October 2, 2018

In the Philippines, your clothing choices matter especially in regards to the weather.

The country has a tropical climate which means that there are only two seasons: Summer and Monsoon. The former will require you to wear something light and airy so you won’t end up bathing in your sweat (eew!). Some of the most popular summer pieces are cotton shirts, shorts, sandals, and swimsuits. The latter season, on the other hand, brings in torrential rains and flash floods. You must protect yourself from such conditions. Thus, your attire must be composed of a cap, jacket, and jeans.

The rainy season, of course, can be such a drab because you can’t exactly wear the cute outfits you sport on a bright sunny day. But don’t fret because you could still look put together. To help you out, we gathered fashion advice from 8 stunning bloggers. Let’s read what they have to say below.


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Jana from Jana’s World is well-known for her OOTDs and insatiable wanderlust. As seen in her travels, she loves to come traipsing under the sun. However, she does not let the rain get her down as well.

She understands the hassle that a rainy day brings, which is why she left this wise advice:

“Just wear whatever you’re comfortable with. There are still some stylish picks out there that are rainy-day friendly.”

Dominique Tiu

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Dominique Tiu knows all about fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. The pages of her blog can easily serve as a style guide that you can use daily or whenever a fashion emergency strikes.

A self-proclaimed fangirl of Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone, you can definitely tell that she not only knows about the latest trends in fashion, but how to make it her own as well. She advises girls and women to be practical in their style choices, stating that,

“Dress appropriately and there wouldn’t be much cons to dressing up on a rainy day. If you wear something impractical, you might end up ruining your clothes and getting drenched (and) then getting sick. Keep yourself warm and make sure to wear comfortable apparel. You can also opt to layer in case you get a bit wet so you can just remove the clothing until you’re dry.”

Lissa Kahayon

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Lissa Kahayon’s blog is aptly named SceneStealer because that is exactly who she is. This fashion, travel, and fitness blogger is also a jet-setter as she has seen many sights in many famous destinations all over the world and her impressive following of over 74,000 followers on Instagram can attest that this girl knows how to travel in style.

She is also the founder of the accessories company, Ademar Manila. This trendsetter also shared to us some of her tips when choosing a rainy day outfit. When it comes to her own rainy day apparel, she says,

“I take the rainy day as an opportunity for me to layer and dress comfortably. I love wearing long sleeves, jackets, and blazers all year round because I easily get cold so the rainy day/season is definitely a fun opportunity for me to layer and dress comfortably.”

For her choice of footwear, Lissa says she’ll go for a cute pair of flats or low heels.


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You can say that Cham Tanteras is a veteran blogger now since she has been doing it since 2011 and it shows because her content is as engaging as her style expressions. If you ask her to describe herself, she will go all out—a testament to her strong personality.

According to her, she is way too strong to be called soft and feminine and, sometimes, she thinks the only feminine part of her is being fashionable. Dear reader, you don’t know how lucky you are to have a firsthand fashion advice from this celebrity fashion stylist!

During this cold and wet weather, she reminds everyone,

“Never forget to always choose comfort over style. But of course, it’s not a rainy day every day so grab the chance to finally dress up while the sun is out. The weather is a perfect excuse to finally use your favorite sweaters and thick jackets without flying out of the country. Don’t be intimidated to try on larger sizes of clothes.”

Dhen Cayabyab

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Dennyse Cayabyab is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who seeks adventure. Her love for fashion influenced her to start her own blog back in November 2015. This is her avenue to share her outfit ideas, the events she graces her presence with, the prime brands she chooses to collaborate with, and her life as a social media influencer.

She’s definitely an IT girl we can all look up to. She says that as a rule, she based her outfit choices on the kind of day she is having. As for the pros and cons of getting dolled up on a rainy day, she shares,

“…Those days that you can wear your cold weather clothes. You can definitely play, mix and match your jackets or knits – these are clothing that you don’t wear often. (But) since we are used to having hot weather, it’s kinda hard to look cute or think of an outfit for rainy days. Style varies from each one of us and if it’s hard for you to dress up during the rainy season, you can definitely get some fashion inspirations from Pinterest, Instagram, (etc.).”

For her parting words, Dhen shared some words of wisdom. 

“What matters the most is that you are comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. As long as you have those two, you’re good to go.”

Ira Denise Oyco

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For a girl who loves dressing up, Ira really knows how to do it in a sophisticated, classy, and glamorous style. As she travels from one place to the next, you can always expect that she does it with style. From L.A., Bali, Las Vegas, Taipei, and even the local islands of Siargao and Camsur, she takes breathtaking photos and leaves people with a great memory of her smile. Not only is this girl sharp in her fashion choices, but she is also a successful business tycoon, owning Rhipe’s Backyard—the home of the OG button downs. It was established by Ira back in 2012.

She shares how she plans her outfits during these days.

“Well, you really have to plan it out. If you know that you’re going outdoors, be mindful of your outfit and make sure that you’ll be properly covered when the rain gets pretty hard. If you are staying indoors, less problem for you! Just throw in a cardigan and you’re good to go!”

As for her footwear, she says that if you want to be stylish, then you can wear low block heels as an alternative to sneakers.

Jeline Catt

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It is difficult to go through the bloggers’ roster and not find Jeline Catt among them. This multi-talented blogger has a long list of skills that showcases her interests. She is a digital style publisher, stylist, and creative director behind Sartorialust. Her blog’s name is defined as “an extreme desire for clothing” because this was derived from two words, namely “sartorial” and “lust.”

She began using Sartorialust as a creative outlet in 2012 and since then, she has been an authority on all things fashion, beauty, and travel. Her voice is just as stunning as the fashion choices she flaunts as her high-quality blog posts attracted many brands from both the local and international fashion scene.

Maxine Marcelino

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Maxine is a makeup artist based in Manila. She is also a travel blogger and a marketer. In her blog, Maxieissuper, you can also find beauty tips and some of her personal reviews of various beauty products.

She is also the owner of the Alice in Wonderland-inspired cafe in Makati, Rabbit Hole MNL. You can say that she can do it all and that you would want to follow in her footsteps. Her fashion choices are also really interesting especially with her use of bright colors, which makes you think that she is sunshine personified!


Key Takeaway

Take it from your favorite bloggers and don’t let the pouring rain dampen your mood when it comes to dressing up!

Whether it is for a casual night out with your friends or for a formal function, it is important that you know how to look your best even in the dull and gray weather. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to flaunt it!

Finally, remember to stay warm and keep your personal sun shining!

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