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April 25, 2018

Why should you not wear Philippine sneakers for graduation?

  1. It can get you in trouble
  2. It is not recommended by schools
  3. They are inappropriate for the weather
  4. They are not formal enough
  5. It won’t look good in your pictures a few years from now



Graduation is an important part of a person’s life. It would be difficult for a person to graduate twice, let alone once. Graduations are also formal affairs which means that proper attire guidelines need to be adhered to. Colleges and universities implement their own dress codes that need to be followed by the graduates or else risk not walking, or worse, not getting their diplomas.

Wearing sneakers in the Philippines on graduation day isn’t recommended. Indeed, sneakers are comfortable and most of us wear it every day to school or to work, but they are considered to be too casual that they are discouraged from being worn in a formal setting. Here is a list of other reasons why you should not wear sneakers for graduation in the Philippines.



It Can Get You in Trouble

It Can Get You in Trouble

Let’s start off with the most obvious reason why you shouldn’t wear sneakers to your graduation. Schools have their own sets of rules that they follow and enforce. Once you disregard those rules, they are well within their rights to deny you your diploma.

One of the bigger stories regarding graduation and sneakers is that of a teen in Virginia that was denied her diploma for wearing sneakers to her graduation. Rachel, a 17-year old would-be graduate of Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, VA decided to wear her sneakers to graduation despite being issued notices from her school. Rachel felt that all her other shoes didn’t really feel comfortable and she even passed the inspection before her class took to the stage.

Only when Rachel was denied her diploma did she find out that she was being reprimanded for wearing sneakers to the stage. We can understand Rachel’s troubles; wearing something comfortable can reduce stress during a nerve-wracking event. Wearing something she was already familiar with reduced the risk of her making mistakes like falling down the stairs. But in the end, the school always has the last word.

Graduation comes once in a lifetime for most of us. It is one day of the year that we should be expected to put an effort in our appearances. It is not worth risking four years or so of hard work and effort just to not feel uncomfortable for one day.



It is Not Recommended by Schools

We’ve seen with Rachel’s case the lengths a school will go through to enforce their rules. Schools value the rules and guidelines they have built for their students to follow. Even if it does not seem right or fair in your opinion, the school holds all the power over you.

Schools want their students to uphold an image that reflects well on them. If they feel like wearing sneakers to graduation will not reflect well upon them, they will discourage students from doing it. In this regard, it is better to follow your school’s policy rather than risk losing everything you worked hard for.



They Are Inappropriate for the Weather

They are Inappropriate for the Weather

This is a much more tangible and immediate reason to not wear your sneakers for graduation. Some schools hold their graduation ceremonies inside closed auditoriums which can get very cold because of air-conditioning. Wearing sneakers does not provide as much protection from the cold as some formal shoes could.

Other schools might opt to hold their graduation ceremonies outside on open grounds. In this environment, you are going to be exposed to the elements such as rain, wind, and the heat of the sun. Sneakers can get wet easily so walking on wet or muddy surfaces will ruin your sneakers.

Take advantage of these benefits and avoid wearing sneakers so you can be comfortable during your commencement that will most likely take at least a few hours.



They are Not Formal Enough

You probably wouldn’t wear jeans underneath your gown when walking up the stage on your graduation. The same goes for sneakers. Sneakers are simply not considered to be formal enough no matter how they are made or designed. Graduates are often recommended to wear at least a business-casual outfit for the ceremony. This means that a nice dress, nice pair of slacks, nice shirt or blouse, and most especially nice shoes are required.

There are other shoes that are far-better suited for occasions like graduations. Leave those sneakers home just for one day and wear something nice for the day.



It Won’t Look Good in Your Pictures a Few Years from Now

It Won’t Look Good in Your Pictures a Few Years from Now

One reason why your parents would be against your wearing of sneakers is that the day will be immortalized in the form of photographs. Parents and graduates alike will look back on this day fondly, so make sure you look your best.

Sneakers often follow trends. What looks good now probably won’t look good five or ten years from now just like how you now wince at your wardrobe choice from five or ten years ago. Pick a classic style in order to look nice, professional, and most importantly timeless.



Key Takeaway

Shoes should be worn at the right time and place. You probably wouldn’t wear leather shoes and high-heels to basketball or tennis courts, so why should you wear sneakers to a formal affair like graduation? Let your years of effort be rewarded on graduation day and not end up losing what you have worked for.