Finding the Best Sandals in the Philippines for Travel
August 10, 2018

What are the types of sandals that would be well-suited for travel?

  1. Flip-Flops and Thong Sandals
  2. Slide and Slip-On Sandals
  3. Sling-Back Sandals
  4. Gladiator Sandals
  5. Platform Sandals
  6. Wedge Sandals

Travelling requires you to be always on the move and having the perfect shoes is the solution to make this a little more bearable. Whether you are going shopping in the metropolitan shops of New York or seeing the wondrous sights in the Philippines, sandals are the best type of footwear you can use for travel.

Not only are they comfortable but they also have loads of style that you can match with any outfit you can think of. But before you start packing your bags, you have to know firsthand that there are certain things you have to consider in finding the best sandals from Philippine shops you can use for travel.

Different Types of Sandals for Travel

When you are planning a trip, it is important to know that the many styles of sandals can complement your travel outfits quite well. With the various options out there in the market, there is surely one to fit your needs. Choose a sandal type that will complement your outfit and flatter your shape so here is a list of those options that you can choose from:

Flip-Flops and Thong Sandals

Flip-flops and thong sandals are perfect for ultra-casual events like lounging around or hanging at the beach. These are popular among jetsetters because they are easy to slip on and off all while coming in a wide range of colors and patterns. This type of sandal is easy to wear and inexpensive as well which means that it is an easily available and practical footwear to have.

With flip-flops and thong sandals, you also have to keep in mind that it is not designed to accommodate you in your long walks since its thin heels cannot absorb the shock from everyday walking. However, if you want to have a go-to sandal to flaunt, then these will be perfect for you.

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Slide and slip-on sandals

If you are searching for a sandal that is easily worn but not too loose in its design, slide and slip-on sandals are for you. These types of sandals are backless and have an open toe with a band across the foot. You can pair this with your style with less difficulty whether you are casual, fashionable, or sporty, these will complement your ensemble very well.

Sling-back sandals

Sling-back sandals feature a strap that is typically wrapped behind the heel. Sling-backs have been making waves in the fashion industry because of its comfortable and casual style. If you are going to attend a dressier occasion, you can opt for high-heeled sling-backs or flat sling-back sandals that can give you more comfortability.

Gladiator sandals


Gladiator sandals are perfect for your night in town or a well-deserved retail therapy. Low gladiator sandals will look great with jeans or longer skirts, while the higher variant of gladiator sandals will go well with shorter dresses and shorts. This is a stylish footwear but not everyone appreciates it. It has proven to be a classic since it continues to make its rounds on the list of fashion trends every year. Take note that Gladiator sandals can give the appearance of a wide foot and shortened leg so you also have to take into account, should this is the sandal type that best suits you.


Platform sandals


Platform sandals are the type that is distinguished by its thick soles that add height. The platform is made from a lot of different materials including cork, plastic, rubber, and even wood. The heel can be designed in a variety of shapes which make this a flexible and versatile sandal that is perfect when you go on your traveling journey. The platform sandals are featured with different strap styles and other embellishments so you would not run out of options if you want to adopt this kind of style.

Wedge sandals

Wedge sandals can help you get through a party without killing your feet. Even when you are traveling, you deserve to exude grace and style so this sandal type will do that job for you. Wedge sandals are distinguished by a sole that is higher beneath the heel and narrows as it runs toward the front. It is a great addition to your fashion choices and it also has the significant benefit of adding height to your look, offering a more versatile style. It is also notable that Wedges make heavy ankles appear slimmer so consider this as an added bonus if you are having problems in this department.

If you plan to walk a lot, choose a flat-style sandal that has good arch support to ensure comfort.

Key Takeaway

Finding the best sandals in the Philippines for travel all boils down to two things: fit and fashion. It is important that you get the right fit and display style as well. Understanding the different types of sandals gives you a head start in determining which styles best complements your outfit and flatter your shape. If you plan to walk a lot on your travel, you can also consider choosing a flat-style sandal that provides a good arch support that will definitely ensure your comfort during your activities.

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