Shoe Lovers Christmas Gift
December 20, 2018

What gifts can you give to shoe lovers this Christmas?

  1. Foldable Flats
  2. Shoe Gift Cards
  3. Heel Protectors
  4. Shoe Accessories
  5. Shoe-Shaped Knick-Knacks
  6. Handmade and Hand Painted Shoes
  7. Elegant Heels


The holiday season is the best time to scout for the best shoes for sale in the Philippines whether for yourself or for your fellow shoe-lover friend. Have you scoured the entire malls but couldn’t find the right gift for this friend? Or perhaps you want to see other gift ideas?

There’s no need to look further because we’ve listed down some creative ones below:

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Shoe Lovers

Fashion-Forward Flats

Aside from fashion meets function, there are many things to love about  flats. Flats make a great gift when you want to take a break from wearing painful high heels and pointed shoes. They fold up, they’re super comfy, and they come in different colors and materials. Plus, they don’t take up a lot of space in your bag. Just toss it in your bag and take them out when you need to switch out for something comfortable.


Shoe Gift Cards

This is a great gift to pick whether or not you’re going on a last minute Christmas shopping spree.

There are several types of gift cards so you can choose different ones for your friends. But for your shoe-lover friend, it’s best to give them cards to their favorite shop. Even ones from online shop selling shoes for women in the Philippines is a great gift idea. With these ones, your friend will be able to choose the ones they really like from the shop!

Heel Protectors


Heel Protectors

This is the perfect gift for someone who wears heels on a regular basis.

Due to regular wear, heel tips often wore out and can completely ruin the finish of your favorite pair. It is also great for women who have a problem with clicking heels which can be irritating in a quiet place. Pair it with their favorite pair stilettos and heel protectors; it’s a guarantee that they will appreciate it for your great thought.


Shoe Accessories

Aside from the various styles and designs of shoes for women in the Philippines, shoe accessories are another option you can explore. They offer a wide array of styles, colors, and themes, allowing a shoe lover to transform their favorite pair into something special.

Even if your friend owns a collection, she wouldn’t mind getting a new one as well. Examples of shoe accessories are shoe clips; they’re perfect for every kind of footwear as an enhancement and embellishment for their shoes. Heel rings also work best for those who are fond of heels even in its simplest style.

Anything in a Shape of a Shoe


Shoe-Shaped Knick-Knacks

Any unique gift in the shape of the shoe is a great way to brighten up someone’s face for the holidays. A wine holder in the shape of a shoe is perfect for your tita friends, who love shoes and wines.

This gift is also a great conversation starter during your party. The holders are sturdy enough to hold your favorite bottle of champagne or wine. They’re both glamorous and functional just like of a real shoe. Make sure to buy one that can carry all sorts of wine bottles. Pair it together with a shoe wine opener for a perfect match.

Another ideal gift for any shoe lover is a shoe scotch tape dispenser which adds a nice touch to an office or home working space. Your friend would surely love to have this quirky present any time of the year.


Handmade and Hand-Painted Shoes

This is a perfect gift idea that is both unique and functional. No two hand-painted shoes are the same and there are endless possibilities when it comes to gifting a pair of these.

For this gift, all you have to do is buy a pair of plain white shoes of any kind! Then, decorate it however you think the person you are going to gift it to would like.

Elegant Heels

Elegant Heels

Chic heels are another option that you can consider. With these shoes, your friend could easily transition from professional working girl to party girl in no time. Basically, they can wear them anywhere they want.

Wedges are also a great gift! They are known for being stylish and comfortable! They’re comfy, cute, and give you height without feeling any discomfort all day round.


Key Takeaway

Your friends and loved ones deserve all the love this Christmas! Gift them their favorite items, such as shoes for women in the Philippines. Often, these shoes are on sale so there’s no need to worry about the cash you need to spend just to get them for your shoe-lover friends!