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July 7, 2020

What are stylish and comfortable shoes you need?

  1. Low Block Heels: Chloe Black
  2. Strappy Flat Sandals: Rancy Nude
  3. Pointed Toe Shoes: Louie Black
  4. Buckle Strap Sandals: The Blake
  5. Abaca Sandals: The Kaila

Let’s face it, finding the right shoes with the perfect balance between style and comfort is hard. Your shoes can either end up looking super fashionable but hurt your feet at the end of the day or really comfortable but it has that mediocre and dull look to it.

Every girl needs to find a shoe that is stylish while never sacrificing the shoe built for walking all day. While shopping for comfortable shoes in the Philippines, it’s all fun and games until you realize your buying impulse is taking over and you end up regretting the purchase you made. Luckily for you, we did the legwork in finding pairs that look chic but are comfy at the same time! Keep scrolling and check out these 5 shoes from Tutum that are sure to match perfectly with your outfit and look stylish without straining your feet.

Low Block Heels: Chloe Black

Tutum's Chloe Black

When someone says heels, chances are people think it is painful to wear. But with the Chloe Black, you’ll be surprised to find that not all heels are uncomfortable. We all love modern-looking low block heels not just for the aesthetic but also because of the extra height it gives! If you want to get your hands on stylish, comfortable heels that add a bit to your height, try Chloe Black.

With thick blocks located at its sole, this pair of heels also offer better support for your feet than your average skinny stilettos. It will make you feel like you want to stride around town all day long because it has an unbelievably soft insole. It leaves your feet feeling fresh from the additionally provided stability.

These come in black and nude colors. It is very versatile so you can style these with both your daytime and nightlife looks. Try on everyone’s favorite now and make this your newest closet essential!

Strappy Flat Sandals: Rancy Nude

The Rancy Nude has been our client’s talk of the town because it is a classic pair that matches your everyday outfits. This pair is every girl’s must-have! It’s lightweight and has a subtle lace strap that exudes a stylish yet comfortable look. With a pin buckle strap at the side offering support around the foot’s ankles and its minimal look, you can wear these for casual days.

If you plan on going on that trip to the park or that picnic date with your loved one, these are your go-to flats. Go ahead and check your closet to pair this with your flowy sundress. You can also wear these with your casual jeans to complete that effortless look. These are available in nude and white colors. Purchase these comfy strappy flats to get an easy way into the new season trend without going all out!

Pointed Toe Shoes: Louie Black

The Louie Black is back in stock and guaranteed to be one of the comfiest closed shoes ever! This pointed-toe bestseller has soft soles and cut-out sides that flatter the sides of your foot. The supportive rubber strap at the ankles makes it super easy-to-use as well.

Famous among clients for being versatile, it is perfect for busy days when you need to work on errands around the city. You can wear them to achieve that sophisticated look and even a casual look. If you want to create an illusion of longer legs, you can opt to choose skin-toned colors. Project that confident lady vibe with this pair!

Buckle Strap Sandals: The Blake

If you’ve been searching all over for more boyish-looking sandals that offer comfort and style, the Blake is the answer to your question! This sandal is for the go-getter and adventurous girl in you. To create the perfect custom-fit, it is equipped with color-coordinated supportive strap buckles that can be adjusted for tightening. Go and adjust it according to your level of comfort. The Blake is not only extremely sturdy but also easy to use.

Ever went to the beach and experienced the flopping waves sweep your slippers away? With the Blake’s supportive buckles, say goodbye to losing your slippers. Choose from the two colors offered: old rose and black, and wear this for your next beach getaway!

Abaca Sandals: The Kaila

Tutum's Kaila

Are you the girl who’s all about supporting locally made products that express cultural aesthetic? The Kaila is the perfect one for you! This pair of sandals handcrafted by our fellow Filipinos are made from abaca fiber materials. It offers support because of the curved straps that attach to each other in the middle.

You can wear it to the beach, on the sand, and on your trip back home. Or wear it just to complete your dalagang Filipino OOTD look! The Kaila flats complement any skin type and come in a wheat color with brown soles. Go ahead and style it with a matching abaca bag to show off your love for locally made Filipino products!

Key Takeaway

Shoes come in so many varieties. They come in different styles, designs, colors, and functions. There are shoes you can wear for running errands, going to the beach, or just strolling around the park. While it may be tempting to sacrifice comfort over style, nothing beats the feeling of wearing comfy footwear that will help you get through your day with no worries.

Shoes that look great and are comfy too are a must in every girl’s closet. Even fashion experts say comfort is key when it comes to styling. If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable shoes in the Philippines, check out these 5 lovely pairs. You won’t regret your next purchase here at Tutum!