Caring For Your Feet After A Long Day
July 16, 2019

How can you care for your feet after a long day?

  1. Apply Heat
  2. Stretch
  3. Foot Workout
  4. Invest in compression socks
  5. Eliminate Calluses and Corns


As a dynamic woman, your feet might be feeling tired after a long day at work, school, or maybe even after a night out. Besides buying the best type of sandals in the Philippines that will give you the most ideal support, there are other ways that you can care for your feet. A short workout or some mild heat could be exactly what your feet need after an intense day out and about. In order to better protect your feet for your next adventures, invest in compression socks and remove any calluses and corns.


Want to learn more? Read on to learn about more tips and tricks to relax your feet after a long and tiring day.


Apply Heat

Apply Heat

Did you just come from a whole day event with your company? Did you feel your feet’s heels start to ache at a certain point? When you get home, expect the pain to increase the moment you take your favorite pair of heels off.

A sore foot may be caused by overstressed muscles. In order to loosen those muscles up, give them a relaxing foot bath. Simply place warm water in a basin and soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes. If you want to take it a notch higher, invest in Epsom salts for an even more calming experience. Pour in 1 to 2 tablespoons per gallon of warm water. However, if your feet are either hot or swollen, it would be ideal to use cool water instead of warm water. While lying down, elevate your feet above your head for half an hour once the soak is complete.


After a good soak in warm water, it would also be beneficial for your feet if you gave them a little stretch.



As you take off your flats after a long day of shopping, you may feel them contract or experience muscle spasm. This is a symptom of overstressed muscles. In order to effectively combat this, lightly stretch your feet after a relaxing warm soak. Grab a long towel or a strap and sit down in a comfortable position. Wrap your foot with the towel or strap and stretch it back. Make sure you stretch your toe joints and ankles well.

If your calf muscles hurt, sit down upright against a wall with your legs outstretched in front of you. Stretch to reach your feet and hold for 10 to 20 seconds. To better strengthen your feet to prepare for the next day, you can do an even more intensive foot workout.


Foot Workout

Foot Workout

Have you had back-to-back hangout sessions with your school friends from Friday to Sunday? Wearing your trusty sandals can help alleviate the pain just a little bit but ultimately, expect your feet to ache especially if you have not been working them out.

To further strengthen your feet, you can easily add these foot workouts into your exercise routine. These exercises focus on stretching and strengthening your feet, ankles, and toes. One fun exercise you can do is picking and moving objects from one pile to another, with only the use of your toes. Another exercise you can do is to roll the bottom of your foot on a tennis ball or frozen water bottle. Here are more exercises you can try to help strengthen your feet:

  • Ankle Pump Up
  • Ankle Pump Down
  • Bent Knee Wall Stretch
  • Straight Knee Wall Stretch
  • Plantar Fascia Massage


In order to prevent your feet from hurting in the first place, it is important to strengthen its muscles. You could also invest in socks that could further lessen the pain, such as compression socks.


Invest in compression socks

If your job requires you to stand for long periods of time, then it may be time to invest in some compression socks. These socks are designed for graduated compression, meaning that they are loose on your leg and tight at the feet area. The advantage of this type of socks is that they help improve blood flow. The reason why this is important is because standing for long periods of time may allow excessive amounts of blood to flow down to your legs and feet. This can lead to blood clotting, discomfort, and pain.


Another way you could lessen the amount of pain your feet experience is by eliminating calluses and corns.


Eliminate Calluses and Corns

Eliminate Calluses And Corns

Corns are small areas of thickened skin that can form when bony areas of your foot come into contact with your footwear, causing friction. On the other hand, calluses are thickened skin on your foot caused by constant friction or pressure over a long period of time. If not taken care of, it could lead to bleeding and cracks.

In order to remove as much as you can, dry them out and use an emery board or a pumice stone on the hard areas. After which, apply moisturizing lotions and put socks on in order to seal the hydration in.


These are just some of the secrets to relaxing your tired feet after a long day. Try these out in order to find the best and most effective method for you!


Key Takeaway

After a full day of action, your feet will need assistance from these tips to ensure that the comforts from your high-end sandals in the Philippines remain. Try out the tips and tricks found in the list above in order to easily relax your feet. Apply some heat to your feet in order to soften up any tension. Do some light stretching in order to loosen up any tight muscles. To further prevent yourself from developing any foot pain, consider investing in compression socks.

Have fun living your life as an everyday woman. Do not fret about any foot pain if you are the proud owner of high-end sandals, flats, or heels.