Shoes For Sale Philippines Advantages Of Flats Over Heels Copy
August 20, 2018

What are the advantages of flats over heels?

  1. Practical
  2. Comfort
  3. Healthier Option
  4. Allows you to Walk the Distance
  5. Versatility

Among the many types of shoes for sale in the Philippines, flat shoes are one of the go-to footwear for women. They are comfortable and fashionable to boot. Thanks to flats, you now have a versatile pair that you can always rely on whatever the occasion may be. Sure, high heels look fabulous and you definitely need a pair in your wardrobe. They are elegant, sexy, stylish, and they have the features to complete a smart outfit off beautifully.

However, if you need a footwear that looks and feels great, then you can turn to flats on display at the nearest shoe sale. For the Philippines, a lot of the women wear flats because they are a great substitute for heels in times when they need a quick fashion fix. Are you still unconvinced about the advantages of flats over heels? Then browse through this list to see how flat shoes compete with heels in being the most stylish shoe for the modern Filipina woman:


Flats may not carry the same character that heels have but they come in gorgeous pairs as well as bring a practical quality for those who wear it. You can practically do anything while wearing them. Preparing to attend a party or make a quick run to the mall? Flats can be your companion in these situations. Heels are not really reliable when you want to take a stroll at the park, do some light activities involving sports, or doing a job that requires you to be on your feet all day. They are just practical all throughout and having a pair will give you more benefits than the style that they can readily give you.

Comfort flats


Who wouldn’t want to be comfortable while wearing stylish shoes at the same time, right? The reality is: it is difficult to walk in heels. Aside from flats, you can turn to flat boots and shoes with little or no heel to provide you comfort in time for that special occasion. With flat shoes, you can be assured that you will get maximum comfort as well as a feeling of relief because you would not have to worry about stumbling around in it. Flat shoes are simply the more risk-free option and it brings confidence to all women who want to strut around with ease.

Healthier Option

The flat surface of the flat shoes does more than making your feet comfortable in them. Flat shoes can make your spin remain straight unlike the high heels that can cause the spine to bend. In addition to this, the flat surface also makes the calf muscles become more relaxed which is a different feeling when you wear heels. All of this is because flat shoes help the body weight to be distributed evenly on the soles of the feet resulting in the health benefits for the spine and leg muscles. Not only is it a comfortable option for the footwear but it makes you free to move, does not make you easily tired, and gives you security while walking.

Walking The Distance

Walking the Distance

A lady who can walk long distances while wearing heels and does not easily get hurt is a hero and she should be praised for it. Kidding aside, walking long distances is easier when you are wearing flat shoes. They are most suitable for the job that involves covering a lot of ground. It is also easier to drive in flats. Plus, it can also contribute to your safety because if you run into any problems while you are walking, particularly at night, flats will make it easier for you to get away from that situation.


A pair of flat shoes is best worn in several different occasions. You can be at a meeting one minute and on the way to a party the next. It is an ideal choice of footwear for everyday errands and casual wear but it is versatile enough to be suitable for professional and formal functions as well. A well-made and comfortable pair of flats can be worn for hours without pain or blistering – something that high heels cannot promise to do for you. Flat shoes enable the leg and thigh muscles to contract and stretch out fully which can prevent stiffness, pain, and injury to the knees and joints which is common for those who choose high heels all the time.

Key Takeaway

Although these are some of the great benefits that flat shoes can provide, it is important to know that when it comes to shoes, it will be wise to mix it up a bit. Do not just stick to one type of footwear because you will not benefit a lot from it. Instead of repeating the same pattern when you are shopping for shoes, keep in mind that you should have a balanced display of footwear in your wardrobe.

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