A couple on a date
October 2, 2020

What are some good comfy shoes to wear on a date night?

  1. Wedges
  2. Blocked Heels
  3. Stylish Mules 
  4. Statement Clear Heels 
  5. Woven Flats 

It is not easy to find a pair of shoes that strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. When on a date, you don’t want to end up looking super fashionable but have your feet hurting. In the same way, you wouldn’t wear comfortable yet dull-looking shoes. With that, we’ve rounded up the best comfy date night shoes for you! 

While it’s tempting to just splurge when shopping for date night shoes, you don’t want to regret your purchases. Luckily, we did the legwork of looking for the perfect pair. Keep scrolling and check out these five Tutum shoes that are comfy and sure to impress your date as well! 


Bret nude wedges for date night

Wedges are the type of shoes every woman would love. As its name suggests, the soles of wedges are elevated in a slanted form. 

At first glance, wedges may seem like a hard pair to wear. However, the elevated soles support the arch of the feet. You will have no problem wearing wedges for long periods of time as there is less strain on the feet. 

If you want to get your hands on stylish and comfortable shoes that add a bit to your height, try the Brett Nude. With thick blocks located at its sole, this pair offers better relief for your feet than your average heels.  

The provided stability will leave your feet feeling fresh all throughout the date. The Brett Nude comes in white too! The neutral colors are versatile so you can match them with both daytime and nightlife outfits.  

Blocked Heels

Zoe lilac block heels to wear on a date night

When someone says heels, chances are you think it is painful to wear. But with low block heels, you’ll find out not all pairs are uncomfortable. 

Low block heels are rising in popularity among fashion enthusiasts not just for the aesthetic, but also for the comfort it offers. If you want shoes that are designed to avoid foot pain, choose the Zoe Lilac

This pair is designed with soft soles and one-inch block heels. It is also made with classy suede fabric. For further support, two lovely satin straps cross at the front of the feet. 

Stylish Mules 

Syklar coco mustard date night mules

Mules are quickly becoming a shoe closet staple among supermodels and fashion enthusiasts alike. Unlike ordinary flats, these types of shoes are open in the back and are closed in the front. 

While it’s true that mules are similar to peep-toed flats, the Skyler Croco Mustard offers more support. Because this pair has a one-inch low heel, it wouldn’t be hard to walk in. Moreover, the front area ensures your feet remain snug as it is closed. 

Made with animal-like texture designs, the Skyler Croco Mustard will make you look nothing short of classy. Simply slip it on and off, this shoe is definitely easy to wear.

Statement Clear Heels

Colton Ocean statement clear heels

If it so happens that it rains during the date, your shoes should be comfortable even under the weather. As we all know, rain can make it hard to walk in heels. Chances are you might slip from puddles! 

Thankfully, the Colton Ocean’s heels are designed for easy walking and comfort as well. Aside from the non-skid soles, it has two thin straps that cross at the front and an additional clear strap for better support. 

If you didn’t already know, clear heels are trending. This pair’s two-inch glass heels will give you a whole new level of confidence when walking around with your date. In addition, it comes in a perfect shade of blue making it an undeniable fashion choice. 

Whether you wear jeans or dresses, you can match the Colton Ocean with any type of outfit to elevate your overall look! 

Woven Flats

Woven flats for date night

Who said you can’t wear flats on a date? With a pair like the Tital Nude, you can easily exude a sophisticated look that never fails to impress.

Made by our fellow Filipinos, these flats are made with handcrafted weaved materials. It is a must-have not only because it is fashion-forward, but it also secures your feet well. 

The two wide straps that attach to each other in the middle offer unmatched comfort. Let’s not forget that it is lightweight too! 

If you plan on going on that picnic or beach date, the Tital Nude is your go-to flats. Go ahead and pair it with denim shorts, flowy pants, or a cute sundress. It will surely complete that carefree and effortless look! 

Key Takeaway

There are plenty of shoes available in the market which can make it difficult to choose the perfect comfy date night shoes. Take inspiration from the Tutum shoes we stated above! We guarantee that every pair you get your hands on are stylish and comfortable.