November 15, 2018

What shoe storage hacks can you do to store your sandals from the Philippines?

  1. Ladder shoe shelf
  2. Hanging closet shoe storage
  3. Glammed up shoe boxes
  4. Go for the grid
  5. Flaunt them on your walls
  6. Make use of shoe crates


Whether you are a big fashionista or an avid shoe collector, you NEED to have shoes in every color and design because who knows when the occasion calls for it? You might be required to wear a fabulous pair to match your outfit.

Thankfully, shoes in the Philippines are easily available and can easily be bought. However, as a shoe lover, you need to consider one thing: Do you have enough storage to fit all of your prized footwear?

Remember, storing your shoes for women from the Philippines properly should lengthen their life—meaning you can enjoy them for as long as you can! In addition, you also don’t have to worry about them cramping up space in your home. You can store them beautifully with the help of these hacks:


Ladder Shoe Shelf

If you don’t have any space for your footwear, the best place is to go up. This is your go-to storage if you want something that not only looks cool, but also looks more organized.

All you need is a wooden ladder. Be sure to choose the one that is just the right height so you will not have a problem in grabbing a pair that’s stored too high. Afterwards, stack your shoes by color or by design. You can be as creative as you want to be.


Hanging Closet Shoe Storage

This hack is the probably one of the most simple and cheapest solutions you can try out.

You can hang it behind a door, on a wall, or even inside your wardrobe. There will be plenty of room for not only shoes for women in the Philippines, but also small items like belts and oversized accessories. A big plus of this is that you will be able to see which shoes you would like to wear for the day. All you need to do is grab a pair you want to wear for the day!


Glammed Up Shoe Boxes

Make use of the shoe boxes that come with your shoes from the Philippines. They are easily available and are a very convenient way of storing your footwear. But if you think there are too plain and too boring, then don’t fret because you can easily fix this with your favorite paint color, a few glitters, and some ribbons will do the trick. It’s up to you how to personalize them!



Go for the Grid

Grid panels are not only attractive for its minimalist geographic design, but it also does its job as a sturdy display for any type of shoes for women in the Philippines.

They come in a variety of sizes and they can be of any color (black, white, or raw steel finish). You just need some S-hooks to hang your strappy sandals.

This should look great in a hallway or on your wall unit or panel.

Flaunt them on your walls

Flaunt them on your walls

Shoes of various designs are too nice to store inside a closet so why not try flaunting them on your walls? This will give them breathing space. Plus, you can showcase them to your guests when they visit your home.

The supplies that you need for these are wooden panels (that will serve as shelves), hammer, and nails. Voila! You’ll have an instant solution to your storing problem.

Tip: Bought wooden panels that have been varnished and painted over so you don’t have to do them yourself.

Make Use of Shoe Crates

Make Use of Shoe Crates

Crates come in different colors and sizes. Stackable crates are not only good for home decor ideas, but also your displaying shoes.

You can stack one crate to another or use a vintage shoe crate. This is a perfect way to organize your shoes if you’re a fan of all things vintage and minimalist designs.


Key Takeaway

Solve your shoe storage woes with some of the hacks listed above. Go ahead and try out the most ideal storage hack for you. It can be as simple as you like or as bright and colorful as you want it to be. Lastly, don’t forget to be creative when doing the hacks!