Graduation cap
April 4, 2020

What shoes should you use for your graduation?

  1. Black Strappy Heels
  2. Matte Nude Mules
  3. Crystal Heels
  4. Black Wedges
  5. Cream Flats

Choosing a good style for your graduation day is not an easy task to do. You have to think carefully about the nitty-gritty things like your graduation hat matching your hairstyle or the graduation gown paired with an elegant dress for a classic look. While these may be important factors when deciding the look you want to achieve, finding the perfect shoes is also a significant part of the occasion. How do you start the search for the ultimate footwear? With the help of this graduation shoe guide!

The shoes that you’ll select for your graduation day will lead you to your new journey. By the time comes where you will be going up the stage to get your diploma, these lovely pairs will be alongside you. Everyone will be looking at you and your batchmates on stage, with all of you wearing the same garments. The only thing that you have to do to stand out from the crowd is to find the best shoes. This graduation shoe guide will help you get a fashionable look for your graduation day.

Black Strappy Heels

Tutum's Franny Black Heels

These types of shoes can make you look more sophisticated and lady-like, especially if you want to emphasize your soft side. These Black Strappy Heels are an excellent choice to be worn on your graduation. It will match well together with the other garments because of its classic and stylish design. Check out these Franny Black Heels from Tutum.

Matte Nude Mules

Tutum's Renz Matte Nude Mules

Should you opt for a more unique style on your graduation, try going with fashionable mules. Given that mules are popular nowadays, you may want to use them on any other occasion as well. Shoes of this type are easy to wear and soft to the touch. Consider the Renz Matte Nude Mules from Tutum for ladies who like to have a bit of an edgy but mellow detail for their final look.

Crystal Heels

Tutum's Adam in Crystal Heel

Crystal Heels are on a whole new level. Its extraordinary design can help you attain a more mature look. It’s a good thing to consider when buying shoes since you’d want a pair that you can use on different events. If you want to have a more exquisite look for your graduation, you might want to try Adam in Crystal Heels from Tutum. They are perfect for the ladies who choose to have a firm look as well as an easy-going touch for their style.


Tutum's Fifi Black Wedge

For graduation ceremonies that are held outdoors, the type of shoes that you should choose is a wedge. Aside from the fact that it’s also a popular option for this type of event, it will make walking much easier and more comfortable throughout the day. Nobody wants their heel to be stuck in grass or used on an uneven surface. This Fifi Black Wedge from Tutum is an exquisite pair that you can use on your graduation day. You can also buy the nude version if you want a lighter color.


Tutum's Zad Cream

If you’re the type of girl that does not usually wear heels but likes to go for a chic look, using flats is a good option. Check out this Zad Cream Flat and you’ll be surprised how elegant your outfit will turn out. The color and type of material of this pair will also help you achieve a more formal style suited for your graduation day.

Key Takeaway

Any woman would want to look gorgeous on their graduation day. Being beautiful does not necessarily mean wearing heels that give you a painful experience and a hard time walking. Remember that with an ample amount of confidence and courage, you can easily show your unique beauty. There might be a lot of shoes to choose from, but the best graduation shoes that you should get are the ones that are exquisite and sophisticated. To help you get a stylish outfit for your graduation, apply the tips found in this graduation shoe guide.