A girl wearing a dress, a denim jacket, and sandals
January 6, 2020

How can you choose the right footwear for your dress?

  1. Choose shoes a shade darker than the outfit
  2. Make sure your shoes and dress have different materials
  3. Try matching patterns and color blocking
  4. Go for neutrals for a professional look
  5. Nudes go well with embellished dresses
  6. Take the current season into consideration

Looking for advice on how to pair a dress with heels? Ask any fashionista friend or your favorite fashion guru and they will tell you all about the fashion rules. Nobody to ring in? Unsure if the outfit inspirations you see on social media will fit you and your style? Worry no more! You have come to the right place. Here are some outfit tips you can try to pair your dress with a new pair of sandals!

Choose Shoes a Shade Darker Than the Outfit

Close up of red sandals

Prevent the same colors from clashing. Yes, it is a common statement fashion police can spot from afar. There is a certain cringe-factor that comes with wearing the same shade and material of dress and shoes. Instead of coordinating your dress with slightly different colored footwear or a pair of sandals, go for a shade darker. Try wearing amber-colored chunky heels with a summery orange dress.

Make Sure Your Shoes and Dress Have Different Materials

Close up of feet wearing sandals with a gold band

Wearing heels or a pair of sandals of the same material as your dress is one of the most unflattering fashion decisions you can make. Avoid being labeled as the lady who made use of the same fabric. Avoid wearing a velvet dress with footwear top-layered with velvet fabric. Save the regal factor on your dress by wearing a metallic pair of heels like Luella Gold. Let that footwear be the defining statement of your entire outfit!

Try Matching Patterns and Color Blocking

Close up of crossed feet wearing leopard print sandals

Steal your favorite Hollywood celebrity’s patterned outfit. Give your patterned dress its time to shine with a great pair of heels in the same pattern. If you have a leopard-printed dress hanging in the corner of your closet, get Jordan (leopard) two-strapped chunky heels to complete your outfit of the day.

When it comes to color blocking, there is a simple rule that you must follow. Look at a color wheel and either choose colors that are close together, directly across each other, or shades of the same color. For neutral-colored dresses, choose a bold shade of footwear.

Go For Neutrals For a Professional Look

Feet wearing neutral sandals

If you are attending a company-wide dinner, remain professional. You can never go wrong with an all-black or neutral shade dress with a pair of skin-toned strappy heels. Take a look at Lucas in a nude shade. Take note, the bosses will still be there. You must look professional and regal at all times. Skip the party dress and flamboyant heels you have at home. For formal events, especially dinners in the office, go for a look that will make you look sharp and fun at the same time.

Nudes Go Well with Embellished Dresses

Close up of nude sandals

For sequined, glittery and beaded dresses, toning down your footwear choices can go a long way. Embellished dresses already make a statement. To support that, choose to wear heels or sandals in nude colors or with transparent straps. The Hanny chunky heels are a pair of footwear with straps that wrap all the way up to your ankles. It presents ideal footwear for beaded dresses.

Take the Current Season into Consideration

Close up of pointed nude sandals on a chair

The summer season allows you to wear any type of heels or sandals. However, it is when the rainy days come that you get stuck wearing the same footwear. With that, it is always recommended that you bring along your pair of favorite local sandals. Prevent your feet from developing unpleasant odors after being soaked in rainwater. Switch to sandals once you reach the indoors to keep your feet fresh.

Apart from considering the weather, you must consider the seasonality of heels. Get ahead of the heel game by maintaining sets of nudes and whites in your shoe rack. Nudes and whites are season-less. Almost all types and colors of dresses can match with a pair of either nude or white-colored heels.

Key Takeaway

The best outfit tips should come along with great confidence! Rock your summer dress with a pair of your favorite heels. Make sure to follow the rules to avoid the pitfalls of mixing and matching patterns as well as shades and materials. Looking for footwear to attend a formal event? Or maybe just a pair of sandals to go for a stroll at the mall? Apply the tips you have picked up for an amazing outfit of the day!

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