How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Shoes For Your Graduation
June 14, 2019

How to choose the perfect pair of shoes for your graduation?

  • Confidence Is Key
  • General Tips and Recommendations
  • Avoid Low-Quality Shoes
  • Avoid Choosing Poorly Fit Shoes

Start out with the perfect pair by choosing the right shoes for sale in the Philippines. Graduation is the most important day for any person. Part of the journey is the end. After graduation is a new beginning, why not step on to the stage while wearing the perfect pair of shoes. However, a lot of people make big mistakes when choosing a pair of shoes. These mistakes can be detrimental on your big day. If you’re feeling lost, follow this guide to get the best pair of shoes that fits you.

Confidence Is Key

Confidence Is Key

Confidence is very important if you want to pull off any look. If you’re nervous, it’ll show in small ways. Your gait can be wobbly and uneven. You’ll always be looking down. Your back is slouched and your posture is poor. It doesn’t matter what kind of shoe you decide to settle on if you don’t feel good about this moment. You’ve earned the right to walk confidently and get your much-awaited diploma. Once you find the shoe you like, practice walking in it. Put on your best smile and break in the shoes slowly as the graduation date approaches. With practice, you’ll notice that your gait will improve and your back will be straighter. This surge of confidence can fully transform your overall ensemble to greater heights.

General Tips and Recommendations

General Tips And Recommendations

The first item you’ll consider buying for your graduation ensemble is your dress. This can be your reference for the style you choose and the color you’ll end up with. Dresses with a classic silhouette, such as A-line dresses look great with a heel that can be either open toed or close-toed. The heel you choose should be just the right height for you. You can buy shoes with ankle straps for additional support. The support from your footwear improves your posture and gait. You’ll walk better and confidently.

If you’re worried about matching the color of your shoes to your dress, it’s okay to step out of the box and create contrast. Just like photos, proper contrast is needed so the overall effect doesn’t look flat. Adding contrast with your shoe can make other elements of your graduation outfit stand out and look more powerful.

Avoid Low-Quality Shoes

Avoid Low-Quality Shoes

Shoes can last for a very long time if maintained properly. The key is choosing a brand that provides only the highest quality of standards when it comes to shoes. Upon looking at the shoe at first glance at the physical store, check if there are any visible adhesives or thread. Visible construction marks are a sign that the shoe was done in a rush. Great care wasn’t placed on the production process.

If you’re looking online for shoes, check out reviews of other people before confirming your purchase. Reviews are a great way to check the overall quality of the shoe if you’re unable to inspect it physically. Another trick to inspect a shoe online is buying kindly asking the seller for actual product photos. Studios offer a great insight into the shoe but take note that the photos are often deceiving. These photos are perfected with editing software, professional photographers and producers in order to produce the best outcome for online retailers.

For the materials of the shoe, don’t be afraid to inquire about this as well. Often times someone might mention that the shoe is made from leather but it could be made from synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is great because it comes in many colors and textures but it can deteriorate over time. Low-quality synthetic leather peels faster compared to high-quality synthetic leather. You must put great care in these types of shoes.

Care must be put in natural leather shoes as well. These require special leather products to clean, polish, and maintain the surface. Leather shoes tend to be constructed with high-quality standards as the material is expensive compared to synthetic. One mistake with this material could be an expensive one.

Avoid Choosing Poorly Fitted Shoes

Avoid Choosing Poorly Fit Shoes

This could play a huge factor during and after your graduation. Your comfort levels can be affected by the fit of your shoe. Being uncomfortable can result in blisters and sore toes during the ceremony. Toes that peek out from peep toe shoes can be immortalized in photos. If heels are too high it can be uncomfortable to walk in and can affect your gait. Shoes that fit you poorly can cause injuries. Choose shoes that you can properly walk in to prevent injuries while you’re walking.

If the entrance of the shoe is too narrow it can affect the overall fit and feel. It may look fashionable but in reality, it’s causing pain. Narrow footwear can make toes grow weirdly. Your toenails can be damaged and this can lead to ingrown nails. 25% of the bones in your body are located in your feet. If these bones are misaligned, the whole body becomes compromised and has to compensate for the alignment. This causes pain in the legs, hips, and lower back.

Key Takeaway

There are many shoes for sale in the Philippines that you can choose from for your graduation ensemble. The right shoes should be carefully chosen and scrutinize as these are investments, especially if maintained and cared for. Start off with confidence and practice walking in the pair you chose. Improving posture and gait can change the overall vibe of your outfit. You may choose to add contrast to your look by choosing shoes that clash with the color of your dress. Adding depth can make you stand out more. As an informed consumer make sure that the quality of your shoes is checked. Cheaply made shoes don’t last very long and can break during your big day if you’re not careful. Lastly, choose the right fit to avoid injuries and ingrown nails. Pain is the last thing you want to experience during your graduation.