining feeling, return it as soon as possible. In the case of heels, walking in them is a major adjustment – not just for your feet, but also for your entire body. Attempt to walk in them before you test them out at a big event. Always remember that pumps and stilettos are not made for every day, all-day wear. They should be worn for short time spans with two to four hours being the maximum.

Key Takeaway

When it all comes down to it, to find the right pair of shoes works best when you know what you want. Knowing the style that fits best for you will be the perfect way to complete your ensemble, whatever the occasion may be. So, keep these tips in mind the next time you go shoe-shopping and enjoy!

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